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Miscellaneous - New 9/7/01

Stuff I found on Wynnco.com.

Miller Guitar 
Sticker Miller Glasses - Print 
and make your own Set List From LA During A FLOCK OF SEAGULLS Tour

Miscellaneous - New 1/17/01

Thanks to Ken Mueller for the Set list; Thanks to Ellen Cotter for the Yellow Flyer

Chestnut Cabaret 
Set list Attic nightclub, 

Miscellaneous - John McDaniel Contributions

Thanks to John McDaniel for this memorabilia.

Promo photo with Top Hat Promo photo Van Wayne Kyle 
Bryan Promo photo Van Kyle Wayne 
Bryan Promo photo Wayne Bryan Kyle 
Van Bryan Power Grip Ad Promo Buttons Back stage passes

Cotton Club: Atlanta 3/20/99

Thanks to Melissa and Kevin for the digital photos.

bryan1 (2).JPG (50572 bytes) friends_band (2)Work.jpg (62161 bytes) friends_bandVanKyle(PS).JPG (40479 bytes) Kyle (2).JPG (56358 bytes) Kyle_Closeup (2).JPG (36869 bytes) kyle_closeup2 (2).JPG (40915 bytes) together (2).JPG (62663 bytes) Van (2).jpg (54817 bytes) Van_Kyle (2).JPG (75084 bytes) wayne (2).JPG (27320 bytes) wayne_salute (2).JPG (17501 bytes) wayne2 (2).JPG (27044 bytes)

Some New Year's Eve Show in the 1980s

Thanks to Pat Hindman and his brother for the prints.

prodliv1.jpg (2784 bytes) wayne1.jpg (9032 bytes) wayne2.jpg (6135 bytes) wayne3.jpg (8200 bytes) prodliv2.jpg (3558 bytes)


Thanks to Sandy Reda for the napkin,  poster, and Playground South news shot. Thanks to Steve Morton for the cream-background Promo Photo. Bryan Adams is wearing the RFYL T-shirt and provided the ticket stub from 3/9/86. Thanks to Chip G. for the Peavey Promo.

napkin.jpg (8609 bytes) autograp.jpg (5591 bytes) jaxart.jpg (12296 bytes) prodset.jpg (12153 bytes) ProdPostFrontTN.jpg (13493 bytes) ProdPostBackTN.jpg (14450 bytes) Promo Photo RFYL t-shirt 3/9/86 Ticket Kyle in Whiteface front 
cover Steve Hardwick, Kyle 
Henderson, Doug Bare, and Benny Rappa in Whiteface - back cover Kyle Whiteface back 
cover More than the look of Love 
cassette cover Cotton Club 12/98 
ticket Miller Beer Promo Heard It On The 
Radio Vol. 3 cover American Pie 
web photo Kyle Peavey Bass Promo

Charleston's "Festival on the Fourth" 7/4/92

Thanks to L. W. Jones for the photos and the following story about the show:
'I used to promote a show in Charleston every 4th of July called "Festival on the Fourth". It featured local and regional acts and the Producers headlined in 1991 and 1992. the 1991 show was rained out but the 1992 show was a big success. It was very hot that day as you might can tell from the pictures. BTW the Producers headlined this show and the group that went on 2 bands them before was the (at the time little known) Hootie and the Blowfish!'

The band The band Wayne Kyle Van Bryan (Don't look Ethel!!!)

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