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The Producers (Front Cover) The Producers (Back Cover)


(Hey) What's he got that I ain't got?
He's got you, that's what he's got!

I saw you with that man
I'm in a rage
Big black car, long cigar
He's twice your age
Diamonds make you happy
For awhile
But my love is true
It won't go out of style

Looking for a place
In his will
Why should you be just a
Mid-life thrill
You'll be thinking of me
Every night
When he turns away and
Turns out the light



I love Lucy - she don't care

Standing dressed in red from head to toe
She don't see me don't care where I go
I'm moving toward her but she does not see
She's too busy looking right through me

La la Lucy

All her boys are dressed in best uptown
I am standing here in hand-me-downs
The story has no mystery
There is no hope for jerks like me


Hey! man, don't you know what you are saying?
Hey! man, don't you hear the words running out of your mouth?
Hey! man, you tell me I ain't got no expertise
Expertise? What do you know about expertise?

Who do you think you are?
Who do you really think you are?

Hey! man, I'm aware of your position
Hey! man, luck has made you the man in charge
Hey! man, you shake your finger and you give the word
Give the word? What gives you the right to give the word?

Hey! man, your glory days are fading
Hey! man, your faithful troops have deserted you
Hey! man, there's nobody left to listen anymore
Anymore! You've lost them all and you've just lost me!


It's a life of crime

She wanted more than I could give her
She wanted much too much
No matter how I tried to deliver
I couldn't give her enough
Then out of simple desperation
I stole a Japanese car
It was the needed inspiration
She tore me apart

Now I've become a creature of habit
Too late to turn back now
I've taken everything for her love
So she would stay around
I know it's bound to one day happen
They're gonna give me the gas
As long as she is touching me
I'll steal again


(ooh) She's got a certain kinda motion when she's walkin'
Walkin' down the street
I'm gonna give her my devotion
'Cause she really knocks me off my feet

She's a certain kinda girl
It's for certain
That I'm gonna make her mine
She's a certain kinda girl
It's for certain
That she's going to be mine

She looks so continental
Though she's only, only seventeen
You know she's really sentimental
Got to make her, make her notice me

I'll give you my advice
It doesn't matter much to me
You're willing to sacrifice
Just to have her near me
If she'll have me

Just to feel her arms around me in the middle
middle of the night
How I long to her whisper in my ear
Everything's alright


I found out about you
Don't want to criticize
We both know that it's true
Don't waste your time making lies

You go your way
I'll go my way
There is no way
We can be

The word's out about you
And your so-called friend
We both know that it's true
So baby this is the end

Doesn't matter if we go around in circles
Girl you know that it won't do any good
What you've done to me is so bad baby
That I can't forgive you though you thought that I would


He's looking over my shoulder
Though I'm with you tonight
He knows that he'll have you tomorrow
And you'll be holding him tight

I can't explain what she does to me
Nobody knows what she does to me
Too bad that she does the same to you
I can't forget what she does to me
Nobody does what she does to me
Too bad that she does the same to you

You're driving me crazy
You show affections for him
You tell him all of my secrets
I don't think I can win

I want you Diana
He wants you Diana
We want you Diana
Who gets you Diana


Everyone's dancing
Across the floor
She's moving swiftly
As if she'd been there before
She says nothin' to no one
Only nods her head
The girls they gossip
Should have heard what they said

She likes to use body language

She licks her lips
Twice and again
She crosses her legs
So long so thin
She stands akimbo
By the boy's room door
I ask her to dance
We hit the floor

There she goes
Alone again
Mysterio is her best friend


Just one thing important to me
That's the place I wanna be
Beside her
My vital systems are in overload
They're telling me I'm out of control
When I see her

All in my mind
All of the time

No solutions ying in sight
No resistance no way to fight
The feelings
I can't leave her
No letting go
She's sending lightening into my soul
When I touch her

She teaches me what lovin's about
Nobody else keeps on wearing me out
The way that she does


I dream dreams
You're dreaming of me
I'm thinking thoughts of you thinking of me
Though it's all in vain
I do it anyway

I watch you
While you're watching me
I'm wondering what
You're thinking of me
Though it's all in vain
I'll do it anyway

I've known some girls they were typical girls
Typically fit in a typical world
You know they couldn't hold a candle to you
So I'll have to say...

Here's to you

I hope it's soon
I'll find the strength to confess it to you
Though it's all in vain
I'll do it anyway
'Till that day
I'm dreaming dreams
I'm thinking thoughts of you thinking of me
Though it's all in vain
I'll do it anyway


She wants to make him happy
But must he have everything
Her defenses are breaking
Pretty soon she'll give in, Oh yeah

Boys say when
Girls say why
Boys get mad
Girls they cry

He invites her over
Sneaks her up to his room
Gives her his best performance
She falls in love with him soon, Oh yeah

He took advantage of her
But what did he win
He took the spoils from her
But she took his heart from him
The tables are turning on him

He wants to make her happy
But must she have everything
You see she wants to get married
Pretty soon he'll give in, Oh yeah

Girls say when
Boys say why
Girls get mad
Boys they cry


You drive me out of my mind
How come I always get stuck with your kind
Oh yeah yeah
I gave my soul to you
But you took it and broke it in two
Oh yeah yeah

This is the end
I just can't take it
This is the end
I really can't take it

So useless to pretend
We know you won't be back here again
Oh yeah yeah
You thought I'd be OK (watch) I'm gonna blow myself away
Oh yeah yeah

I been waiting so long now
To get it back to you

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 Copyright © 1997- 2003 by Paul Schulz. All rights reserved.

Created: 1/27/1998 / Changed: 3/3/1999 11:30:37 PM

I'm Paul Schulz in Columbus, Ohio and I'd like to hear your stories about The Producers. Maybe I'll put your experiences on the Fans page! schulzp@rrohio.com.