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First of all, thank you Paul for all of your hard work on this site. It is incredible! Visiting it brought back so many fond memories, catching the band several times during their run in Georgia. I was born and bred in Dalton, Georgia, and played in several bands that "covered" Producers material. Everyone I associated with loved the band, and made it a PRIORITY to see them live. I have been looking for a site of some kind like this for many years, and thank God I found this one.It really surprises me (in an incredibly GOOD way) to hear that they will be touring again. I hope to catch them this summer in the midwest, once dates and places are set, I'M THERE! Bryan, Van, Wayne and Kyle ROCK! Just bought the CD (my God, what took so long?), and I am wearing it out!Go Producers! Keep your music alive! There are many of us out here that respect and love your work!
Bryan P <Pzzaman001@aol.com>
Cincinnati, OH USA -
Attention Wisconsin-Illinois (June 14th The Producers will be appearing at Oshkosh WaterFest in Downtown Oshkosh,WI with the Romantics and one of Illinois favorite 80's bands- Off Broadway usa. Don't miss this show.
tony <acmepack@yahoo.com>
oshkosh, wi USA -
Born and raised in New Orleans...I used to see The Producers perform on The Riverboat President. I was only a freshman in college and was introduced to their music by my best friend who had the biggest crush on Van! :) I quickly became entranced by their music and dynamic stage presence! At the time I truly saw this group going everywhere...and I was witnessing the beginning of something special! Now I've moved to Florida in the Wacky Place they call "KEY WEST". It's been years since I've seen them live...and they were phenominal!!! I just got my CD compillation of the first two albums...and have been sharing it with anyone who will listen! I love this group...I'm in my early 30's now...and have two kids...! But The Producers fever hasn't died... and now...my children love this music too! Hearing my 9 yr old son sing La=La Lucy is just to unreal to me! and my 6 yr old daughter has to be as hauntingly beautiful as "SHE SHEILA " was thought to have been! ;) Guys if you read this... I just want you to know I think you are such a hot band! What a super group of guys! Hey...and if you are EVER in The Florida Keys.... I can almost promise you'll have a following here rather soon! Good luck to you all! Thanks for the great memories!Long Live THE PRODUCERS!
Julie <JulieAllen2@juno.com>
Key West, FL USA -
I used to see The Producers perform in New Orleans on The Riverboat President. I was only a freshman in college and was introduced to their music by my best friend! I quickly became entranced by their music and stage presence! At the time I truly saw this group going everywhere...and I was witnessing the beginning of something special! It's been years since I've seen them live...but I just got my CD compillation of the first two albums...and have been sharing it with anyone who will listen! I love this group...I'm in my early 30's now...and have two kids...! But The Producers fever hasn't died... and now...my children love this music too! Hearing my 9 yr old son sing La=La Lucy is just to unreal to me! ;) Guys if you read this... I just want you to know I think you are all so hot! What a super band! Thanks for the great memories!Long Live THE PRODUCERS!
Julie <JulieAllen2@juno.com>
Key West, FL USA -
I used to see The Producers perform in New Orleans on The Riverboat President. I was only a freshman in college and was introduced to their music by my best friend! I quickly became entranced by their music and stage presence! At the time I truly saw this group going everywhere...and I was witnessing the beginning of something special! It's been years since I've seen them live...but I just got my CD compillation of the first two albums...and have been sharing it with anyone who will listen! I love this group...I'm in my early 30's now...and have two kids...! But The Producers fever hasn't died... and now...my children love this music too! Hearing my son sing La=La Lucy is just to unreal to me! ;) Long Live THE PRODUCERS!
Julie <JulieAllen2@juno.com>
Key West, FL USA -
HEY!!! Please please tell me that The Producers will make it to the Midwest this summer. Kansas City? I caught them at a club in Hays, Kansas (very small) on the RFYL tour. I had to beg to get in as I was only 16 at the time. It was fantastic. I know that Wayne won't remember this, but I was in a band at the time that covered What's He Got. We altered the lyrics to "He's got Shoes..." I told him about that before the show and when they played the song he pointed at us and his shoes and we all laughed. Great memories, and even greater music. See ya on the road...HEY!!
Ian Markley <imarkley@interkan.net>
Manhattan, KS USA -
A few posts below, Bill Larson says that Coelacanth will be releasedthis June!!! Thats awesome news........THIS WOULD HAVE BEEN THE BANDS BIGGEST RECORD!!!!!!!! NO DOUBTI have owned a third generation copy of this album for a few years!Dance on my heart, would have been a major hit back in the day!Kyles song renaisance is also a killer song! :-) IT'S GOING TO BE A GREAT SUMMER!
Tom Pantaleo <tomdrum@fnol.net>
west babylon, ny USA -
Just got my copy of the cd...........seems Tower Records here on Long Islandcaught up with the rest of the country and stocked it, I bought two! One for me andone for the guy who will hear it, like it, ask to borrow it, and then never return it!Guys please try and make a trip to the north east, I would love to hear you again!P.S. working at an all 80's station here on Long Island www.wmjc.comAdded Sheila this past week,(off my cd) phones lit up the minute the keyboard starts!Peace out! Tom
Tommy Pantaleo <tomdrum@fnol.net>
West Babylon, NY USA -
Great job with the site Paul! You are to be congratulated on reviving some great memories for many of us. Van, Kyle, Bryan and Wayne: thanks for the great music and I wish you all the best. It's great to hear that you guys are still getting after it. Best of luck.
Rob Coombs <coombsdogg@earthlink.net>
Glendale, AZ USA -
For any of you wondering (as I did) how to pronounce that unreleased album "Coelacanth" this is what I found:For the Coelacanth, ("see-la-kanth"), that 400 million year old "living fossil" fish, the time odyssey continues. Once thought to have gone extinct with the dinosaurs, the Coelacanth was "discovered" alive and well in 1938!
Mark Sacher <marksacher@mindspring.com>
Roswell, GA USA -
I just got a new computer and the first thing I did was look for anything on the web for the producers!!!This is a great site!! I just have to say to all you who have seen them live that your a bunch of lucky bastardsand I envy you all!! These guys have been a huge influence on my songwriting since way back in 1980.I had thier debut and "heat" on vinyl but cant find anything out here on disc. I guess now that ive found this site theres no excuse. Its nice to find that there are plenty of producers fans out there. I was getting tired of the old "who"? response when preaching the producers gospel. Anyway, great site, keep up the good work and know that we love those guys!!!!!!!!!!!!Anybody heard neil finns new one yet? Awe inspiring!!!Regards, Mac.
mac charles <terraraven@earthlink.net>
portland, or USA -
Coelacanth on CD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ---- One Way has just received approval from the president of Universal to release Coelacanth on CD. They should get the master tapes in the next two weeks. They are aiming for a June 26th release date. This is GREAT news. For those of you who have not heard these songs, this is a GREAT record. You will really enjoy it. As I know more, I will update here.
Bill Larsen <blarsen@asclink.com>
Atlanta, GA USA -
Some CD publicity ---------------The following paragraph appeared in today's (Monday-3/26/2001) Atlanta Journal-Constitution Newspaper on page C-2:--------- Producing a disc The 1980s nostalgia kick has finally, er, produced something of merit. Twenty years after their initial release on vinyl (and just in time for car-radio-cranking, windows-down weather), both albums that the Producers made for CBS Records have been released for the first time on compact disc. Sony Music Special Products has wedged both the Atlanta act's 1981 "The Producers" and 1982 effort "You Make The Heat" onto one CD. The delectably cheesy act that once graced MTV with "What's He Got?" and "She Sheila" has inspired fans composing reviews online at Amazon.com to begin clamoring for a reunion tour.
Bill Larsen <blarsen@asclink.com>
Atlanta, GA USA -
News Updates ---- One Way says Coelacanth CD release still on hold pending approval from MCA President. Should know in about 1 more week. One Way is not asking for Run For Your Life masters until Coelacanth issue is resolved. ---- Bryan wants to sell CDs at the upcoming shows. The band will sign them for everyone. ---- Trying to book a tour of midwest in June, however, it is difficult to tell your day job that you need time off to go on tour. --- That's all the news for now, I will keep everyone updated as I get more info.
Bill Larsen <blarsen@asclink.com>
Atlanta, GA USA -
would love to see these guys play in LI or on cape cod this summer--great party band, great songs with real hooks--still cannot figure out how wayne was able to play those keyboards around his neck and move about the stage as he did...i have enough trouble playing a staionary piano seated!!!!!!
doc <rfhynes@aol.com>
New York, NY USA -
I regret the fact that I won't be able to attend the Carrollton show.Cheap Trick are playing in Atlanta on the same day.I've always wanted Cheap Trick and The Producers to play a show in Georgia, but I didn't mean like THIS!!!!!
Bert Cummings <bertcummings@ironmaiden.com>
Hapeville, GA USA -
As this is my first post to the message board, I will fill everyone in on the latest news (as I know it):In reference to Run For Your Life and Coelacanth coming out on CD: I spoke again with my contact at One Way Records on Friday. He finally caught up with Bryan. Bryan is looking for the RFYL master tapes. My contact says it will be another 2 weeks on the MCA Coelacanth issue. He says that he thinks it will be resolved quickly with a possible June release. He told me that since RFYL and Coelacanth will not fit on one CD, they would like to fill it out with demos and hard to find songs. I told him about "Run Back" from the Miller Music LP on RCA. He also said that Bryan knows some people that do syndicated radio shows on the 80's. Bryan is going to get him a list so he can send some Promo copies of the first CD out to them to get some radio airplay. Bryan says that the original band (with Kyle) is doing multiple shows coming up. I then called and spoke with Van Temple to fill him in. He said the band is doing a private party here in Atlanta in March around St. Patrick's Day, the Carrollton show on May 5th, and then some dates in the Midwest in June. He said that the May 5th show was most likely the only show coming up in the Atlanta area. This will be the first time the band has played together since the Rick Springfield show here in Atlanta on September 10, 1999. They did not play at all in 2000. For those in the Atlanta area, Van is playing around town in a Beatles cover band called Mr. Moonlight.Details on the Carrollton show: The Producers will be playing in Carrollton, GA (Bryan's home town) on May 5, 2001. The event is called "Mayfest" and is held on the square (outside) in Carrollton. The fee will be around $5.00 and they are scheduled to play from 6:45PM to 8:00PM. Carrollton is about 60-90 minutes East of Atlanta, close to the Alabama border. That's all the news for now, I will continue to post updates here.
Bill Larsen <blarsen@asclink.com>
Atlanta, GA USA -
I love Lucy (hey, when are you coming in for your next CAT test?)
Michael Henson <mhenson@psrsoftware.com>
Orlando, FL USA -
Just got the re-issue as a gift, it's great. I hope the is a tour of some sort in the future. I, for one would fly to Las Vegas or Chicago for a gig at the House of Blues. I'd help promote a MPLS show! Timeless work lads, THANKS!
Mike Zimmerman <uncledude@hotmail.com>
MPLS/St. Paul, MN USA -
Bert, Paul and anyone else.....PLEASE tell me how to get tickets for Mayfest in Carrollton, GA. The Pollstar site stunk as far as trying to get any useful information.
Elmar <elmar66@yahoo.com>
Sunny Tampa, FL USA -
HI. I have a B/W 8x10 glossy signed by the band and the debut self titled album "the Producers" signed by the band if anyone is interested before I post them on Ebay, email me at digdigly@aol.com
D. Scott <digdigly@aol.com>
this is wayne famous's son marlon just wanting to say that i hit this website because i was curious of his band's history. if the person who designed this website knows wayne personally, could you tell him i said hi and that i miss him.
marlon mcnatt
santa rosa, ca USA -
Hey Van:Hope you can come to the family reunion this summer. God BlessYour CousinRobby
Rob Temple <rhtemple@msn.com>
Knoxville, TN USA -
WOO HOO!!!!! I just saw on Pollstar where The Producers are playing Carrollton, GA. on May 5th.
Bert Cummings <bertcummings@ironmaiden.com>
Hapeville, GA USA -
Great article!! Finally a little technical stuff on the band. More! More! More!
R. Richards <jerich0927@cs.com >
vista, ca USA -
I am a big fan ! And I wonder if the Guys remember meeting Me in the parking garage of the Days Inn on Canal St in New Orleans. I spotted the Guys unpacking some gear and of course had their tape handy and poped She-Shiela in the cassete and cranked it ! They might remember Me cause I was in a promotionl van with the words " Alive with Pleasure: NEWPORT" on it. Was awsome bumping into them there and it was a good laugh had by all ! They actually came over to the van and asked whos great song that was playing ! Good Guys ! Thanks for the music and the memory !
Jeff Hamilton <HurriJeff@aol.com>
Pompano Bch , Fla USA -
Yes i what to know if you can do,the welling of producing my movie.
I've been a huge Producers fan for many years, and have beensearching in vain for some CD releases. I tried the One Wayrecords site you recommended, but nothing is listed about the1st 2 albums on CD that you had mentioned was supposed to be released November, 2000. I will try criminal.com next, butcould you please e-mail me at flubbusboy@netscape.net with any new developments about CD releases? Thanks.Kirby
Kirby <flubbusboy@netscape.net>
Los Angeles, CA USA -
saw them live 7 times in 3 states & d.c.i still remember the 1st i saw the video to WHAT'S HE GOT on MTV.they used 2 invite me backstage.at The Wax Museum in D.C. actress Karen Allen stopped in while i was w/ them.she said she was from Atlanta too.i still remember buying a bright yelow t-shirt & having the letters put on to say I STOLE A JAPANESE CAR!
bill hildebrand <analogbill@home.com>
granite, md USA -
This site is great!!!! I used to see The Producers when they played in New Orleans too. The best venue was The President, a riverboat that would cruise during the concerts! I have all 3 albums and plan to burn them to CD soon. Until then, I listen to them on cassette in my car all of the time. By the way, I believe Tim came from Baton Rouge LA. Again, GREAT SITE!!!!!
Eddie Doyle <edoylejr@earthlink.net>
Mandeville, LA USA -
The Producers were my first concert in eighth grade in Tallahassee. Curiously enough, the opening acts were two local bands, Crosscut Saw and John Kurzweg and The Night. John is based out of Atlanta now (his father was a Lutheran minister in Tallahassee) and is best known as the producer of Creed's first two albums. I saw them altogether three times, once with Kyle, twice with Tim. The shows were always awesome. I have all three albums on vinyl and just this week pulled out a mixed cassette I have of them. I am excited to find the first two albums re-released on CD as I was making plans to burn a CD of all three albums. I would kill to see them live again. The shows were always chock full of cute girls. Please come to Charlotte. I am married with a son, but would spring for a babysitter to see The Producers again.
David Williamson <wave-n-traysee>
Charlotte, NC USA -
It is great to see someone has picked the ball up and started a web page for one of the most important pop acts of our time.Please keep up the good work! Ben Hagler
Ben hagler <b.hagler@budweiser.com>
Montgomery,Al, USA -
Today...I finally found a Producers website. I been a fan since 1981 when I saw them for the first (seen them over 25 times) time in Tallahassee, FL. I have some posters and stuff from the supposed recording of a "run for your life" video they did in 1985-6 I can't remember. It was a bar called The Musical Moon.Where can I buy the CD's been loking for them too for about 15 years...GREAT Website BTW.Thanks.
Jim Black <jabz28@mindspring.com>
Marietta, GA USA -
This website is wonderful. But just now finding out that a new CD was released ticked me off... I spent the last three nights downloading all of the songs from the first two albums and compiling my own CD, with cover art and everything! Then found the link, and the CD info. I'll still buy it though, just to help with the cause. I first saw The Producers back in '81 or '82, when I was EIGHT YEARS OLD (with my parents, big fans), at Ga. Tech. Still a big fan to this day!
Jake Saunders <Jake150@aol.com>
Augusta, GA USA -
Hey, the Creative Loafing article mentions this site...COOL! Anyway, the tour is good news, though I won't be able to enjoy it (darn!) since I now live in Europe. The band might wanna know a DJ in Puerto Rico (Junior Ortiz of Alfa Rock) is interested in taking the band down to the island (hey, Caribbean vacation, huh?); and the band should also now their songs are constantly played at Alfa Rock (Thanks Omar for the news) Just an idea, if y'all Producers are listening. I do not expect you guys to come to Europe, so I hope Paul could find a way to broadcast a concert (audio at least)...
