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NIGHT BEAT: Producers say the end is in sight Saturday

by Russ Devault

Atlanta's Producers - affectionately known as "the band that won' t go away" and "the Reproducers" - really are quitting.

That's the word from keyboardist Bryan Holmes, who says the 10- year- old pop-rock quartet's performance with the Tone Poets and New Boys at The Masquerade, 10 p.m. Saturday, is its last ($8, 577-8178).

But because the Producers have a history of refusing to quit under adverse circumstances and because original bassist Kyle Henderson plans to join Mr. Holmes, keyboardist Wayne Famous, guitarist Van Tample and current bassist Tim Smith, there's also a chance it's simply the first reunion/farewell concert.

"No, no, this is it," Mr. Holmes says. "Nothing has developed, so we feel like if we're going to take other avenues, now's the time to do it."

The group, which debuted New Year's Eve 1980 at the long-gone Uncle Tom's Tavern, hasn't had a record since independently releasing "Run for Your Life" in 1985. Originally known as Cartoon, the Producers created a buzz with a self-titled debut LP in 1981, but popularity trailed off and CBS dropped the band shortly after releasing the LP "You Make the Heat" in 1983.

Mr. Henderson left in 1984 and the other original members tried unsuccessfully to function as a trio - so they recruited Mr. Smith and pushed on. With a repertoire featuring the minor hits "What She Does to Me" and "What's He Got?" and cover songs, the Producers survived by playing about 200 dates a year on the college and club circuit.

Now, the grind has taken its toll, Mr. Holmes says, and the four musicians plan to take separate directions. "Everybody's got plans, " he says, "and we just don't want to try to hang onto something that' s given us problems in the last few years.

"But who knows?", he adds, laughing. "I foresee new vistas on the horizon."

Copyright 1990, The Atlanta Journal and Constitution.

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