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Coelacanth (Front Cover) Coelacanth (Back Cover)
Click for a Big Front cover graphic - (104K)
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September 25, 2001 One Way records #088112738-2
Primitive man MP3 sample
Renaissance MP3 sample
Out Of My Head MP3 sample
Dance On My Heart MP3 sample
Right Man For The Job MP3 sample
Who's Crying Now MP3 sample
Trouble With Love MP3 sample
One Good Reason MP3 sample
Slow Dancing MP3 sample
After All Is Said And Done MP3 sample
Produced by: John Jansen
The Producers are: Van Temple--Lead Vox, guitar
Bryan Holmes--vox, Drums, and  Percussion
Tim Smith--vox, bass
Wayne Famous--Keyboards, Sampled Orchestra

Recorded at Southern Tracks Studios Atlanta, Ga.


Released: September 25, 2001
Album sales: 0
Slow Dancing appeared on Run For Your Life and was rerecorded for Coelacanth.

Kyle wrote Renaissance and it appears on his solo Contemporary Christian album "More Than The Look of Love". The words were adjusted for Coelacanth to not be quite as 'Christian'.

A little background on this album and why its release was delayed so long...The band recorded a couple of the tracks on their own and used them to market themselves to various labels back in 1988. Someone at MCA took note and signed them. Into the studio they went with an MCA producer to lay down the tracks. They had completed the recording sessions and were preparing for the release of the album (disc?) when Al Teller took the reigns at MCA. Al pulled a major housecleaning at MCA and cancelled the contracts of all bands that didn't have product on the record store shelves. This included several bands including our heroes. (Incidentally, Al Teller is the same record industry exec that canned the Producers when he and they were at Portrait.) Whether he still held a grudge against the Producers in 1988/1989, I don't know. But, the Producers lost their contract and the Coelacanth recordings were tossed into the vault never to be heard by the masses ... Until now.

Here's an ad from Ice magazine from Sept 2001 featuring the Coelacanth disc.
Ice Magazine Ad for Coelacanth Sept 2001

Here is the original artwork for the album cover. Actually I prefer it to the tan one they used. Coelacanth 
Original Cover Art
And here is the color cover that they developed from the original artwork. Coelacanth Cover Art - proposed

Coelacanth - The fish

For those interested in the fish this album is named after, check out the following photos and links.

Dinofish.com has a lot of detailed info. I found the movement of the multitude of fins this fish has to be worth the wait.

Here's a National Geographic article from december 1998 National Geographic article on Coelacanth Dec 

Here are some other images of coelacanths and paraphernalia.
Coelacanth Pic From Ebay Coelacanth Fossil From Ebay Coelacanth Fossil From Ebay 2 Coelacanth Coin Front From 
Zambia Coelacanth Coin Back From Zambia Coelacanth 
Letter From South Africa Coelacanth Letters From Comoros Coelacanth Stamps From Comoros

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