Jorge Carrillo <laker_jc@terra.es>
granada, spain -
ive been a producers fan since about 1991, an old friend of mine had a copy of you "you make the heat" on record, and since then i have been looking for a copy, til i got a computer and downloaded the whole album off of napster, but today i bought the reissue of it on cd , its got to be one greatest albums of all time!!!and i was wondering if anyone has a web site to find guitar tabs of "you make the heat" mainly she shelia , operation and dear john, thanks nick
nick moreno <nm7480@ev1.net>
houston, tx USA -
I'm psyched I found this site. GREAT JOB Paul!!! Keep up the good work. Van, Bryan, Wayne, and Kyle (& Tim), You guys have 10's of 1000's of fans in the SE US. Don't give up! Will definitely grab the compilation CD and anything else I can get my hands on (for that matter). It's been 16 years since I've heard a measure of your music and had lost hope until randomly searching Napster. Then found this site. Hope to see you guys live soon. Covered your music for years and always got a great response! Gotta let the boys in my old band in on this site. I think I speak for most of your devotees when I say that if I, as a fan, could have done more to make you guys a COMPLETE success, I regret not doing so. Give us a second chance and we'll come out in droves! The music industry sucks! I mean look at what's popular now! Thanks for the memories guys, looking forward to making new ones. Feeling nostalgic in Birmingham, Scott D!
Scott Donellan <sdonella@csc.com>
Birmingham, AL USA -
Once in a great while, a band will come along that when you hear one of their tunes it will bring a smile to your face, and great times to mind....Thank You "Producers"!!
Patrick Rossi <doc_rokkit@yahoo.com>
Gilroy, Ca USA -
Happy 2001 to all Producer fans and to the band!!! 2001 wont beat 2000 though...coz of the asskickin' CD of course. Got it, heard it, its F-ING AWESOME. Thanx Brian for your hustle to get the songs on CD! The 2-on-1 deal is EXACTLY what I wanted. Take care, y'all!!!
Jorge Carrillo <laker_jc@terra.es>
Granada, Spain -
I used to see them at Alex Cooley's electric ballroom/Agora ballroom in Atlanta, they were a terrific band live. I have some pictures I will submit from the first Atlanta show to Support the "Feel the Heat" album
George Fey <feyhouse@aol.com>
Atlanta, GA USA -
wow a cd out! My records are worn down to the nub! Saw the producers 3 times and every time was awesome. They opened for Haircut 100 at the Kabuki in Frisco and they blew them off the stage. The show that blew me away was the old wardoff in sf. I sat on the edge of the stage in the small club and had bryan screaming who do you think you are in my face. What was awesome was the fact these guys had no stage monitors and they nailed 3 part vocals. I saw tim with jellyfish and I saw van outside keystone palo alto befroe the show. with all these 80's bands coming back I would love to see them again! Thanks for the CD!
rob moya <robmri@nwlink.com>
edmonds, wa USA -
I went to the local "music store" in my town over the weekend looking for The Producers on CD. The all knowing sales(and that is giving them a lot of credit), wanted to know if "that is like a band". I told them not only was it like a band, but it mosy certainly was and still is a band.It looks like we have to do some teaching to help get this CD in the stores. Please go to your local music store and ask for The Producers and if they don't have it yet, ask them to order it. We need to get some sales generated besides just off the internet. Let's get these gentlemen the recognition they have deserved for the past 20(almost 21) years. THANKS!
John McDaniel <twocyclist@netzero.net>
Conyers, Ga USA -
Thanks! Great website, I've been looking for this info for a long time.
Sam Samaniego <sam@datacomsales.com>
Cedar Hill, TX USA -
Hi! Bryan how are you? If you get this please respond.
Suzanne <Iodice1@aol.com>
moss point, ms USA -
I just discovered the music of this great band and I'm hooked, I work in a record store and one of the managers brought an order of the just released two on one album with both Producer's albums. Great musicianship, catchy tunes, the sound of the cd is great!!!!!!! I just discovered a great band...
Omar J. Giovannetti <omarjafet@hotmail.com>
Yauco, PR USA -
I just discovered the music of this great band and I'm hooked, I work in a record store and one of the managers brought an order of the just released two on one album with both Producer's albums. Great musicianship, catchy tunes, the sound of the cd is great!!!!!!! I just discovered a great band...
Omar J. Giovannetti <omarjafet@hotmail.com>
Yauco, PR USA -
Paul, great job on the site!! Your guestbook contributions have skyrocketed the last few months, it's good to see alot of interest in this band (they deserve it). Heres an observation, I saw The Producers in 1982 Los Angeles, I recently saw a tape of them in Tennessee 1989, and a recent guestbook entry, what do they all have in common? Poor Wayne has technical problems!! Still one of my favorite bands. The "new" cd is great, next Run for your life? Keep up the good work.
R. Richards <jerich0927@cs.com>
Vista , Ca USA -
I remember a friend of mine from NC State turned me on to the Producers back in 82'and I thought "Wow, finally an album I can listen to all the way through." I finally caught them live in concert at a club in Charlotte, NC called PB Scotts...they kicked ass! I remember jumping for a pick that Kyle threw out into the audience, and I landed on a beer bottle in the floor and twisted my ankle...and to make matters worse, I didn't catch the pick! Anyway, it was a great show and I couldn't wait to see them again...later in 84, they came back to PB Scotts to play..without Kyle...I still have the Miller beer guitar sticker that says The Producers on my guitar case. I felt really bad for Wayne Famous at this show, during the set, I remember him having a short in his cord that went to his keyboards...right in the middle of one of the songs..he looked right at me, because I always tried to get to front row, and we both just kinda shook our heads at the same time, but even with the technical probs, they still put on a great show. I seen them about 2 or 3 more times in Charlotte when they played a club called Kidnappers. They always got the crowd to bopping up and down..especially on Merry-Go-Round...in 87, Kidnappers closed, and I never heard from them again. I got married and quit going to the clubs as much...but I've got very fond memories of the days when me and my friends would go check out the Producers. I still have their autograph, where I took a flyer from Kidnappers and had the guys sign it for me...in 1995, I opened a record shop in Shelby, NC, and proudly had their autographs displayed on the wall. I Love Lucy is my favorite Producers song. Mick Hoyle
Mick <pianoguitardude@yahoo.com>
Charlotte, NC USA -
I just wanted to say how great it is to hear "You Make The Heat" on CD. This was an album that I loved so much when I was just 13 years old, and to finally have a perfect copy of it is better than I could have imagined. As I grew older I began to drift toward Thrash Metal and later Death and Black Metal,but the drum sound on this 1982 release never left my head. Years later I found myself longing to hear those songs again, not just for the drums, but for the whole band's grasp of what this kind of music should sound like. Your band has been criminally over-looked for way too long, just like alot of the bands that I listen to now. Thanks for alot of great memories spent listening to your music.
Jeff D. <jnjd57@hotmail.com>
Middletown, PA USA -
The Producers are my all-time favorite 80s band! Coincidentally, I just looked them up on Napster last week (12/00), just about the time their re-issue came out!Never got to see them live, but still hoping... Columbus Ohio is a HUGE college town (Ohio State University).
chris lundquist <lundquists@msn.com>
columbus, oh USA -
THE PRODUCERS long-awaited "Reissue" is EXCELLENT!!! It is a huge success in terms of its quality, and even the fact that it is a dream that has finally been realized.The mastering is excellent, and I could not have been more pleased with the sound. I *think* the dynamic range is wider than that of the original LPs, but for sure, the clarity and feeling of the listening experience is markedly improved. The packaging is excellent too, especially in that it includes original cover art and all lyrics. My only complaint with the packaging is in the glaring omission of production details, and contact info (namely, this website).Thanks to Paul for this website. I'd also like to thank all those who were responsible for making this reissue happen. Peace, Love, Rock'n'Roll,
Springfield, NJ USA -
Saw the producers in Stevens Point, WI, in 1982 or so. Great show, and the CD sounds good too. Too bad the band doesn't meander up here anymore.
Dave Zahn <dzahn@execpc.com>
Madison, WI USA -
Great Site!! I'm glad to finally get their first on CD. The Producers deserve a lot more than they got. I'm lucky to be in Atlanta where they get air-play on 99-X. I've seen them numerous times and they always put on a great show! It is amazing to me that they can still sound as good as they did 20 years ago.
Doug Henning <dug@bellsouth.net>
Atlanta, GA USA -
Joshua <joshua@cousinskeeter.zzn.com>
clayton con, Ga USA -
Van Temple is our HERO.........
Lilburn, GA USA -
YES! I got my CD on Monday! Thank you Paul for all of your continued work at keeping all of us informed about the Producers! Now if only RFYL and Coelacanth could ever be released on CD...Lets hope it happens someday! Lets all remember this great band! Play the CD LOUD! Enjoy and best wishes to all of you!
Paul Martin <Navajopaul@aol.com>
Riverside, CA USA -
Paui. Thank you for all your hard work on this website. You keep everyone informed of the happenings with this great band. I hear there may be a CD release show in Atlanta in December.It will certainly be posted on this site if it does happen.
John McDaniel <twocyclist@netzero.net>
Conyers, Ga USA -
The Producers are everything I've ever wanted in a band. Great musicianship, song writing, and oh yeah... FUN! If they ever play the SFO Bay Area, please let me know (you now have my email), I promise to bring a friend. The Producers would be perfect at a venue like Slim's in the City!
John Avila <jfavila@true-automation.com>
Concord, CA USA -
I received my CD from CDNow! Wa-hoo! I agree with the person who said you can hear sounds you didn't hear on vinyl. Actually, I found the debut to sound identical to the vinyl release but You Make the Heat sounds a little different. It sounds excellent. When are they going to tour? I want front row.
Mark Sacher <marksacher@mindspring.com>
Roswell, GA USA -
I'm wearing this CD out......I have been listening to it everywhere I go for the past couple of days. It's playing on my computer here at work, listened to it in my Blazer on the way in, and at home last night. I still remember almost every single word from each cut...My wife never heard of them, except from me. She enjoyed the CD. She asked if they were that good live, I told her better. Nothing like seeing Wayne jumping around with a full size Oberheim Keyboard on a neck strap! The CD does sound good, though I thought with today's technology their would be a little less tape hiss on the CD.Hopefully enough CD's will sell that they will consider re-releasing Run for Your Life....
Elmar <elmar66@yahoo.com>
Sunny Tampa, FL USA -
I got my two copies (one for my brother, another big fan) today from CDNow!!!! I had the greatest times in college at the University of South Carolina whenever the Producers came to town. I saw them last at the Halloween party out at the Natural History Museum (some museum) in Atlanta in 1993. Great show with Kyle back on bass. Hoping that Run For Your Life will be re-issued next, as my cassette has seen better days. Thanks for the site, I check back often for any updates. Keep up the great work.Bjorn Anderson
Bjorn Anderson <bjandsteph@yahoo.com>
Birmingham, AL USA -
Thanks for posting about the C.D.!!!!!!!! All those prayers have finally been answered, and to think I spent 500 bucks on a home stereo cd recorder; oh well. LONG LIVE THE PRODUCERS!!
Gene W <G62699l@velocity.com>
mp3 and photos of the mythical Valkyrya dj techno dance (woman)
valkyrya <valkyrya@inwind.it>
trieste, italy italy -
I have been looking for any Produers cd or even tape for a long time. I was pleased to find your site and thrilled to hear about the re-release. The Producers got a lot of airplay during my high school years in my hometown of Baton Rouge, LA. I saw them live at the infamous Murphys, a (former) LSU bar in '89(?). I seem to remember the radio spots advertising the show as a homecoming for the band, Tim specificly, if memory serves. Keep up the good work!
Scott Hines <oh58scott@hotmail.com>
Camp Stanton, Korea -
After listening to the CD I can say that Brian did a really good job was done on the re-master. I heard things on the CD that I never heard on the LP/cassette. Of course he may have broght the drums a bit more out front (at least that's the way it sounds on my stereo). But then again, I always thought the original drum mixes were somewhat buried in the first place. Now if Peter Frampton will just release "Breaking All The Rules" onto CD, (which i hear might actually happen, according to his web site) I can forever dump the turntable!!!
Paul <paulflori@home.com>
Indianapolis, IN USA -
After listening to the CD I can say that Brian did a really good job was done on the re-master. I heard things on the CD that I never heard on the LP/cassette. Of course he may have broght the drums a bit more out front (at least that's the way it sounds on my stereo). But then again, I always thought the original drum mixes were somewhat buried in the first place. Now if Peter Frampton will just release "Breaking All The Rules" onto CD, (which i hear might actually happen, according to his web site) I can forever dump the turntable!!!
Paul <paulflori@home.com>
Indianapolis, IN USA -
My CD arrived today (Nov 22) and all I can say is my life is complete!!!!
Paul <paulflori@home.com>
Indianapolis, IN USA -
Yes, they are in. I got mine today...I ordered it to ship overnight from CD NOW. Also, I was able to order You Make The Heat only, for $8.99...we'll see how that shakes out! Anyway, I'm pretty sure that CD NOW takes a day to update their list...by the way, my band, Thrillsville (www.thrillsville.net), is currently seeking legal clearance to cover "Operation" on our up-coming album...we already do "She Sheila", and it never fails that folks come up and say, "I love that song...I haven't heard it in sooooo long".This is a great day for all fans of the Producers!Peace!StevieD
StevieD <80sguys@galesburg.net>
Galesburg, IL USA -
Has the CD been delayed? Every site I've checked has it listed on backorder!
Bert Cummings <bertcummings@ironmaiden.com>
Atlanta, GA USA -
Yes!!! Now I can turn more people on to the poppest band in the world! Enjoy everyone, you all deserve the re-releases, after all this devotion!
Tomm Sturdevant <Omberton@hotmail.com>
Just wanted to say i love this site, i have sent it out to both my sisters. We all are long time fans of the producers.I was happy to hear from someone on napster that they are releasing the first 2 albums on one cd. I have been waiting for this day for a long time. My first show ever was going to the producers in december of 83 in New Orleans on the riverboat President. I think i saw them live about 6 more times after that, mostly on the president. Thanks for the sitechris
Chris O'Neill <Mrbungle23@aol.com>
Plantation, FL USA -
Wow....I can't believe the time has finally come. Hope there will be nothing to delay the CD release scheduled for tomorrow. Someone please write if you have an update. I ordered my advanced copy from CD NOW as soon as Mr. Schulz advised me of it.I worked with a great band in San Antonio from 1984-1986 called "The Secret". We had a wonderful opportunity to open for The Producers at a private party at a country club in San Antonio. A lot of high school kids with VERY wealthy parents hired them and us to play for them that night. I enjoyed meeting them and talking to them. They were always a popular band with our band members, though I never understood why until I heard their music and had the chance to meet them.I am looking forward to the CD release. I know like many other Producer fans I will now be able to throw away my turntable. No other albums are as important to me.....C'mon CD......
Elmar <Elmar66@yahoo.com>
Sunny Tampa, FL USA -
OH GOD I love this band and THANK GOD the CD's are finally coming out! My poor tapes and records have been played to death! New Orleans LOVES THE PRODUCERS. Some of my fondest memories include seeing the PRODUCERS live. My friends and I adored this music and we would see them every time they came to N.O. , which was often! Excellent live band! I'm counting the days until the CD comes out......
Marci <marcifrances@cs.com>
New Orleans, La USA -
great band, great website....HEY MR. HOLMES!!!!! what's up? this is cool. see ya sunday
andrew carbo <musicac830@aol.com>
Jonesboro, GA USA -
Finally on CD! It's a bout TIME! :-)The two best unkown bands of the 80's and 90's:The Producers and King's XThank you and goodnight.
