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The Producers

by Tim T. Bone

There was only one prescription for the morning after the rollicking Producers concert at S-Express.

Massive doses of plop-plop fizz-fizz.

Club S-Express, located at 1100 Stumpf Blvd., is just one block off the Westbank Expressway. According to Klaus Sadlier, the 22 year-old owner of S-Express, the venue is a high-energy dance club geared to the needs of the 18 and over crowd. Klaus said that he would like to book live acts every couple of weeks. The live shows would range from the Producers (on Feb. 3rd) to Bachman Turner Overdrive, who played the week before.

The Producers rocked the roof off the building, as their fans expected.

But there's plenty more in store for fans than just a one-night stand.

The group spent last fall in the studio recording several new songs. After 10 years of playing music together, the band has a new enthusiasm since leaving the recording shed. Some of the new material has the classic Producers sound while a fair portion sports a different sound. These unusual numbers are deep, meaningful ballads.

The band is especially excited about one song in particular: "You are the Renaissance." When not in the studio, the ensemble has been playing the club circuit from Washington D.C. to San Antonio.

Expecting a new album soon, the Producers don't have a definite release date. They have yet to sign a contract with a record company for a new release. The Producers are presently under the auspices of Stardust Management out of Los Angeles. They hope to sign a record contract with a label soon.

Excited about their recent N'awlins show, the band explained that the Crescent City is their favorite place to play. That excitement was reflected in their show, performed in front of a thousand or so fans.

Their next New Orleans date has yet to be set.

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