Dave Tremper <david_tremper@gasonics.com>
Brookfield, CT USA -
I remember this band as one of the brightest power pop outfits in the early '80s with a rare ability to put "hooks" in their lyrics, not just the melodies. From the question/answer format of "what's he got that I aint got....(answer) he's got you, that's what he's got" to the repetitive double meaning of "certain kind of girl...certain that i'm gonna make her mine" and of course "She...Sheila" this band knew how to ride a hook. The keyboard player was a hoot and really knew how to connect with an audience. Are these guys playing again or is the re-release of material just what we're gonna get. I would love to see them in action and would appreciate any info you might have regarding live dates.
doc <rfhynes@aol.com>
norwell, MA USA -
You might be interested in my small part in the Producers legacy - I played keyboards on Kyle Henderson's "More Than the Look of Love" album back in 1986 or whenever. The band I was in at the time was talking to Kerygma, Kyle's gospel label, and they asked me to play on the album. they were shocked to find that I was not only aware of who Kyle was, but I was also a very big Producers fan. Anyway, drop me a line if this is of any interest to you - and thanks for the website. The Producers were another of those great bands that never found an audience...
roger c delaney <debnrog@gte.net>
pasadena, ca USA -
I think I have E-mailed you before. A long time ago. The re issue means everything to me. (As much as a past memory can be, I guess.) I ordered two, just in case something happens to my original one, and sending the re issue notice on to all my The Producers friends. My love of The Producers started because Kyle Henderson's dad, was my HS Speech teacher my senior year in the spring of 1980 at North Central High School in Indianapolis, Indiana. Kyle had just joined this band, and would send demo tapes to his dad and was really, really excited. His dad would let us hear them in class. The Producers just took off, seemingly out of no where, and were really getting a big following and were going to be on their way. While in college at Indiana University as a DJ, doing Large Fraternity/Sorrority and Dorm parties, I would play The Producers tunes in between all the other stuff of the day. Songs like, She Sheila, I Love Lucy, The End, Certain Kinda Girl, What She Does To Me/Here's To You..Starting in the spring of 1981,2,3,4. The Producers rocked at Indiana University on my turntables as a DJ, and other college towns. These guys (The Producers) were all about what College Life was for me. Have fun, work hard, and don't take life too seriously. We would "roadtrip" to Atlanta, GA, Florida State University, Sarasota, FL, etc. etc. from Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana, just to hear these guys live ... and always had a great time. They even let us sing with them during their encore Beatles set, at the end of the night on several occasions. They should have been much bigger in my opinion. Especially from a live perspective, they rocked!! They played on MTV's New Year's Eve ( 1982,3??) and we really felt like a little piece of us somehow made it too, cause we know how hard the guys had worked to get there. ( Like the feeling in the movie, "That Thing You Do" when you heard their song on the radio the first time. It was emotionally great to see them, our hero's, make it.) My Fav The Producers story is this........ In the meantime, we would call in requests to radio stations, anything we could, trying to create The Producers mania. I even got them to come home to Indiana at The Vogue nightclub (At that time, the largest live music club in Indianapolis, IN) begging the bar owner to book them. He finally did. We brought a following to hear Kyle Henderson, who was our local hero turned into a rock star. (Before Babyface, also a North Central HS grad about the same time.) We put up fliers at our expense, and begged the local radio stations to play The Producers tunes..Even during a $20.00 a song charity marathon just days before on Q 95 radio, we paid for 5 songs in a row...( we took the album over ourselves, and who sais payolla doesn't work?LOL) That was $100.00 just to hear our favorite band. We filled The Vogue with 500 people, thanks to a lot of my friends hard work with about 1000 flyers out for two weeks all over Broad Ripple, and made out local music papers ads in the personal sections, that we placed ourselves. (This was before E Mail lol) Yes, we did it, because we wanted to have a great showing for them. After all, life on the road is hard enough.... And we wanted to give them a great Indiana welcome. The band was surprised at this stop, in a town they had never played in before, to see a full house of fans thanks to many peoples hard work getting the word out... The only thing that makes this story sooo funny was, this was 1984.. And Kyle had just left the band and out comes Tim Smith...to a crowd wanting to see their local hero. Needless to say, it took a few tunes for us to relax...and realize it was still the same songs from the band we had loved...and if there ever was a twin of Kyle on Bass, it was Tim. (They moved and sounded the same) After a while, the band relaxed, we relaxed...and all of us had a great time. It was the best. That night, I got to sing with the band during the encore once again to "A Hard Days Night" and some other songs too... Again, with several of my friends looking on, I got to feel what it was to be a rock star in my own home town. It was one of those times frozen in my memory from my past, that everyone dreams of. I got to sing with my idols on stage, in my home town, and in front of my friends. It doesn't get any better than that. PS....To make this whole thing a seem even more strange, a guy on my dorm floor at Willkie Quad, at Indiana University, who heard me play all those The Producers tunes over, and over, and over again at parties, was Eddie Wilner. I didn't know, till recently, that he is from the company responsible for making The Producers on CD a reality. Eddie is Director Of Licensing for One Way Record Label, Innovative Distribution Network, Alliance Entertainment Corp. It's a small world. I just chatted with him on the phone...We talked about old times..And how many times I played The Producers songs..We laughed, and they are really excited too, about the re issue. So buy a copy for you, one for your friend, and spread the word. And if you ever hear of them playing live again?...We, (My wife is a huge fan and never saw them live,) would road trip it in a heartbeat.
Roger Chase <HyperGrowthTM@aol.com>
Indianapolis, IN USA -
Well, it's great to finally see the first 2 albums coming out on CD soon. I'll be sure to get my copy. Maybe we'll get a chance to see The Producers playing again as well.This could really jumpstart their career again!
Rob A. <drrobmd@hotmail.com>
Boca Raton, FL USA -
I just ordered the 2-CD release of "The Debut"/"You Make The Heat" from CDNow.com and can't wait to get it. Finally,.. finally I will get to listen to them on CD and not have to worry about scratching my vinyl anymore. I've got to say that this still won't be enough to fulfill my Producers needs. I loved the "Run for Your Life" release (though it's hard to pick a favorite, I think I do like it the best). I also feel like I've just got to have their unreleased stuff too. WVBK, hope you guys can do something for us. Thanks to all of those responsible for getting the first 2 on CD.
Mark Sacher <marksacher@mindspring.com>
Roswell, GA USA -
A friend of mine just told me about the web site. IT IS GREAT!!!!. I have been a fan forever. I have all the LP'S in mint condition! ( Sorry they're mine! ) I burned a cd of as many cuts as possible for 74 mins, it sounds great with the record pops on it! I can't wait for there cd release FINALLY! Lenny
Lenny Galaviz <lenny.galaviz@turner.com>
Atlanta, Galaviz USA -
CD-NOW reports that the first 2 LP's (The Producers/You Make the Heat) will FINALLY be released on CD November 21. In my opinion these should have been on CD back in '83. Now I can finally dump my turntable!!!
Paul <paulflori@home.com>
Indianapolis, IN USA -
What a kick!!! I just found this site after several years of trying a bunch of search engines and typing in various combination URL's. Always comes up with the Mel Brooks movie of the same name. I can't believe that there is actually a Producer's site and that they are still around after all these years. The band I played in in the early to mid eighties did a number of their tunes. We also recorded several of our own, and most people thought they were in the Producer's style. I have 30 second samples from the Coelacanth album, but no real tracks - as such, I've been trying to track down a copy, but now am reading through this site that it was not released. Anyone got MP3's they're willing to share? Hey - thanks for putting up this site. It's fantastic to see so many other fans out there.
Jeff Brown <jbrown1160@aol.com>
Chapel Hill, NC USA -
***By the way...today is 10/11/00. The concert is from 1989 at a bar called Shooters. Thanks!
Jason Sheroan <jpop@iquest.net>
Anderson, IN USA -
I have an ULTRA RARE live video shot in Chattenooga, TN. It's almost two hours and they play songs from all three official releases. I own the only master, so your copy will be a second generation! It was shot with a camcorder and the video is good. Lots of close ups. Audio is good too, but it's camcorder audio. Tim Smith is featured on bass also. I will tape this for you on a Maxell Gold, SP mode, and ship priority for $23. Email me for more info and a songlist. Thanks! (Can't wait for the reissues!)
Jason Sheroan <jpop@iquest.net>
Anderson, IN USA -
Came across your site by accident, but sound like a pretty cool band.
Fred Xavier <db2@theResourceNet.com>
Chicago, il USA -
I've been listening to the producers since the first album was released. I had the opportunity to see and meet the band quite a few times back in 1980, 81 & 82. I still have a copy of the 1st Annual MTV New Year's Eve Show..Great Concert! I'm Glad I have mint copies of all 3 LP's; now I can clean em up with cooledit and burn my own cd's :)
Al Cannon <wiztstar@hotmail.com>
Farmville, NC USA -
Thanks for the great site. I saw them in 1982 at the Royal Oak Music Theatre. It was $2.50 a ticket called "Budget Exposure" by one of the radio stations. They were promoting the "You Make The Heat Album". I sat in the 3rd row and it was a fantastic show. They ended up going over to a McDonalds about 4 blocks away after the show with a lot of people that came to the show. Since then it has been hard finding out whatever happened to them. Thanks for having a great site. I hope they go on tour and come back to Michigan.JB
JB <x321g@earthlink.net>
Troy, MI USA -
I love the first two albums and can't wait until I can Get them on CD
Craig Sims <Reckless@colint.com>
Herscher, IL USA -
i live in atlanta.. and i heard of these people from my dad... he said that they were a "punk" band from the 80s.. punk wasdifferent back then than it is now..but oh well its pretty coolanyways..so i saw that they came to atlanta a lot.. and 99Xpresented one of their shows..and thats cool. but its weirdcuz i've been listening to 99X forever.. and they never talk aboutthem.. so whateverbye
sandy <pinkluva@yahoo.com>
duluth, GA USA -
Sorry everyone, I found out that the band playing in Atlantathat was billed as The Producers was actually a blues bandfrom the UK.
rhall <reelefx@mindspring.com>
Atlanta, GA USA -
Sorry everyone, I found out that the band claiming to beThe Producers that Played are actually a blues band from the UK. The Club said they had numerous calls from peoplethinking the REAL Producers were playing.
rhall <reelefx>
Atlanta, GA USA -
THANK YOU ONE WAY RECORDS!!!!! Im buying them CDs! My 80s CD collection will now be complete.
Jorge Carrillo <laker_jc@terra.es>
Granada, Spain -
Have Seen You Play In Savannah Many A Time.Glad To Have Found You On The Net.Looking Foward To Having Your Music On CD.
Mike Waters <EMikeNPam@aol.com>
Savannah, Ga. USA -
Have Seen You Play In Savannah Many A Time.Glad To Have Found You On The Net.Looking Foward To Having Your Music On CD.
Mike Waters <EMikeNPam@aol.com>
Savannah, Ga. USA -
Wanted to let everyone know that the Creative Loafing guidehas The Producers listed as playing live Saturday (9/02/00)at the Blue Raccoon in Atlanta. They are still out there !!
rhall <reelefx@mindspring.com>
Atlanta, GA USA -
The Producers are one of the best bands of the 80's as far as I am concerned!! They have Talent! Great sound!Great songwriting capabilities! I won a song contest for Alesisback in 90 my name on the cd is Jamie Famous!!!! Figure it out!!!!LOLI am currently playing She Sheila in my new band PCDM. These guysshould have been huge and I am ever spreading the name whereever I play or discuss music. I only wish I could have seen them LIVE!!!! They Are THE BEST!!!!
Wayne Logan <wayne.logan@verizon.com>
Billerica, MA USA -
I would like for you to listen to my songs and tell me what you think. Tours? Bookings? Etc. Thank You.
VEL OMARR <VelOmarr@earthlink.net>
Los Angeles, Ca. USA -
I'm excited to hear the Poducers first 2 albums will be released on CD. Can't wait! Are there any concerts or a tour being scheduled?
Rick <AEAINC1@aol.com>
LaSalle, IL USA -
Paul...remember me? We talked last year about getting the producers out on cd? Well, I work for the company that ownsOne Way Records. I will be selling the cd's! Email me...lotsto talk about!Dennis Deja
Dennis Deja <dendej@aent.com>
Long Beach, Ca USA -
Here's the URL addy for the article below http://atlanta.creativeloafing.com/2000-08-12/earshot.html
Jack Wahl, Jr. <jwahl2@webtv.net>
North Augusta, SC USA -
Here's the "cut & Paste" version of the article in Atlanta's _CREATIVE_LOAFING_ Aug.12,0008/12/00Who wants to be a quarter-millionaire?By GREGORY NICOLL Ultraphonic When the young Atlanta-area rock band Ultraphonic recently won a $250,000 record contract from the Garageband.com website, their producer/spokesman Bryan Holmes was understandably pleased. "It was pretty cool," he says cheerfully. "We had five songs on their site, and all five made the Top 100 -- three were in the Top 40. This is out of 40,000 songs." But Holmes was also cautious. "They flew out and had a meeting with us last week. They're very knowledgeable and reputable people, but they're still negotiating with several major labels for distribution. We also want to make sure they have an in-house promotion department. In the meantime, we're talking to several other major labels." That quarter million dollars, Holmes reveals, would be partly tied up in pressing costs and promotion, "and none of that has been determined yet. When they get that together, we'll be that much closer to signing." If Holmes sounds unusually business-savvy, it's because he learned a great deal about the industry during his tenure in the Producers, an Atlanta pop band that enjoyed several hits during the early '80s new wave boom. He's currently preparing re-mastered CDs of the Producers' first two albums, with an expected release this October through One Way Records.But Ultraphonic's new CD, originally scheduled for late summer, will now take longer. "It won't be released until early next year," says Holmes. "We may go cut a few more songs and put at least one or two of the new ones on the disc. But whether through Garageband.com or elsewhere, it's gonna be out right after the first of the year." Ultraphonic plays an Atlantis conference showcase at the Variety Playhouse, Sat., Aug. 12
Jack Wahl,Jr. <jwahl2@webtv.net>
North Augusta, SC USA -
Just read an article, in an Atlanta weekly zine (Creative Loafing), about Brian Holmes and Ultraphonic. It mentions that Brian is currently remastering the first two Producers albums, (expected) to be released on CD in October, on One Way records. Let's hope so!
Bert Cummings <bertcummings@ironmaiden.com>
Hapeville, GA USA -
Very cool site. I didn't really get into the band until about '88 when my best friend insisted I see them at The Exit Inn, a Vandy hang out. This was after Run For Your Life and they were selling it at the tables. Lots of energy and fun the watch. I really dig the first two records (got 'em on wax). "Operation" is probably my favorite. Didn't know much about the MCA tape in the vaults. I'm in the music biz and know some folks there. If there's a chance and getting some audio you'll all know about it. Thanks Paul for the fun site.
Brian Mitchell <1spin@prodigy.net>
Nashville, TN USA -
Would love to see a show featuring The Producers and Cheap Trick. Two of the coolest bands ever!
Bert Cummings <bertcummings@ironmaiden.com>
Hapeville, GA USA -
Thanks for the chance to visit your page. I invite you to visit my page and play a song or 2! Thanks!
Vel Omarr <velomarr@earthlink.net>
Los Angeles, Ca USA -
I first saw the Producers when I was a Jr. in High School(1982). They played a concert on a river boat which use to be in New Orleanscalled the President. While the band played, the boat cruised upand down the Mississippi river. Great concert, standing room only.Had a great time, met two girls there and danced all night with them.Older brother and his friends who took me were jealous of me picking up on two chicks. Thanks Producers for the great memories.
Randy Becnel <rbecnel1@bellsouth.net>
Mandeville, LA USA -
I went to one of The Producers concert in Dominican Republic, and since I got hooked, the problem was that when I moved to USA, I left all my LPs in DR.I looked everywhere for a CD, but after a very long time, I found some songs on Napster, now my friend and I can remember those wild days listening to one of the groups with the biggest charge of energy from the 80's.This website completes the top of my search. Thanks.
Frank Aracena <aracena@prontomail.com>
Providence, RI USA -
Nice web site! I have been a Producer fan after I heard She-Sheila for the first time in 1982. Thanks for keeping these guys alive. Bill
Bill Carroll <Whiterook@home.com>
Sarasota, Fl USA -
Nice site. Yep, Tim Smith is still with Sheryl Crow.
Elektra King <elektraking@england.com>
Gyor, Hungary -
Here's That link to One Way new release page
Jack Wahl,Jr.
Dear fellow devotees of all-things THE PRODUCERS....Check out this little new release page of ONE WAY Records at this link http://www.aent.com/oneway/newreleases.html could it be true?????
Jack Wahl,Jr <jwahl2@webtv.net>
North Augusta, SC USA -
I cannot remember how many times I saw The Producers in New Orleans on the President. I would like to see a reunion show in New Orleans. I also agree on a Greatest Hits cd.
Michael Becnel <mjbecnel@home.com>
Kenner, LA USA -
I decided to dedicate this night to looking up some of my favorite bands. . .glad to find ya. . .I play drums with a full-time cover band in PA, MD, DE. . .Bryan's drumming has been a strong influence on my playing style. . .incredible stuff. . .people around Harrisburg, PA tell me about a show you played at "The Metron" before I was in the area. . .you guys are great. . .Doug
Doug Black <DouglasBlack@webtv.net>
Harrisburg, PA USA -
While looking thru my old LP's the other day, I came upon my collectionof The Producers albums. I decided to search WWW for anything on them. Thisis the first place I looked. Love the site, great info, and resources. Likesome of the other guests, I was lucky enough to play in a band that openedfor The Producers. It was a band I played in with Michael Morales before he got signed. Remember him? While on tour with Michael, I was hoping to comeupon some of the guys but, didn't. Anyway, back in the 80's they played myhome town (San Antonio, TX) so much Michael & I became pretty good friendswith Bryan. Anywho, thanks for the CD jewel case pictures they came in handy.
Mack Gonzales <mackjr@flash.net>
San Antonio, TX USA -
Wow...I have finally landed on my favorite internet site! This has GOT to make Kyle, Van, Wayne and Bryan very proud to see the continued support! The Producers are my all-time favorite group. I am a keyboard player that spent many hours picking out Wayne's keyboard tracks. I was extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to play in a band that opened for The Producers on one of their last shows with Kyle back in '84 down in Pensacola, FL. We were at the club doing our sound check on the afternoon that they were to arrive, and as I looked around I saw some of the band members coming in. Kyle was playing Space Invaders on an arcade machine, (remember Kyle?) so I managed to introduce myself and slip him my name and number if he ever needed a keyboard player in the future. Kyle, Van, Wayne and Bryan....you guys were incredible together! Thanks for some really great music!
Rob Thilenius <rthilenius@mindspring.com>
Oakwood, GA USA -
Love The Producers. Didn't know they were still around, or that they had a 4th album. I'm glad I found this web site. I too was in a cover/original band that did Breakaway and Certain Kinda Girl, although I love all their songs. I remember seeing the She Sheila video on MTV. I've only seen them live once but it was for a sound check where I was helping a freind with the lighting for the show. This was at a place called the Graduate in San Luis Obispo. They also did a promo autograph signing at a local record store. I hope they come back to our area so I can see them again.
chris marshall <chris.brian@the grid.net>
templeton, ca USA -
I first saw the Producers when I was sixteen. It was at a sma;; bar across the street from what is now the Gold Club. I thiknit was called the Horseshoe Tavern or something like that. The band played two shows - with and without alcohol. Being only sixteen, I remember thinking it was cool to be in a bar. The show was great!!! Does anyone know if they ar eplaying anywhere in ATL in 2000?
GB <glen.barden@wcom.com>
Atlanta, GA USA -
I cannot remember how many times I saw The Producers, including 3 nights in a row once. A reunion show in New Orleans would be great. A "Greatest Hits" cd, including a couple of new songs has my vote. Keep pushing for it.
Brian J. Girardot <bjgirardot@dellnet.com>
New Orleans, La. USA -
Was up on Napster this morning, and I did a search for the Producers.....WOW!!!! ALL of their stuff (less the Coelacanth LP) was up there by multiple users. It is great to FINALLY hear the Producers in a CD player!!!
Paul <plori1@san.rr.com>
San Diego, CA USA -
I know that the guys in the band read this from time to time, and I hope you all see how important your music was/is to us.My question and it can be answered here, besides the obvious "where da heck is da cd's?? Is there any live tapes? The Producers were an great live! The group MUST have recorded something???Burn them onto a cd, I'd buy it!!!!Also did the Producers play overseas??? Or just here?Someone please answer :--)
Tom Pantaleo <tomdrum@fnol.net>
West Babylon, NY USA -
i ran across you site by accident and was totally floored to see that there was a producers web site!!! they used to be one of my favorite bands of all time. i often wondered why they never got bigger than they were. i graduated hs in 83 so for me and a select group of buddies, they were really influential in the music we played(im a guitarist. a bad guitarist, but a guitarist nevertheless) and the memories i now have. i have several copies of their albums and snag them anytime i run across them at record shops. my copies of ymth look different than the ones on your site. they do not have the red "the producers" in such bold letters like your picture does. i still listen to them this very day and have them on home made mix tapes for my road trips back home to el paso from dallas. i have had the pleasure of seeing them live and remember the whole night as if it was yesterday. i bet there is a shit load of 35 year olds out there that would love to hear them play again. i would.your buddy,rob flores
rob flores <robthefirefly@home.com>
arlington, tx USA -
Everyone please join and sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Bryan. He would probably like to have birthday wishes from each of you. His birthday is today May 1.
John McDaniel <elebius@mindspring.com>
Conyers, Ga USA -
Back in 1982 I was working at a record store and my manager brought The Producers "You Make the Heat" album to out attention. We had heard that they were going to be playing a show in our town shortly, so we started listening to the album and giving it a lot of in-store play. It wasn't long before the entire staff was hooked, and we all went to the show. They were awesome !! The vocals were executed perfectly, Wayne was jumping all over the place, and Bryan was a Terry Bozio knock-off. I was so impressed, that a few days later I drove to San Francisco to see them again. A few years later, I was playing in a cover band and I talked the band into performing She Sheila. We knew the audience wouldn't recognize the song, but it always was well received. It's a shame that The Producers didn't go on to become more well known. I think of myself as being fortunate for being one of the few that had an opportunity to see them and to have copies of their music. In fact, as I write this, I am transferring "You Make the Heat" onto my hard drive so I can preserve it on CD. In closing, I hope that the band will read this, and that this letter finds them all well. Keep playing guys, there are always a few enlightened listeners out there who will come hear you and will be supportive of fine musicianship. Take care, God bless, and know that you are always welcome in Modesto !
craig day <daydude@mail.com>
modesto, ca USA -
I was in a garage band in the early 80's in Phoenix and covered many Producers songs. They always went over well at gigs and we were always amazed that they didn't have better commercial sucess. My wife fell in love with me 15 years ago watching me play the drums to "Sheila". A bunch of us saw The Producers OPEN(!?!) for the Del Fuegos at The Devil House in Tempe AZ 3-19-86. I still have the ticket stub, autographed by Van and Bryan. I stood front row,center and Van's guitar pic landed in my beer. (Still have that,too) We didn't even stay for the "headliners". Of course, I have had all three albums since '86 and always check the cd bins just in case...
Gary Bucklin <buktrk@aol.com>
Glendale, az USA -
wats up, checkout uk's no1. onlne store this site is cracking go chck it out it's da bomb
UNCLE D <c2gees@hotmail..com>
london, uk -
I know it doesn't help the band, but because I can't find ANY record store that has any Producers albums, you can download some of their songs on the Napster. If anyone ever hears about the Producers playing anywhere, please let me know. I saw them once in Austin, Texas and they were awesome.
Doug Welmaker <dwelmaker@pdq.net>
Houston, Tx USA -
Long ,long time since i wrote a message on this webpage..just to say that last week a friend of mine was moving away...and i was fortunate to catch between his things The Producers first LP album ,the one someone stole from me!! so happy now! well i hope some company releases those records on CD!!
Ruben Emmanuelli <midnightblues@www.com (or)http://sites.netscape.net/remmanuelli/homepage>
Guaynabo, PR USA -
Long ,long time since i wrote a message on this webpage..just to say that last week a friend of mine was moving away...and i was fortunate to catch between his things The Producers first LP album ,he one someone stole from me!! so happy now! well i hope some company releases those records on CD!!
Ruben Emmanuelli <midnightblues@www.com>
Guaynabo, PR USA -
I have converted to MP3 the first LP and "You Make The Heat". They were "burned" from very clean LP's at 160 kbps, so the quality is awesome. I am up on Napster most evenings and just about all weekend, so do a search and you may get lucky!!! If any of the band members see this and get a bit upset, I am truly sorry, however all of our vinyl and cassette copies are shot by this point (it has been close to 20 years), and this seems the only logical way to keep this wonderful music alive. With the absence of Producers CD's on the market it is a safe bet that there are no royalties coming in, with the exception being the compilation CD's that we already have. This way, when the stuff finally (if ever) does become commercially available on CD, there will be a whole new legion of fans wanting to buy a true digital copy. If anyone has questions on how to work Napster, let me know. I have been fortunate to have my LP's sit in storage for close to 20 years, now I want to share these clean copies with others. Take care!Paul in San Diego
Paul <plori1@san.rr.com>
San Diego, CA USA -
Wow, awsome a Producers page...when are they going to release feel the heat on CD!!! My favorite all time.
Karl Gosswiller <karl@granvillehomes.com>
Fresno , CA USA -
Napster is a great resource for finding old music out of print. I was one of the misguided souls who bought everything on cassette for my car in the early 80's, so you can imagine the shape my Producers collection is in. Anyway, the Producers have a notable absence on Napster - Everyone should convert their songs to mp3 so we can share. Let's get the Producers well represented in the digital music revolution. It sure would help me (and a lot of others I suspect) out.
Wesly Maness <maness@connect.net>
Any other tips on finding a copy of You've Got The Heat? I'm desperate!
J <JoelJacks@aol.com>
Man! I've been scanning the web for a Producers site! I've got their two cassettes (almostworn out!)and have been listening to them since I was 10 back in 1982. When I heardthe Marvelous 3, I thought the Producers were reincarnated. Thanks dude for making this site!I've been on Steve's (99x) case on finding out when a greatest hits CD was coming out.He had mentioned that that might be a possibility. Anyhow, cheers to this site!
Luke Anderson <luke_anderson@emory.org>
Atlanta, GA USA -
I am glad to see a Producers site, finally. I have been friends with Bryan for many years now, and I love the Producers. I have had the honor of opening a few shows for them, both with Tim and with Kyle. (so cool how that was such a smooth transition from one to the other and back.)Anyway, thanks to the web master and all the fans for keeping the music alive. I believe there is a place for it.
David Brown <DBrown428@aol.com>
Atlanta, GA USA -
After listening to "way too short" clips from the unreleased albu, it occurs to me that the band should re-record these tunes and release them. I really think they were onto a killer album, the best of all the Producers "sounds". So many artists that have gone to other labels now do alt versions of tunes previously recorded on other labels so that their new label can "cash in" on the older songs. Bryan, can't u guys go back and record it again? PLEASE!
RandyO <RalRandy@aol.com>
Raleigh, NC USA -
Just wanted to say THANK GOD THERE ARE STILL PEOPLE IN THE WORLD WHO REMENBER GREAT MUSIC!!! I have been a Producers fan from the first album and was blown away when I found this sight and realized there were other fans out there too. I think it is great that the band is still going strong. "She Shiela " is in my cassette deck in the car right now. My four year old's favorite song in the world is "What's he Got!" He knows every word...cool. Also love "Domino", "Certain Kinda Girl", "You Go Your Way", "Dear John"...well you get the picture, everything. I still remember playing those songs back in high school with my band and every time I hear them it takes me right back again. I am dying for a copy of the video "She Shiela" and "Whats he Got" and I am willing to pay to get them. Please E-Mail me if you have a copy of either and would like to make some extra cash. Thanks! Jeff 80sFreak@prodigy.net
Jeff Curran <80sFreak@prodigy.net>
Newark, DE USA -
I really love your music. I had your first two albums on cassette, years ago. I'd really like to get a copy of all three of your albums. As far as I'm concerned you were the best group the 80's produced! Sincerely a true fan!
Todd M. Leonard <Tsar127@aol.com,or Tsar7@NetZero.Net>
Pittsfield, NH USA -
nice bizz ideas you gat mate. checkout www.2gees.co.uk this guys are putting uk on the map. peace
london, uk -
nice bizz ideas you gat mate. checkout www.2gees.co.uk this guys are putting uk on the map. peace
london, uk -
MTV2 played "She Sheila" TWICE today...and yes I had my VCR rolling for both showings!!!! Both copies in digital stereo...life is truly good!!!! "What's He Got" should air within a couple of weeks, as MTV2 is playing every video ever made in alphabetical order. Look out for it!
Paul <plori1@san.rr.com>
San Diego, CA USA -
MTV2 played "She Sheila" TWICE today...and yes I had my VCR rolling for both showings!!!! Both copies in digital stereo...life is truly good!!!! "What's He Got" should air within a couple of weeks, as MTV2 is playing every video ever made in alphabetical order. Look out for it!
Paul <plori1@san.rr.com>
San Diego, CA USA -
God bless The Producers!! The only reason I still own a turntable!! If there is a god, one day we will see these guys on CD!!
Gene <G194l@aol.com>
mt vernon , ny USA -
Dan <bookofthoth@hotmail.com>
Rancho Cordova, Ca USA -
While I'm here, I figured I'd give a plug to another incredible band that seems to never get the respect they deserve - but a have a core rabid following of fans.Great guitar/bass/drums/vocals... A bit heavier than The Producers but superb nonetheless. And they're fans of the Producers too! :-)KING'S X... Been around since '88 (officially. Maybe some of you know them already. New CD due in May! :-)
Dave Tremper <rushfn1@aol.com>
Brookfield, CT USA -
I've always loved The Producers music. I only had the first two releases but really loved everything on them! I first found out about them through a friend back in my Air Force days - 1983 to be exact and I got their first tape in Denver, CO. Don't remember where 'You Make The Heat' popped into my hands but I'm glad it did. Great stuff. Bad thing is the tapes are so worn out, they're not even worth copying. :-(Love the guitars, vocals and, being a drummer, the drums as well! :-)Hopefully Sony will release at least the first one on CD one day. 'Til then, I'm on the hunt for the LP or tapes.Great site!
Dave Tremper <rushfn1@aol.com>
Brookfield, CT USA -
I saw them on the Run For Your Life tour in Palo Alto, CA at "The Keystone". Great Show, though (as a bass player) I was sorry to have missed Kyle. I also met a security guard in Woodland, CA at a place my band at the time played frequently, who claimed to be the brother-in-law of Wayne Famous. The way the conversation came up was so random that I was pretty sure he was telling the truth. Wayne and his wife were said to be coming in to town that weekend, but Wayne never showed up at the club to play "She Sheila" with us. So, Wayne, do you have family in the Woodland/Sacramento area?
Paul Knutsen <BiggFigg@aol.com>
Stockton, CA USA -
I just wanted to say Great site!! I was Introduced to the Producers by my sister who worked at a record store and I was only 15 at the time. Later when I was 16 I worked at this place in El Paso Texas Called the Big Apple and They played there they were the headliners. I wont forget that show Cuz they were my idols at the time and it is the first and only time I have ever seen anyone break a piano string from pounding on the keys so hard like Whane did it was awsome! Thanks for the site!
Courtney McGrath <Courtney1208@aol.com>
Austin, TX USA -
I was also a big fan of the Producers in the early 80's at Tech. I would love to buy their first album (or all) on a CD. I gave up on vinyl years ago, but this is the first time I have wanted something which dooesn't appear to be available in CD form. You would think we could cut a deal with CBS to bootleg a few copies.
Vance Pool
Atlanta, USA -
Thanks you Paul for the updates to the site! Looking forward to more information about the Producers as you get it!
Paul Martin <Navajopaul@aol.com>
Riverside, CA USA -
My first concert ever was a Festival called Remember Mar y Sol here in Puerto Rico and one of the bands was "The Producers" and something i would never forget; that night Tim or Kyle, not shure but i'm know was the bass player that fell on the stage (very funny by the way) it was 1984...i'm a fan since that day...thanks
ricky laureano <lau@coqui.net>
juncos, PR USA -
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John B.House <jbhouse@earthlink.net>
Los Angeles, CA USA -
I had a choice back in the heyday of the Producers, whether to go to Houston to a theme park (for the first time), or to go to Corpus Christi to see the group at a nightclub. I chose the latter and I am ever grateful I did. Great time, great show!
Tomm <Omberton@aol.com>
Whitney Point , NY USA -
A "Producers" website - unbelievable! I've been afan since my college days at LSU in the late 70's/early 80's where I saw them play many times. I've also seen them in Lafayette, La. and Houston. Got an autographed poster ofthe band that was put out as part of the Miller beer promo.Suggest to MCA they put out that 4th album or sell it tosomeone who will.
Bill Beard <beardb@juno.com>
"She Sheila" has finally made it into the digital world!!! Renaissance Records has released a compilation with this track, called "Heard it on the Radio, Vol 3". Their website is www.renaissancecds.com I ordered my copy this morning. They are a record company specializing in re-releases by bands that never made it huge, but made great music nonetheless. I am also into bands like 707, Charlie, Box of Frogs, and New England, and all their CD re-issues were top notch. Our boys out to look here in getting their CD's to the masses. Happy Holidays to everybody!!!!!!!!!
Paul <plori1@san.rr.com>
San Diego, CA USA - Sunday, December 19, 1999 at 12:42:58 (EST)
Wow! A Producers web page! Saw the Producers live at the Rainbow Music Hall in Denver in 1982. My band was playing in Colorado Springs and we drove up to see the show. Stood in line in a torrential downpour for an hour but it was worth it. What a killer show! My band used to do What's He Got and Certain Kinda Girl. Also saw them in Jackson Hole in 1984 doing a soundcheck for some spring break college gig and got to meet em! Great guys. Does anyone know where i can get a cassette copy of the debut album? I must have it. I'll pay good money for a good copy. Thanks. Jeff
Jeff Tauge <v-jefft@microsoft.com>
Seattle, Wa USA - Friday, December 17, 1999 at 10:56:56 (EST)
I saw The Producers in Virgnia BEach and I was sold on them. I'm a musician and appreciate the unique style, flair and music they've made. I'm a big fan and fighting for them to rerelease. Lets get those Albums in REPRINT!!!! and some new ones TOO!!!
Steve Dellario <stevedmn@gte.net>
Seattle, WA USA - Thursday, December 16, 1999 at 23:17:18 (EST)
any word on the CD that was rumored to be out around Christmas??
Paul <plori1@san.rr.com>
San Diego, USA - Wednesday, December 08, 1999 at 22:38:15 (EST)
Cool site. I just saw Ultraphonic play friday night at the Atlanta Music Awards, and didn't realize they were managed by Bryan Holmes from the Producers, how cool!I saw the Producers play back in September (I think that's when it was, the months are really running togethr lately! LOL!) at Lakewood with John Waite and Rick Springfield. AWESOME set I thought, but way too short! Man was it a real blast from the past to hear those songs I grew up lsitening to in high school. GREAT stuff, and totally timeless!Anyway, just wanted to pop in and say "hello"Janni
Janni <janni@janni.com>
Marietta, GA USA - Monday, November 22, 1999 at 10:27:59 (EST)
Bad news - since my last post, I've learned that the Coelacanth cd my brother saw at the Producers show is actually one of only 4 or 5 in existence - NOT the production run we were all hoping for. Bummer. I still haven't heard this new stuff !!!
Bill Lane <tbp@csinet.net>
LaPorte, IN USA - Friday, November 19, 1999 at 13:16:29 (EST)
I first heard the Producers in 1981 when a friend of mine in Wisconsin hooked me up. From the start, I was a huge fan. I have all three albums and all are great. I've seen them play here in Atlanta three times. Once at the Masquerade in Atlanta, once at a small club (I think it was Green's) in Atlanta and one other time (can't remember where). This group should have hit the big time. Don't know what happened, but there must have been some politics at Portrait/CBS. I anxiously await the day their music is put on CD... they should do a boxed set. Anyone who gets one will surely want them all. I went to school in California and when I played them for my friends out there they loved the band. We did air guitar to She, Sheila in a dorm air guitar contest. The drums kick on that tune. Would love to hear of future events.
Mark Sacher <marksacher@mindspring.com>
Atlanta, GA USA - Sunday, November 14, 1999 at 15:38:18 (EST)
Take heart - one of my brothers is a long time Atlanta resident and fan, who has become friendly with the band. At a recent gig, while talking with the sound man, he noticed a Coelacanth cd (complete with cover art) lying on the table next to the mixer. Though much begging and ass-kissing ensued, he couldn't even "borrow" it for a little while (personally, I'd have swiped the sucker, then returned it after duping).Anyway, looks like something may be brewing on that front. Obviously, Paul has a copy, too.Maybe we'll all have one soon.Bill
Bill Lane <tbp@csinet.net>
LaPorte, IN USA - Monday, November 08, 1999 at 13:05:53 (EST)
Hey all....got it dubbed onto Mini-Disc....very different than their first 2 "LP's" (how I hate saying that...get hot, Sony, and put them on CD) This is a really great album!!!!! MCA needs to get off their butts and release this one..
Paul <plori1@san.rr.com>
San Diego, CA USA - Sunday, November 07, 1999 at 15:05:20 (EST)
Hey all....got it dubbed onto Mini-Disc....very different than their first 2 "LP's" (how I hate saying that...get hot, Sony, and put them on CD) This is a really great album!!!!! MCA needs to get off their butts and release this one..
Paul <plori1@san.rr.com>
San Diego, CA USA - Sunday, November 07, 1999 at 15:05:02 (EST)
I tried to listen last night but had no luck. Something told me to try again today, and lo and behold...Coelacinth (sp?) in it's entirety!!!! Damn. Now how the hell am I gonna get a CD copy of this? I really like this one a LOT so far!!!!! Paul, you must keep this loop running...you the man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Paul in San Diego (probably the only Producers fan in southern California)
Paul <plori1@san.rr.com>
San Diego, CA USA - Saturday, November 06, 1999 at 16:03:19 (EST)
Paul... Great effort with the broadcast on Friday. Tried to tune in but Friday is the busiest night on the web... mega traffic means slow connections for most. I wish I had planned on getting up in the wee hours to record as I'm sure the stream would have been continuous. Please plan another broadcast... maybe mid week and all night again... I have GOT to have a copy of Coelacanth! You are the man!!!!!!
Sandy Reda <sandy@sandysgarage.com>
USA - Saturday, November 06, 1999 at 11:29:05 (EST)
I didn't give up on the broadcast and it paid off! I tinkered around a bit when I woke up at 3:30am and I ended up getting all four albums. Thank you so much Paul. Hearing "You make the heat" in its entirety after 10 years was great to say the least. "Dear John" is still as heavy as I remembered it. Bye for now.
jeff d <jnjd57@hotmail.com>
Middletown, PA USA - Saturday, November 06, 1999 at 07:08:51 (EST)
You had me really psyched about the radio show, but it was unlistenable. I was all set to record some of my favorite 80s music that I can't find anywhere. What came through my speakers? The Producers in 3-6 second spurts. What a bummer.
jeff d <jnjd57@hotmail.com>
middletown, PA USA - Friday, November 05, 1999 at 22:51:28 (EST)
Tried to catch the Coelacanth broadcast, but there were so many dropouts, it was un-listenable.Boy does that piss me off - total disappointment.I need to hear this stuff BAD.Bill
Bill Lane <tbp@csinet.net>
LaPorte, IN USA - Friday, November 05, 1999 at 20:28:24 (EST)
I hate I'm going to miss the unreleased album "radio show" fri nite. I hope someone outthere is able to make a copy somehow. Please let me know. I would love to hear these songs in their entirety. Please rerun this show during the week sometime if possible. ThanksRandy
Randy O <RalRandy@aol.com>
Raleigh, NC USA - Friday, November 05, 1999 at 19:43:58 (EST)
Don't pay no heed. That is very fine use of the english language. Just the kind of gibberish I would expect from someone who worships a has -been group like THE PRODUCERS. Ido in fact have the guts to publish my e-mail address because my mommy let me get one on her account. You losers need to get a sense of humor. When one of your favorite bands of all time is THE PRODUCERS, I would've thought you had a good one already. You really shouldn't take life so seriously, it's unhealthy. See ya GEEKS! PS. If you are looking for real music to get into, may I suggest a few bands? Try these on for size:IN FLAMESHYPOCRISYDARK TRANQUILLITYSAMAELKATATONIANOCTURNAL BREEDOPETHExpand your horizons....you may grow as a human.
Ivar Bjornsson <loveknuckle9@hotmail.com>
Astoria, TX USA - Friday, November 05, 1999 at 13:29:49 (EST)
Any bootleg copies of YMTH available anywhere, or just in cassette format? G
Gregg Annandono <greggA@onecom.com>
Warren, Oh USA - Sunday, October 31, 1999 at 08:06:38 (EST)
...just asked jeeves for "Whatever happened to the rock music group The Producers?".....and here I am. I've browsed a bit and before I go on, let me thank those who keep this site going!Although I was an avid Mtv watcher from the outset to about 1988, I don't recall ever seeing their videos. Are they available on VHS? A friend of mine played me their debut album in the EARLY 80's and I was hooked! I have all three albums - YMTH with the "alternate" cover described elsewhere in this site - and all in great shape (I made a cassette tape for myself).I saw them live at The Graduate in San Luis Obispo, CA. touring in support of YMTH. Great to read that the group is still playing together (wish they would tour and come to CA again)! I will have to ask at my local purveyor of finely grooved wax (okay, plastic) for the new cd!The quiz asked if we knew of other groups that sound similar to The Producers - for me, The Tubes (circa Completion Backward and Outside/Inside) have that same, cleanly produced, tight sound and energetic feeling.Thanks again!
Brand <loriandbrand@worldnet.att.net>
San Leandro, CA USA - Friday, October 29, 1999 at 03:07:03 (EDT)
You Make the Heat is an all time classic. Living in the North East, I never got a chance to see them live in the 80's, but I wore their first two albums out. Run For Your Life was kind of a bum out, but the sound samples on this site for their unreleased album struck me as sweetness. I had a crappy synthesizer in the 80's on which I spent hours trying to get that She Sheila sound. Never quite pulled it off.
Dingus <Dingus@aol.com>
Bogen, NC USA - Thursday, October 28, 1999 at 22:38:43 (EDT)
glad to see these guys are still around. Sad to hear they don't play up near Boston anymore. Why not an exchange tour? The Cars and J.Geils can play Atlanta and we get to see the producers again. Wayne Famous rules. By the way, don't pay no heed to Bjorn Muscleman in Texas; he can't even spell H-I-T, and the Producers have had quite a few! Good luck and yeah, where can I get those MTC videos?
terry tilden <rfhynes@aol.com>
Norwell, MA USA - Friday, October 22, 1999 at 22:47:25 (EDT)
This is in response to the "person" in Texas who doesn't have the courage to include your e-mail address when you talk poorly of The Producers. First, the band didn't put together the website, Paul did. Why did he do this? Because he is a fan of The Producers, as a lot of us are. Secondly, no one forced you to the site(unless it was the guy you used to beat up in High School). If you don't like the contents, go somewhere else to pass your day. Thirdly, as I said earlier, don't pass judgment on others if you don't even have the balls to even include your e-mail address. No wait, I just figured out why you didn't put in your address. You had to go to your mommys' house and use her computer because you obviously aren't smart enough to use one yourself. Lastly, The Producers are going to be around for awhile longer, so be on the lookout!!
john mcdaniel <jsjmcdaniel@prodigy.net>
conyers, ga USA - Tuesday, October 19, 1999 at 15:11:08 (EDT)
Thanks for the MP3 samples....that would have been a great sounding record. I like the way they reworked Slow Dancing from the Run For Your Life album. Bryan, Cant you guys just rerecord these tunes and release them yourselves? The sound of the recording really mixes the first two records vibe together...I remember you guys playing these tunes when you played thru here. Great to hear those samples. I couldn't get the first two tracks to work though. Thanks again.Randy O.
Randy O <RalRandy@aol.com>
Raleigh, NC USA - Monday, October 18, 1999 at 18:40:33 (EDT)
The Producers? You can't be serious. Every no hit wonder must have their own web page. What next, a US tour with Red Rockers and Blotto? Give me a break. Nice photos, Paul. You remind me of a guy I used to beat the crap out of in high school.
Ivar Bjornsson
Astoria, Tx USA - Friday, October 15, 1999 at 07:14:09 (EDT)
I am writing you to help me find a producer to me and my friend become singing asrtist please help it would be very grateful to me just email me at holmes_kevin4@hotmail.com or huddy_holmes@rapworld.com
Kevin Holmes <holmes_kevin4@hotmail.com>
national city, ca USA - Friday, October 01, 1999 at 17:23:09 (EDT)
OHMIGOD!! Now I DO believe the 'net has everything. A great-looking website about one of my favorite bands of alltime. First (of many) questions: Where o where can I get a copy of the "Certain Kind of Girl" video as seen on MTV?
Emmett McAuliffe <emmett@stlmo.com>
ST. LOUIS, MO USA - Friday, October 01, 1999 at 11:32:42 (EDT)
Okay Paul,... I told a few friends about your webpage, and NOW there is a firestorm going on in TEXAS about the next performance of the Producers. There's even talk of a group of us flying to Georgia just to see the next show. We're hoping the upcoming anniversary of the group will allow the spirit for another tour. Keep us posted PLEASE! WOOHOOO!
Randall Maxwell <rantex@giantsfan.com>
Austin, TX USA - Saturday, September 18, 1999 at 11:38:20 (EDT)
Where on earth are they playing next??? We worked with the Producers running sound for a show 15 years ago. We figured that the band had broken up but were pleasantly suprised to see they are still playing together. We were 5 days too late for the show at Lakewood since we just hit this site today 9/15/99. If you could please email us and let us know where The Producers are planning to play next, we would greatly appreciate it. Thanks, Mike & wife P.S. Is Wayne still driving a cab in Atlanta?? Ha!Ha!
Mike Dorsett <Micdorsett@aol.com>
Mobile, Al USA - Wednesday, September 15, 1999 at 23:19:34 (EDT)
When I found this website I went YEEESSSSSSS!!!! I'm crazy about 80's music, and The Producers are one of the best 80's bands without question. I have their first two albums on cassette (somewhat worn out, unfortunately), and like many fans I am worried about those albums not being made on CD. I see, however, that the band has not been forgotten. That is great news. Of course, a CD would be tops!One interesting piece of information: the local rock station here in Puerto Rico has played "What She Does To Me" a few times, which again proves The Producers live!!! Producer fans are welcome to E-mail me if desired, or you could also join in on the MSN web community called "Late 70's and Early 80's: The Best Music" at http://beta.communities.msn.com/Late70sEarly80sThebestmusic
Jorge R. Carrillo <jorgecarrillo23@hotmail.com>
San Juan, PR USA - Wednesday, September 15, 1999 at 16:12:57 (EDT)
My wife and I finally made it up to Atlanta from Jacksonville to see (and hear) The Producers. It's been many years since I've been able to hear my favorite band play live and I'm here to tell you... they have not lost a beat! Unfortunatly being the openning band of three they only played a short list of 8 songs starting with "Merry-Go-Round" and right into "What She Does To Me" second. I always thought that the little guitar solo thing in "What She Does To Me" should have been done twice on the original recording and I was blown away when it was done twice this time around... live! "What's he Got" was next and done to perfection. We were surrounded by people who frankly didn't know who the Producers were but were bouncing around in their seats as though listening to their favorite song! "Operation" was next followed by a brief announcement about the possibility of a CD. "I Love Lucy", "You Go Your Way" and "She Sheila" wound up the brief but VERY enjoyable show. I am very much looking forward to any upcomming smaller, more personal show... one that would include non-stop dancing from beginning to end, after all, you can't just sit and listen to these guys... you just can't do it! Oh yea, there were two other acts after our boys but for the life of me I can't remember who they were... :)
Sandy Reda <sandy@sandysgarage.com>
Jacksonville, FL USA - Monday, September 13, 1999 at 21:54:15 (EDT)
We saw The Producers at Lakewood Ampitheater this past Friday night. It really amazes me how these four gentlemen who only see each other when they show up to play, can be so tight as a band onstage. The energy is still there, the fun is still there and the talent is definitely still there. The reason the band only sees each other at shows is that they all live in different areas. It was brought to Bryans attention that they should get a show for New Years Eve, since that will be their 20th anniversary! It's hard to believe that 20 years have passed since the guys first got together. I know that negotiations are ongoing to get the Best of The Producers out on CD. It may have to turn into a 2 CD set, simply because there are so many great songs. I have obviously been a Producers fan since day 1 and will continue to be a Producers fan for as long as there is still a Producers band. Bryan and I have been friends for over 25 years, so I know what a hard worker he is. If anyone can negotiate the CD it is Bryan. I'd like to hear comments from other fans. Hello to Susan in Memphis. It's been a long time since I've seen you. John McDaniel
John McDaniel <jsjmcdaniel@prodigy.net>
Conyers, Ga USA - Monday, September 13, 1999 at 21:09:01 (EDT)
WOW! I just spent the last two hours reading all these posts. I would just be repeating words to state my emotions here. Paul, thank you for your talents. To the Producers, thank you for all the great music you've "produced", and I hope you continue to create for the rest of your lives.- Here's my addition to this wonderful exchange for people with smart taste in music. ha.1st time I saw the Producers was in 1982-San Antonio, TX, a club called "Rockys" with opening act "14-K" - a band I was familiar with from Austin. The Producers defined the word: "TIGHT", on that night. Much credit due to Bryan Holmes style of punchy, correct, and aggressive playing. I think his quirky facial movements actually inspired my drum playing, well... I know they did- I practiced to the Producers so much, one bandmate called me the human metronome, all credit to Bryan of course. ha. I've seen the band in Austin several times at the Steamboat. The other noteworthy trivia I might add here for readers is when I saw the band perform at Six Flags Amusement Park one summer. I can't remember the year- must have been '83. Anyway, I was in the crowd with my Producers t-shirt on and Van noticed me, told Kyle cause they both stared down at me from Van's mike position. I think they may have been wondering- "where'd he get that shirt?" Then later Kyle swung around from his amp, and not looking, walked right into the mic and busted his lip. OUCH! Like a trooper, bleeding on his shirt and instrument, he continued on without missing a note, or a line. You remember that Kyle? That was my new definition of professionalism. The show must go on. Bryan was playing a Simmons kit that gig, and I'm not sure if he knew it but the dynamics were way off. But I did wonder if the Simmons kit was inspired by Prince. In fact that he was wearing a Prince 1999 t-shirt. And... as wild as Wayne is on-stage, he has to be one of the most humble persons I've ever seen in receiving compliments. What a guy. What a Band! LONG LIVE THE PRODUCERS!!!!.. If not on the airwaves, then definitely in my stereos and on my steering wheels.
Randall <rantex@giantsfan.com>
Austin, TX USA - Monday, September 13, 1999 at 17:39:24 (EDT)
The Producers are one of the greatest bands to ever come along!!!!Glad I finally found a site dedicated to them and other people that actually know who they are and recognize their talent.
Lisa <lisa_binkley@hotmail.com>
Gaithersburg, MD USA - Monday, September 13, 1999 at 15:43:11 (EDT)
let me know status of possible new cd; loved show in Atlanta 9/10/99
diane flad <fladx@ibm.net>
Alpharetta, ga USA - Monday, September 13, 1999 at 00:04:26 (EDT)
Ok Atlantians, how was the show? Give details, thanks
RandyO <RalRandy@aol.com>
Raleigh, NC USA - Sunday, September 12, 1999 at 17:56:25 (EDT)
If any information about the best of C.D. comes outplease let me know.Thanks
mike scheibner <mdjs7@att.net>
Birmingham, Al. USA - Saturday, September 11, 1999 at 11:47:43 (EDT)
I had tickets for the Springfield show at Lakewood last night and actually considered giving them away (not nowing that The Producers were playing as well). I'm glad I kept them. What a great show!
Art Hall <aehall@mindspring.com>
Marietta, GA USA - Saturday, September 11, 1999 at 10:43:20 (EDT)
i have 2 available tickets for the 9/10/99 producers/j. waite/r. springfield show in atlanta, if anybody's interested. they're good seats(sec 204)-$35 per ticket.
jerry sills <jssills@aol.com>
oxford, al USA - Sunday, September 05, 1999 at 21:56:10 (EDT)
the word is that the producers will release a cd on 9-25-99. anybody heard anything?
jerry sills <jssills@aol.com>
oxford, al USA - Tuesday, August 31, 1999 at 20:18:10 (EDT)
don s. <rfhynes@aol.com >
USA - Sunday, August 29, 1999 at 14:22:25 (EDT)
Bryan beat me to the punch. Was just in Atlanta and saw the ad for the John Waite/Springfield/Producers show. Very exciting to hear about a "real" release. Bryan, sneak a song or two of unreleased stuff if possible. Do you have the rights to the orig. recordings or will you have to re-record them?...nice to hear from you on here. Hope you guys make it back to the triangle sometime soon...its been a long time.Randy O.
Randy O <RalRandy@aol.com>
Raleigh, NC USA - Thursday, August 26, 1999 at 21:59:44 (EDT)
Wow! Great news in my email today, a Producers cd by Christmas!!Now thats a christmas present! Will it be available in the stores or throughthis website............either way I want many for my friends!
Tom Pantaleo <tomdrum@fnol.net>
WEST BABYLON, NY USA - Tuesday, August 24, 1999 at 23:31:57 (EDT)
I have seen the Producers on numerous occasions...in Gainesville, FLand Atlanta, GA. They are a great live band! I wish they wouldput out some new music.
Rob Alexander <radcmd@hotmail.com>
Boca Raton, FL USA - Tuesday, August 24, 1999 at 15:18:30 (EDT)
For those of you that read the outragous comments about Wayne and Alan Hunter at the 1981/82 MTV New Years Eve Ball...Please know that not one thing that was said was true! I'm disapointed that anyone would post such GARBAGE on our website. On the otherhand, please also know that we really love reading entries from our "real fans" that post great comments about how we have been a part of their lives in the past! We currently are in negotiations with investors to get out a "best of The Producers CD out by Christmas! Also, we will be performing at The Lakewood Coca-Cola Amphatheater on Sept 10th with Rick Springfield and John Waite! ROAD TRIP?
Bryan Holmes/Drummer for The Producers <bh5157@aol.com>
Atlanta , GA USA - Tuesday, August 24, 1999 at 10:06:27 (EDT)
Great Site!
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You can make a link to my page and I'll make one to yours.
Thanks !

Jane <janets@aol.com>
U.S.A. - Friday, July 30, 1999 at 03:38:00 (EDT)
Standard Story!! I was in a band called "Man About Town" in the 80s in Springfield, MO and Doug P. of The Edge (now KingsX) turned me onto their debut album. I think I wore out 2 or three cassettes of it and their second album. I am a huge fan and have been waiting a long friggin time to get some of their music again. I would say they are up with my top 3 fave bands of all time. Thanks for the site, it rocks!!!
Derek Reynolds <rous@spiritone.com>
Portland, OR USA - Friday, July 23, 1999 at 01:24:57 (EDT)
I am 31 years old and grew up in Baton Rouge. The first time I saw the producers, I was 15 years old. It was at an old club in Baton Rouge called Trinitys. It's now a healthclub on Perkins road. I saw the Producers there, the LSU union, the Baton Rouge State Fair and many other places from 1982 thru 1985 (trying to recollect). All in All, I saw the Producers 18 times in the B.R. area. I remember when Smith from Baton Rouge high joined the band, it was the talk amongst high school age kids and the college crowd. The Baton Rouge advocate had a big article on it. If I remember correctly, he wasnt too far removed from high school when he was asked to join the band. I saw the producers only once with him and that was at the Baton Rouge state fair. I believe that is the last time they played in the area. Anyways, I've got all three albums and I was going through my collection yesterday and It brought back many memories. It prompted me to do a search on the net and find this sight. What is the cost of hiring the band per night and what would it take for these guys to spend a week in Louisiana. They could play a few gigs in New Orleans, a show in Baton Rouge and then make their way to Grant Street dance hall here in Lafayette. By the way, the best time I ever had at a Producers concert was during my senior year in high school. The concert was on a school night (I believe a wednesday) and it was either the Fall of 84 or the Spring of 85 at the LSU union ballroom. We snuck in on fake I.D. and my friends and I were trashed.. Met a girl, had fun.....those were the days......COME ON GUYS. COME BACK TO SOUTH LOUISIANA (NOT JUST NEW ORLEANS).
MikeS <mikes@tlxnet.net>
Lafayette, LA USA - Monday, July 19, 1999 at 14:40:55 (EDT)
Here at TBP Studios, the Producers are one of our all time favorite - we never get enough of this stuff. We had all three albums at their release, and taped them to cassette immediately, then shelved the vinyl. After nearly 20 years of continuous play, the tapes were dangerously worn, so we recently copied them via 24-bit digital to CD (Not for sale- for our personal listening pleasure). They get played nearly every day. It's rare to still get real pleasure from some music over such a period of time - 20 years later, this stuff still fires me up.Bill
Bill Lane <tbp@csinet.net>
LaPorte, IN USA - Saturday, July 17, 1999 at 21:43:32 (EDT)
Thanks Paul, for this great site, dedicated to one of the finest bands, ever! I, too play in a band that covers the Producers. We do "She Sheila" and "Operation". The band I'm in now does nothing but 80's pop songs (no hair bands!), and it's going over BIG TIME! Man, there was some GREAT music made back then! Anyway, here's hoping those first two albums get new life as CD's some day!Peace to you all!StevieD
StevieD <80sguys@galesburg.net>
Galesburg, IL USA - Monday, July 12, 1999 at 11:26:37 (EDT)
Wow!!! Looks like I am not the only Producers fan out here. Been hooked since I first heard "What's He Got" on WRNO in New Orleans. Shortly thereafter, Uncle Sam decided I should go to Charleston, S.C. (U.S. Navy) Fortunately, our heroes played many shows there and they had quite the following. I too was at the College of Charleston show, when they encored in their underwear, doing "Shiela" for the second time that day. Shortly thereafter, my uncle decided again that I should move, this time back to Southern California. Of course I was happy, as this was where I grew up, but lo and behold, when I asked people about the Producers, they all went "who"???? So, I managed to turn a few of my friends on to them, one of which still has one of my vinyl copies of the first LP. Not one to sit still and have our heros go unnoticed, I made a trip over to KROQ (yes THE world famous KROQ 106.7 in Los Angeles) and actually talked to the afternoon jock and asked why they weren't playing this great music! Of course he gave me the standard answer, "It isn't on the playlist" along with a bunch of other garbage about research and demographics. I have dubbed these fine albums onto Mini-Disc so whenever I need a fix I crank them up. But, I need these on CD!!! Come on Sony, get hot!!!!
Paul <plori1@san.rr.com>
San Diego, CA USA - Saturday, July 10, 1999 at 10:42:11 (EDT)
While I was in the band Fortnox this was one of My favorite bands.They still are.I remember how they used to Blow us away every time we did a show with them.
Joel Shipp <joelcool>
Carrollton Ga. 30117, Ga. USA - Saturday, July 10, 1999 at 09:49:13 (EDT)
man, I have been entering the Producers in my search engines for 2 yrs., and just now found the site. This is GREAT!!! I saw the band in concert in a club here in Nashville back in the 80's. I love every song they have.I was in several local bands in the 80's that played severalof their tunes. Man, they never, ever got the respect they deserved!!!! I have the kyle henderson christian vinyl album mentioned elsewhere in the site. I'll double check the name later and post it. Has anybody every seen ANYTHING on cd at all. GREAT SITE
bob <jms89@yahoo.com>
carthage, tn USA - Friday, July 09, 1999 at 18:42:36 (EDT)
I've been a Producers fan since '81. I have seen them on the Riverboat President (new Orleans)Ole Man Rivers(Avondale) and Iron Horse (Thibodaux) Is the band still touring or what? Give up the news... Great web site
Eddie Schneider <eschneid@bellsouth.net>
Destrehan, LA USA - Thursday, July 08, 1999 at 23:34:47 (EDT)
My brothers & I were SO into these guys! Hearing the samples brings back a lot of memories! It sure would be great to have this stuff on disc!We turned whomever we could onto the Producers! Did get to see them live, back when I lived in Wisconsin, Kenosha to be exact.We saw them at a club called "The Pirate's Den" in Racine, WI. (Now some other bar!) It's great to see this support for them! Thanks for the site!Keep it up! Oh, FYI, Tim Smith also played with "Jellyfish" near their end. Got to see them here in Mpls. another GREAT/fun band.Thanks!
Chris <chriskis@netscape.net>
Minneapolis, MN USA - Monday, July 05, 1999 at 04:40:56 (EDT)
I used to follow a local Indianapolis band that covered several of The Producers songs. I finally found cassettes of their albums. Another one of my favorite 80's bands (Shooting Star) just re-released their albums on CD. Sure wish The Producers would do that...
Leslie Summers <lmsummers@att.com>
Indianapolis, IN USA - Friday, June 25, 1999 at 07:51:54 (EDT)
Yet another person who was shocked to discover that she wasn't the only person in love with The Producers!!! I saw them play several times when I lived in Orlando (Brassy's in Cocoa Beach, The Peabody tennis courts, Fern Park Station, and at Univ. of Central Florida, my old campus). My favorite memories include Wayne wearing a "Happy New Year" hat which he threw to me after the show! (a souvenier I still have) At another show, I waited patiently to have Van, Wayne, Bryan, and Tim sign a cassette cover, which I still have and will always treasure! I also clearly remember one show where Van introduced a new song called "Right Man For The Job" (I still remember the melody and chorus!)that was going to be released on their "next" album..... Alas... it never came to pass, as we all know. So I am very excited to find this site and know that The Producers have not been forgotten by their fans! Someday, I hope to see them perform again; in the meantime, I will enjoy logging on to this site on a regular basis!!! All together now.... CD'S PUUULEEEEEEEEEEASE!!!!!
Judi Zalewski <judiz@hoflink.com>
Hicksville, NY USA - Tuesday, June 22, 1999 at 18:34:27 (EDT)
Great site!!!! Thanks for keeping The Producers alive! I've been listening since the debut, and love it and YMTH. I have been unable to find RFYL ANYWHERE!!! So if anyone is willing to make a CD copy (if you have a CDR) or a cassette copy, I would be willing to send you a blank....
Gene Clifford <cliff2@ntr.net>
Louisville, KY USA - Thursday, June 17, 1999 at 09:14:26 (EDT)
I've recently burned the first 3 lps onto CD so I can at least hear the old stuff more conveniently. I remember seeing the band just before the MCA album was to be released. They played a lot of stuff off of it and sounded awesome. Wish they would sneak a tape out to us fans. Anyway, hope van's writing career is going well.
Randy O <RalRandy@aol.com>
Raleigh, NC USA - Thursday, June 10, 1999 at 09:13:49 (EDT)
I saw them dozens of times, both here in Texas and in S. Carolina. I have a retro-80s band now and want to include some producers stuff in my set, but I can't find the singles or LPs locally for What's He Got and Sheila. If anyone has ripped an mp3 of those, I would sure appreciate it if you could send it to me. Wayne Famous is God!
Mike Pillittere <mike.pillittere@txdps.state.tx.us>
Georgetown, TX USA - Monday, June 07, 1999 at 09:06:54 (EDT)
I remember seeing them open for The Bangles at Murray State University in Murray KY - around the time that Walk Like an Egyptian was out. Wow, they were great live.I just got out the debut album and digitized it into MP3s: Been jammin to 'em every since!Thanks for the great site!
O. Friend <ofriend@ldd.net>
Cape Girardeau, MO USA - Friday, June 04, 1999 at 02:43:51 (EDT)
Wow, great site!!! I just got turned on to The Producers. I graduated in 1982, but was never exposed to them until recently. I friend of mine and I are getting into the MP3 scene, and he has their original album. He bought it for "What's he got?". He digitally recorded all the tracks from the album, and converted them to MP3's, and he gave me copies. I was blown away!!! I fell in love with their sound instantly. In fact as I'm typing this I'm listening to the whole album, and have been for over 3 hours straight. I immediately did a Net search on all the CD sites online, and was coming up with a big fat zero. The found your site. Glad to see there are so many others out there like me, that don't want to see this music fade away in time. This page will PERMANENTLY bookmarked. My friend and I are going to convert the original .wav files to CD so we can jam The producers in our CD players. I'll come up with a cover for it too. (I'm into the graphics scene too) Anyway thanks for a great site, and keep it going no matter what.Griz
Shane "Griz" Grissom <griz@ldd.net>
Cape Girardeau, MO USA - Friday, June 04, 1999 at 02:43:25 (EDT)
My Brother turned me on to them in the early eighties. They're catchy tunes made me a fan quickly. I can remember a high school buddy of mine, who I had made a fan also, around 83 had fake ID'S made to see them at a bar in Nashville, I think it was called PUG'S, anyway we were so excited and got to the door and were turned away. So I contiuned to listen and in the spring of 86 I was a freshman at Alabama and we drove over to Mississippi St. where they opened for Jason and the Scorchers, They were great, it was at the time Run For Your Life was out. After that I transfered to Jacksonville State (AL) where I saw them numerous times at Brother's Bar, the last time around 89. Since then I have heard nothing until my brother, still a fan, found the web site. It would be nice if there were a listing of any upcoming dates so the fans in the South could make the road trip. Thanks for the site. Jeff
Jeff Webb <JeffWebb11>
Jacksonville , AL USA - Tuesday, June 01, 1999 at 01:02:24 (EDT)
Hey people!...Knowing you all are fans of The Producers, perhaps you may have heard Of another great pop group, Novo Combo?! If so, and/or you know of a re-release on compact disc...PLEASE e-mail me...ok? Thanks a billion!
Tomm Sturdevant <Omberton@hotmail.com>
Whitney Point, NY 13862 USA - Thursday, May 27, 1999 at 05:34:33 (EDT)
I am in shock to discover this website!!! I purchased the Producers first album upon release just for the eye-catching cover...and ZING!...being a popist I played it to death...then came "Heat", and ZING!...I played it to death...then I lost contact and never have found the third lp...I have waited anxiously for the re-release on compact disc...You better believe I will purchase them and ZING!...play them to death!!! Have a great pop day!!!
Tomm Sturdevant <Omberton@hotmail.com>
Whitney Point, NY USA - Wednesday, May 26, 1999 at 05:27:42 (EDT)
Just like everyone else on this list, I am a huge fan of The Producers.I gave up a long time ago on waiting for their albums to be released on compact disc.What I did instead, was to convert my own albums to CDs. As you can imagine, they sound even better when you clean them up. I used a Soundblaster AWE-64, and Sonic Foundry'sSound Forge 4.5, as well as Sonic Foundry's CD Architect and a few Direct-X plugins. All of thenoise (pops and clicks) just disappear. Since the whole thing is digital, I have been able to make identical copies for all of my friends who are Producers fans. I was pleasantly suprised tofind this web site. Good job guys !
Thomas Hacker <arpodysey@aol.com>
Savannah, GA USA - Monday, May 24, 1999 at 01:11:27 (EDT)
I think the Produers are great. I am very lucky to have found your site. I look forward to communicating with other fans.
Bruce Hinrichs <balanceachieved@yahoo.com>
West Des Moines, IA USA - Sunday, May 23, 1999 at 20:17:14 (EDT)
I wish I could find them on cd.
bill malik <bmalik@gte.net>
tampa , fl USA - Saturday, May 01, 1999 at 18:23:05 (EDT)
I am so thrilled to see this site and the wonderful music memories shared by fans...In the days of Producers' "heydays", going to a concert was so much fun - This was clean, happy music! Singers actually sang - and the audience always knew the words and joined in and dancin was non-stop! I can still hear the crack of Bryan's (my brother) drum sticks and "LUUUUCY" and get the shivers! Guys, you were and are wonderfully talented musicians! Don't ever give up your dreams! CD's PLease!
Susan Holmes Edmonds <SHEdmonds@aol.com>
Memphis, TN USA - Friday, April 30, 1999 at 00:48:50 (EDT)
Just have bought a computer and got on-line. This is one of the first E-mails i have ever sent. First heard the Producers in the early 80's when a former co-member of a band that I was playing in brought the debut cassette to practice one night. I was blown away!! Went that same weekend, bought the debut and YMTH. Was pleased to hear that the latter was almost as good as the first. Bought RFYL the second that it became available. That's where everything seemed to end. (And since reading your page, I know why). I continued to "hawk" the record stores for new releases and asking all of the "youngster" record store clerks for info. All I got was a lot of crazy looks. I still check out the bargain bins for old copies, as my tapes are all but worn out. (RFYL is still in excellent condition- would be glad to help someone out if they are unable to get a copy). I know now from reading your page that I can give up my search in the C.D. category. Other fans should also try the Producers page at 3bells.com. It is also a fine page. Please keep this site updated. It is an excellent tribute to a great band that should have been very famous by now. Perhaps there's still a chance. Thanks again for the great work.
Tony W. <tonyw@powernet.org>
Gaylesville, AL USA - Tuesday, April 27, 1999 at 20:12:02 (EDT)
Does anyone know of Producers' guitar tabs? My old band mates want to get back together for a reunion of sorts (actually just another excuse to drink I think) and we're going to play a couple of the songs: What She Does To Me and She Sheila. Please post the URL on the message board here if you know of any sites or if the actual Producers guys would like to provide a little insight please email me.
Joe Catyb <catybjr@eng.usf.edu>
Tampa, FL USA - Friday, April 23, 1999 at 11:06:52 (EDT)
It's really pretty sad. I think The Producers were one of the best bands ever. Even though I might be a little prejudiced (Bryan is my little brother), I still believe it. Had they received the promotion and backing that they should have gotten from their record company, they probably would still be making hit music and be known as a "supergroup." I watched the movie, "That Thing You Do" starring Tom Hanks the other day with my kids and when it got to the part where the radio station played the song for the very first time and these small town band members were screaming and dancing with their radios turned up, I got really emotional. It brought back feelings of when the same thing happened in real life in the early 80's with the Producers. I'll never forget hearing their music for the first time on Atlanta radio and bragging to anyone who would listen that it was "my brother's band." I was about as proud as a person could be. At the height of their popularity, they got daily airplay on three very diverse radio stations in Atlanta - Z93, 94Q and 96Rock. At one time I remember they had the top requested songs on each of these stations at the same time - and they were three different songs from the debut album. I could go on forever, but will stop. Producers faithful, please contact Sony or MCA or whoever and request re-release on CD. With enough fan support, they'll have to listen. Bryan, I'm still as proud as ever. Keep the Faith.Steven.
Steven L. Holmes <sholmes@atlcom.net>
Carrollton, GA USA - Thursday, April 22, 1999 at 00:00:53 (EDT)
I can't believe I actually found a Producers site! They were my favorite band in the 80's! I played in a band and we did covers of Whats He Got, She Sheila, and Operation.I have been searching high and low for CD's but I quess there aren't any. I saw them twice in Denver; once at the infamous Rainbow Music Hall and another time at a 3.2 beer club.They were awesome both times. I got them all to autograph their first album cover and I had it framed. I remember being somewhat dissapointed by their 3rd album, but their first2 are all-time classics! Thank you for the Great Producers site and wonderful memories!
Martin Maltas <greatmartini@msn.com>
Black Hawk, CO USA - Wednesday, April 21, 1999 at 05:36:15 (EDT)
I saw the Producers in Raleigh N.C. and the drummer for John Cougar's band came out on the encore and played Hard Days Night while Bryan sang it up front.
GEORGE THE DRUMMER FROM TENN. <holes7@webtv.net>
Sevierville , TN USA - Saturday, April 17, 1999 at 13:36:06 (EDT)
The Producers were (and still are) one of my favorite 80's bands. I started with "She Sheila" and worked my way back to their first album. Some guys on my dorm floor were always borrowing the first album, and would listen to "Certain Kinda' Girl" over and over again!I got to see the band in Akron and Canton, and still have my "Run For Your Life" sleeveless T-shirt. it even still fits! Now I just need to replace my tape, which became garbled due to overuse. Glad to see the guys are still kickin', and I hope to see them again when I'm down south on business.
Paul Soos <djdrsoos@yahoo.com>
Cleveland, OH USA - Friday, April 16, 1999 at 22:46:21 (EDT)
Here is a question for the guys in the band........Did the Producers ever go overseas?I have noticed mostly american posts here on this board. Question two, if yes, where did you go?Please reply to this message board.
Tommy Pantaleo <tomdrum@fnol.net>
West Babylon, NY USA - Thursday, April 15, 1999 at 12:03:02 (EDT)
Where to begin?....Ive been a big fan of "The Producers" since early 1983 when I started working sound for a local cover band here in Augusta,Ga. called "Bystander". Our band went to see "The Producers" at the club "New York-New York"and got to hang-out with the band.Our band did covers of "What's He Got?" "I Love Lucy" and "She Sheila" at our gigs all over southeast region we were booked in "83 and '84. My copies of the first two albums were never returned by our guitar player at the time(I want them back,jerk!) I have a cassette versions of the three albums...but I'm kinda hinckey about playing them out of the terror that they may break. Come Portait-Epic-CBS-Legacy What is your malfunction? Please put "THE PRODCERS" and "YOU MAKE THE HEAT" out on Compact Disc...or at least sell the rights to Razor-and-Tie or Rhino or a specialized re-issue label. Why havent those albums been re-issued on CBS's Legacy label?? I mean jeeez, there are re-issues of german folks songs in that catalog, Omm-pah music for criss sakes! Make some sense,FREE THE PRODUCERS NOW!!! FREE THE PRODUCERS NOW!!.......Got carried away huh?....OH YEAH>>>> dear webmaster paul: since you have your own servers...will you be haveing a Producers email newsletter??? something to think about.....Take care...jack....
Jack Wahl,Jr. <jwahl2@webtv.net>
North Augusta, SC USA - Monday, April 12, 1999 at 01:32:34 (EDT)
Man, I miss these guys. First time I saw them was in Montgomery around '81. Blew me away. My feets just started dancin'. Saw other shows in Pensacola, Atlanta and Birmingham. Last time I saw them was in the late 80s at Brothers in Jacksonville, Ala. Always great to the end. Loved the killer cover of the Patsy Cline song. Please, somebody in the business put these guys on CD! Wayne rocks.
Donnie Webb <dwebb@syracuse.com>
Syracuse, NY USA - Wednesday, March 31, 1999 at 16:20:44 (EST)
Calling the Producers, Calling the Producers! Your presence is desperately needed in the New Orleans area on the weekend of June 4th-5th for a concert somewhere in town to provide a good time to many souls who need it. Please, please, please schedule an appearance in New Orleans. You'll pack the house, I garontee!
Joe Catyb <catybjr@eng.usf.edu>
Tampa, FL USA - Wednesday, March 31, 1999 at 13:59:50 (EST)
I was on the "tech crew" (audio & lighting) at the Florida Atlantic University Student Center (Boca Raton, FL), 1980 through 1982, during which The Producers visited a few times. Enduring impression= The Producers were arguably the best band to perform at FAU, yet had the best attitudes in terms of playing small schools and working with lowly student crew.
TAS <tschindler@cmsalter.com>
USA - Tuesday, March 30, 1999 at 13:47:15 (EST)
Van. This is Charles from Montgomery. Where are you guys???? I have waited for years to hear you again. All of my tapes are worn out. I need CD's. HELP. Tell Wayne I said hello.P.S. I still want to jam!
Charles Salmons <CharlesFromAl@webtv.net>
Montgomery, Al USA - Sunday, March 28, 1999 at 18:04:20 (EST)
I've noticed that you have been looking for some positive reviews of The Producers well check out http://www.Billboard.com/reviews/reviewsdisplay.asp?id=23090
R. Richards
San Diego, ca USA - Friday, March 26, 1999 at 17:38:55 (EST)
I used to sneak into a bar called the Iron Horse in Thibodaux, LA to see The Producers when I was in high school---saw them several times while at L.S.U. in Baton Rouge--wish I could find there music on cd.
B. Bond <xyqf65a@prodigy.com>
Houma, la USA -
Tickets for the March 20th show at The Cotton Club are on sale now. You can get them through Ticketmaster via phone: 404-249-6400 or via the website: http://www.ticketmaster.comThe Cotton Club also has a website with their schedule: http://www.atlantaconcerts.comBE THERE!!!
Lisa Couch <koala64@netscape.net>
Birmingham, AL USA -
Producers w/Ultraphonic march 20-$10.00 This is a bargain!Since Bryan reads this board-how about some stuff off the unreleased album?
Richard Campbell <richard.campbell@turner.com>
Atlanta, ga USA -
my wife and i saw the producers countless times in the early 80s at a place called the iron horse in thibodaux. i worked for local radio and have had all three lps since that time. they are the greatest. please...cds
mike jones <muzik69mk@aol.com>
thibodaux, la USA -
Producers live at The Cotton Club,March 20th.With Ultraphonic.I'll post ticket info as it becomes available.
Richard Campbell <richracer96@hotmail.com>
Atlanta, ga USA -
Producers show at The Cotton Club Sat. March 20th!!! Ultraphonic opens, should be a great show!!
Bryan Holmes <bh5157@aol.com>
Jonesboro, Ga USA -
Try this link:http://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=69303948
Producer Fan <cpb@jps.net>
Honolulu, HI USA -
Without a doubt one of the BEST live acts that I have had the PLEASURE to see!!!! The first time was at the College of Charleston in the ballroom of the Stern Center.Boy, could they work a crowd,like practically no other group thatI have seen.They were magical!They did two encore's,the second in their underwear!I saw them many times after that,and the band I played in opened for them in 1986.Man,it was fun.
Kevin Oliver <akohunter@aol.com>
Chas, SC USA -
When are you guys planning on coming back to San Antonio?I am the "Wildman of San Antonio", I have calmed down considerably. I promise that I will not fall on stage & crash into the mike again. The only reason that I still own a cassette or record player is to listen to "THE PRODUCERS". Is your music available on CD? I am writing from work, so please keep any response clean. Thanks. Looking forward to hearing from you. Steve Sanchez----800-531-0491 ext #73563.....
I remember the "good 'ol days" when Van played lead at the Hojo's near 6-Flags on I-20 (Fulton Industrial area) in Atlanta. He played in a few different bands. Taught me a few guitar tricks while we sucked down a drink or two. I even remember trying to "steal" his guitar! It was a good time!Van....If you see this, Mike from Howard Johnsons says "hi"Good luck to you in the future!
Mike <mirlbach@erols.com>
Baltimore, MD USA -
This site was a great find! I loved both of those first two Producers' LPs and kind of wondered over the years what ever happened to them. I saw them play a great show at a club called Headliner's in Madison, Wisconsin in probably late 1983 or early 1984. It was unfortunate to see their story evolve into another one of that of a great band with potential star quality dealing with an unresponsive record company and ending up getting screwed over. This band deserved much better. I wish I could afford to have 'em play out here in California! Thanks again!
Edward Osmundson <jackhmmr@jps.net>
Vallejo, CA USA -
I grew up on The Producers and they left me hanging... I've been searching for them desperately but I hadn't been able to find ANYTHING. That is, until now... Thank you so much. Now if only I could find a couple of albums somewhere... I've heard SONY is thinking of releasing their stuff on CD soon. Any word?
George Levy <geonada@aol.com>
Miami, FL USA -
I've seen probably 200 Producer's shows and without a doubt,they were an awesome live band.First show was in80 or 81 at Brew-n-cueII in Tallahasse,Fl.Since that incredible night,saw the band in Pensacola,Gainesville,Panama City,Ft. Walton Beach,Destin,Mobile Al.,Atlanta,and Jacksonville,Fl.After the debacle with the record companies and towards the end,you could tell that the guys were pretty unhappy with themusic industry.But they still have some great songs out there.And on that note,I had all 3 albums but they have been stolen.Anyone that can help me either find them or can make a copy of them,I would REALLY appreciate it.Desperately,want these for my collection.And I really liked RFYL-cery thoughtful album.
Richard Campbell <Richard.campbell@turner.com>
Atlanta, GA USA -
Wow...so nice to find this website..I first saw The Producersduring the summer of 1981. They opened up for Toto at ChryslerHall in Norfolk, Va. I was immediatly hooked, and to this day,still play my origional cassettes in my car. I also saw themthe fall of 1983 in a club in Raleigh, NC. I was hoping tofind their music on CD by now, but I guess we will just haveto bug the record lable to re-release it! Keep up the goodwork Paul..nice to have found you!
Jenni <cat914@hotmail.com>
Kill Devil Hills, NC USA -
Hello,I am a lifelong Christian, and a musician with 16 yrs. experience.I would like to make contact with someone who may be interested in an opportunity with a new face/sound.If you could help, a return reply would be greatly appreciated.Sincerely,Jeff Checker
jeff checker <jchecker@tir.net>
canton, mi USA -
I just got my turntable fixed. Its been years since I've last heard the Producers. Anyways it sounds good as new and boy it was nostalgic. I've been replaying the song SHE SHEILA and I can never get bored with that song b'cause I can relate to it. I used to be the guy that always got dissed or was never noticed and it was if THE PRODUCERS were speaking to me thru their music. I was like fourteen or fifteen when listening to them but wasn't a real fan until I missed their music. And after arduous attempts to find them anywhere Voila! Your website triggered some incredible memories. If there's anybody that has videos of the Producers please e-mail and let me know.
MODESTMIKE <mdstone@sprintmail.com>
I worked with a band in San Antonio during my stay there between 1984-1985, we got to open for The Producers at a private party. I think it was the San Antonio country club. It was some teenage kids that had way too much money to spend for entertainment. At least they got the two best bands at that time. The Producers were EXCELLENT. The coverband that I worked for named "The Secret" used to play a couple of their songs as well. Their sets that night were incredible! I would have loved to have seen their Atlanta show in November, if they ever play again, I will have to find a way to be there.
Elmar Krueger, Jr. <elmar66@mindspring.com>
Tampa, FL USA -
I've been a big fan since they first showed up on mtv. I had the first two cassette's up until 1990 when my car got broken into. Eight years later i finally was able to find them both in a used CD and Cassette shop. I ended up paying $.99 each for them, but would have paid $100.00. Guys if your listening how about heading down to florida for a show or two.
chris geiger <geigee@mailexcite.com>
clearwater, fl USA -
I saw the Producers several times during their heyday and still count them among my favorite bands. It's a crime their stuff isn't re-released on CD for posterity! Let's see, I saw them in Milwaukee several times (Summerfest twice, the Palms), Univ. of Wisconsin-Oshkosh (Draught Board), Madison (Headliners) and no doubt other places, about 10 times total. Once, near the end, we drove to Madison to see them and ran into their new member, Tim Smith, in a department store (both our groups were killing time). Wayne Famous was very friendly and approachable. Everything I remember about the Producers reminds me of fun; that's why I like to listen to their stuff once a month or so. Thanks for doing this web site.Hey, one more thing: I'm an avid video collector and would really like to talk trade with anyone possessing any Producers promo videos and/or concert videos. Getting some of that, and seeing CBS re-release their stuff on CD, would make the century for me! Thanks, ARt
Art Kabelowsky <kabelowsky@execpc.com>
Milwaukee, WI USA -
The last time I saw The Producers was in Slidell at Crossroads. Come back soon!!
kim powers <fumbles@webtv.net>
pearl river, la USA -
It was great to find your site! I "discovered" The Producers in Tallahasse at FSU in 1980(?)...WOW...They were GREAT! I have all three albums and a cassette of RFYL. I've seen them all over Florida, and at least 7 or 8 times in Tally. My wife and I got to "hang out" (watch them eat supper) with them before a show in Tampa when they were touring like crazy for YMTH. If only there were CDs...I'm scared to play my LPs too often, but every time I make a cassette - someone hears it and begs me for it!
Scott Kantrowitz <kantrowitz@nettally.com>
Monticello, FL USA -
I've been a big fan of the Producers since the early 1980's. I first saw them back up the Romantics in Austin, Texas. I saw them 3-4 times after that. They always did a great show. I've looked for their albums on CD without luck. I have yet to hear the third album. I would be appreciative if someone would let me know where I can find it.
Scott Barker <barkerboy@aol.com>
Cleveland, Oh USA -
I've been a producers fan since they first started. I've never had the chance to see them live though. I live fairly close to Atlanta, so I'm going to try to make it to the next show they have there. Anyone care to chat about the producers, just drop me an e-mail. Maybe we can get a caravan together to their next show!
Joe Lynch <knownote@ix.netcom.com>
Greenville, SC USA -
Saw The Producers at the Cotton Club last night and they were UNBELIEVABLE! It's been 10 years since I last saw them live (also at the Cotton Club), and other than a few pounds here and there and a little gray hair, they haven't changed ONE IOTA since the first time I saw them in 1983...still fun, still put on a great show, and can still shout out a "HEY!" better than any band in the history of pop music!What a thrill it was to see them again, especially with Kyle back in the group - I always had a crush on him! :)I hope they'll be playing more gigs soon - keep us informed!!!
Lisa Couch <koala64@hotmail.com>
Birmingham, AL USA -
As I write this message...I am listening to The Producers compilation that I made 12 years ago on tape. My how thingshave changed. I am listening to Producers on CD! I firstcame accross the band through MTV. I was in college & sawthe video for "What's He Got"...needless to say...I washooked. I have been a fan since those early days of '81.I saw the band several times in the early days in SouthernCalifornia..."The Country Club" in Reseda, Calif. I am nowon amission to see about getting everything "Producerwise"put on cd. I work in the music industry here in New York.If anyone can provide me with contact info for the band, Iwill license the masters from their sources...start a re-issue label...and release everything on cd so that the worldcan once again revel in the sounds of one of the greatest"PowerPop" bands to ever exist. By the way..."Friendly Fire"off of RFYL is my favorite song from the band. Kudos to Kyle;Van;Wayne;Bryan & Tim...you have given us all a greatgift with your music.
Dennis Deja <casadedeny@yahoo.com>
New York, NY USA -
The Producers will be playing The Cotton Club in Atlanta on Saturday December 19, Ultraphonic opens, doors open at 8:00, seats are $10...dont know when the show starts.For those not familiar with Atlanta ...The Cotton Club is a more of a concert-type venue, not like a local bar. So this show will be different from American Pie type shows..it should be a cool show for Producers fans
Steve McCullough <steve.mccullough@sciatl.com>
Atlanta, GA USA -
Good site.
Wayne Famous <waynefamous@mindspring.com>
LaGrange, GA USA -
I saw The Producers in concert about 6 times on the college circuit in the 80's. I also owned the Contemporary Christian album Kyle Henderson released, but now I can't find it. It was very good and included a remake of "Back to the Basics" refering to the Bible as the "basics."Thanks for the interesting Producers sites.
jerry sills <Jerrysills@aol.com>
oxford, al USA -
I was able to see the Producers a couple of times at a place called Headliners in Madison, WI. One of my friends had a Wayne Famous pass and was "chummy" with the band. At the first show some girl from the audience jumped on stage and stole the Miller sign the band had behind the drum set. She was caught. The band played on and were great. We were able to get some posters and mini guitar stickers from the band. The Producers had a good following in the Northern Illinois, Southern Wisconsin area and I would love to see and hear them play again. Anybody that had the opportunity to catch the "You Make The Heat" tour knows how good this band was live. So, I hope someone comes up with the bucks to get the band back on the road for a brief period of time.
Ron <RodeoClwn@aol.com>
Rockford, IL USA -
The Hottest Band on The Fuckin Web!!
Ronnie Henry <Creep@acsworld.net>
Lewistown, Pa USA -
Glad I finally found your page! I was beginning to think I was the only Producers fan in the world!!! I use to play keyboards in a band that covered "What's He Got", "She Sheila" and "Who Do You Think You Are". We always wanted to do "I Love Lucy" but no one could sing it. Anyway, I saw the Producers at First Avenue in Minneapolis (you know, the place where Prince filmed "Purple Rain") right after RFYL came out. Best darned concert I think I've ever seen. Sad thing was, there couldn't have been more than fifty people there to see them! It was like my own private party with the Producers!!!! Nice job on the page, keep it alive!!!
Pete <pjs@sihope.com>
I used to think that I was alone in thinking that The Producers were cool!I thought nobody knew who they were, now I see that they had fans all over the world, and that makes mefeel great. Thanks for the great site Paul! You have provided us with an outlet to celebrate a greatband, in fact THE best american band from the 80's. If you hunt around you CAN find their music, the first album is availableon cassette, you have to order it, try coconuts, square circle or any type of "mall" record store. I am once again a travelingmusician, I recently found the first THREE albums in downtown Nashville at a small shop, (yes I bought them). Check every store you know! Also check out christian bookstores, Kyles solo album will be in there, and by the way its really good. Its not like The Producers, but its quality!My band is recording our 2nd cd, we just got back from the south, although we didnt hit Atlanta, we will in the winter,and I hope to invite the guys down to our gigs! We are a "power country" band,and we cover Heres to you sometimes, my band didnt know anything about The Producers when I joined, now like the rest of us,.........THEIR FANS!Trust me, The Producers are smart men, if no record company will put out their music on cd, they will do it themself! Be patient, Peace!www.quickdrawmusic.com
Tom Pantaleo <tomdrum@fnol.net>
West Babylon, NY USA -
I used to think that I was alone in thinking that The Producers were cool!I thought nobody knew who they were, now I see that they had fans all over the world, and that makes mefeel great. Thanks for the great site Paul! You have provided us with an outlet to celebrate a greatband, in fact THE best american band from the 80's. If you hunt around you CAN find their music, the first album is availableon cassette, you have to order it, try coconuts, square circle or any type of "mall" record store. I am once again a travelingmusician, I recently found the first THREE albums in downtown Nashville at a small shop, (yes I bought them). Check every store you know! Also check out christian bookstores, Kyles solo album will be in there, and by the way its really good. Its not like The Producers, but its quality!My band is recording our 2nd cd, we just got back from the south, although we didnt hit Atlanta, we will in the winter,and I hope to invite the guys down to our gigs! We are a "power country" band,and we cover Heres to you sometimes, my band didnt know anything about The Producers when I joined, now like the rest of us,.........THEIR FANS!Trust me, The Producers are smart men, if no record company will put out their music on cd, they will do it themself! Be patient, Peace!
Tom Pantaleo <tomdrum@fnol.net>
West Babylon, NY USA -
I used to think that I was alone in thinking that The Producers were cool!I thought nobody knew who they were, now I see that they had fans all over the world, and that makes mefeel great. Thanks for the great site Paul! You have provided us with an outlet to celebrate a greatband, in fact THE best american band from the 80's. If you hunt around you CAN find their music, the first album is availableon cassette, you have to order it, try coconuts, square circle or any type of "mall" record store. I am once again a travelingmusician, I recently found the first THREE albums in downtown Nashville at a small shop, (yes I bought them). Check every store you know! Also check out christian bookstores, Kyles solo album will be in there, and by the way its really good. Its not like The Producers, but its quality!My band is recording our 2nd cd, we just got back from the south, although we didnt hit Atlanta, we will in the winter,and I hope to invite the guys down to our gigs! We are a "power country" band,and we cover Heres to you sometimes, my band didnt know anything about The Producers when I joined, now like the rest of us,.........THEIR FANS!Trust me, The Producers are smart men, if not record company will put out their music on cd, they will do it themself! Be patient, Peace!
Tom Pantaleo <tomdrum@fnol.net>
West Babylon, NY USA -
I used to think that I was alone in thinking that The Producers were cool!I thought nobody knew who they were, now I see that they had fans all over the world, and that makes mefeel great. Thanks for the great site Paul! You have provided us with an outlet to celebrate a greatband, in fact THE best american band from the 80's. If you hunt around you CAN find their music, the first album is availableon cassette, you have to order it, try coconuts, square circle or any type of "mall" record store. I am once again a travelingmusician, I recently found the first THREE albums in downtown Nashville at a small shop, (yes I bought them). Check every store you know! Also check out christian bookstores, Kyles solo album will be in there, and by the way its really good. Its not like The Producers, but its quality!My band is recording our 2nd cd, we just got back from the south, although we didnt hit Atlanta, we will in the winter, we are a "power country" band,and we cover Heres to you sometimes, my band didnt know anything about The Producers when I joined, now like the rest of us,.........THEIR FANS!Trust me, The Producers are smart men, if not record company will put out their music on cd, they will do it themself! Be patient, Peace!
Tom Pantaleo <tomdrum@fnol.net>
West Babylon, NY USA -
Saw the band live in Pensacola, FL. in 1986. Moved to Orlando in 1988 and they came to play at the Peabody Hotel. One of the best sounding shows ever!
Mark Thomley <Thomlmd@hsacrnr.com>
Nashville, TN USA -
Saw the band live in Pensacola, FL. in 1996. Moved to Orlando in 1988 and they came to play at the Peabody Hotel. One of the best sounding shows ever!
Mark Thomley <Thomlmd@hsacrnr.com>
Nashville, TN USA -
The one and only time i saw the producers was in the summer of 1983. They came on at midnight, and there were 5 people in the audience. They played as if there were 5000. What concerns me is that they were playing great new material (not the 1st or 2nd LP, or RFYL) and I have found out that this must have been the never released MCA record. How does one go about convincing MCA that it is time to release the album? Does anyone know if the band or some other person can obtain it, and release as an indie disc? By the way, Great Page!
Chris Bishop <cdbnat@erols.com>
Va USA -
Website is great. Glad they are getting the recognition. I worked and toured with the band from 84-89 as Bryan Holmes "part-time" drum tech. I was in college at the time and toured when I could (mostly in the Carolinas and Georgia) What a great bunch of guys!!! I was also blessed with being able to take part in several demo recordings including the reording of the 4th album that was never released during the summer of 88( recorded in both Atlanta and West Orange, NJ) I'll check in on the site for your updates. Keep up the good work, I too anticipate the release of their music on CD!!
Bill Fleming
Greensboro, nc USA -
I'm a huge Producers fan. I used to listen to them in high school and college, and I still have copies of the first two albums. They played a free concert on Pensacola Beach in 1984, and it was fantastic! I'd still love to get their stuff on CD, though.
Karen <karen15@ibm.net>
Tallahassee, FL USA -
My wife and I were both fans of the band in the mid 80's and havebeen searching for copies of the first 2 albums on cassette or CD.Now that I found this web site, I know why I haven't found it.We don't have a record player, so if somebody would like to helpout and make a copy, I'll suppy the cassettes.
David Whiteford <dwhite4d@aol.com>
Raleigh, NC USA -
Thanks, Paul for the site. I've been trying to find any info on the Producers since their debut release!!!!Everytime they were playing locally, I found out about it after the fact and reading everyones entries about how great they were, I really regret never seeing them. I wish that whoever owns the rights would consider and reconsider re-releasing a compilation CD . PLEASE. PLEASE.
Rod Vaughn <RV042565@aol.com>
Toledo, OH USA -
What a find. ....I love The Producers and have seen them at several college (West GA, GA SWestern, Cottn Club, Amer. Pie, Cabo Wabos) and club gigs over the years. Van is untouchable as a singer and guitarist...my mind goes back to some great Atlanta music of that generation (Mother Finest, The Dregs) One fan noted that The Producers were represented by Southeastern Attractions at one time...a friend of mine worked for them once and booked them in a few small college gigs, most notably GA SouthWestern (@Sidneys Green Elephant) and GA Southern shows. They were great, and the The Surf, another good band form Atlanta opened those shows as I recall. The rider for their contract called for the delivery of the usual case of beer (colleges could not comply as they couldnt provide due to liability) and several wierd items, including I think blue M&M's (or a color which they didnt make)...it was requested just to throw you off. Must have been Waynes idea...At Cabo Wabos they played on Waynes birthday and he was pretty toasted...adding to his already animated stage persona. I remember a girl getting on stage and Wayne and her (after some prolonged kissing) seemed to make plans for after the show. Their official farewell show in Atlanta at the Cotton Club featured an encore jam with some local music talent....most notable were some of the GA Satellites.For you guitar buffs, at a semi-recent show at Cotton Club Van was playing a brand new Fender Tele, sunburst, with maple neck. Several of his fellow employees were in attendance and they reported that Van is currently a warehouse manager in Norcross, GA....unconfirmedThanks for putting the page together.Frustrated that I cant obtain their stuff on CD as many if the fans have noted. Very interested to hear about the missing album and its availability. I have all 3 that were released...Best regards to all fans of The Producers
Steve McCullough <steve.mccullough@sciatl.com>
Atlanta, GA USA -
Saw them 9/5 @ American Pie... They were great.... I would like to get a copy of their videos... can anybody help?
Kyle Berry <kyleross@yahoo.com>
Houston, TX USA -
I have seen the Producers play since I was in high school.The last time I saw them was the summer of 1992 when theyplayed at City Lights in New Orleans. I am looking forwardto seeing them tonight at American Pie. At last, real talentcoming to the Pie.
Melissa Rogers <krogers1@bellsouth.net>
Roswell, ga USA -
Looking for a copy of "run for your life on LP/Tape or homemade cd copy
TM <acmepack@yahoo.com>
Oshkosh, wi USA -
Found your website today. I've often wondered what everhappened to the Producers, and now I know. I was a big fan back in the 80's, and a band I was in at the timeplayed a couple of their tunes (certain kinda girl & shesheila--I think). I'm a drummer, and Bryan Holmes was a big influence on me (I currently play in an original band in Milwaukee, and some of the stuff I learned fromBrian I'm still using all the time).A real highlight for me happened the spring of '82 when the Producers came and played at my school--Universityof Wisconsin in LaCrosse. I happened to work in thestudent union, and the office I was in was placed on abalcony right over the stage that the band played on. The balcony was off-limits except to employees, so Ihad a perfect seat about 15 feet up, just off Bryan's shoulder! I'll never forget it. I even got a chance tomeet the band (they seemed like really nice guys), and did my best not to seem too much like a gushing fan (Inever did say anything about my own music background--that just would've been too uncool!).I saw them again about a year later in Eau Claire, WIwith my band. By that time, the Producers had grown pretty large, and we couldn't get anywhere near them, much less talk to them. We (and I) still had a great time. The whole night actually turned out to be quite an event--but that's another story, and it has nothingto do with the Producers! (ah, memories!).I would love to see some producers stuff on CD. I'd snapit up in a heartbeat.
Bob Mueller <rmueller@pitnet.net>
Port Washington, WI USA -
The Producerswill by playing on September 5th, 1998 at American Pie in Atlanta. This is thesame bar that they played with a Flock of Seagulls Memorial Day weekend. Please get yourcamera, camcorder, and pencils ready. I will publish any concert reviews you submit onthe Producers web site.
Paul Schulz <schulzp@nationwide.com>
Columbus, oh USA -
I saw the Producers several times in concert in North Florida while attending FSU in the early 80's.I saw them perform the material that made up the unreleased record in the summer of 84 just before Kyle left the band.They opened for Night Ranger at that show.I have a copy of their performance (on video tape) at the MTV New Year's party.I also have a copy of their performance (on video tape) of their performance at theTallahassee-Leon County Civic Center.Both tapes are pretty poor quality, but it's better than nothing.Shows I have seen:(approximate dates)Oct 1981 - Ruby Diamond Auditorium, FSUNov 1981 - Panama City Civic Auditorium (opened for Loverboy)Jan 1982 - Tallahassee Sports Arena - A wrestling stadium - some frat partySep 1982 - Tallahassee-Leon County Civic Center (w/ John Kurzweg and the Night and Cross Cut Saw)May 1984 - Tallahassee-Leon County Civic Center (opened for Night Ranger)May 1985 - The Musical Moon, Tallahassee - concert (w/ Tim on bass)May 1985 - The Musical Moon, Tallahassee - filming of the RFYL videoNov 1987 - The Peabody Hotel Balcony, Orlando FL
Bob Stephens <rsteph23@bellatlantic.net>
North Potomac, MD USA -
The Producers RULE!!!There was is never will be anything quite like them.I saw them twice in the mid/late eighties. Both showswere at a club in Topeka called Sneaker's. I paid $4 each time. I was in a local Topeka band called the Strangers and we played at least six Producers tunes on any given night including, Shelia, Tightrope and You Go Your Way. I need the first album and the last one. Any offers will be jumped on like a rabid alley cat!!
Scooter <scooter@dakotakaraoke.com>
Sioux Falls, SD USA -
Your website ended my long and futile search for the Producers. I was hoping to look for their single "Sheila" and instead I got the website providing me more than I can imagine. It also spurned a series of brainstorms because of that song "Sheila" which will forever stick in mind. I've heard other songs such as Certain Kinda Girl and What's She Got and I'm anxious to hear their other stuff. They caught on cusp of MTV's popularity when MTV first cam out and somehow didn't last long enough to ride out that wave of success like so many eighties bands. In my opinion, the Producers are to me an epitome of the eighties-A one hit wonder band with more than just one hit and so much more to show. Its absolute shame and be forever imprinted in mind just like that song "She Sheila".
modestMike <mdstone@sprintmail.com>
The Producers were one of the greatest well kept secrets of POP music! I saw these guys every chance I could - met them - wore out more than one copy of their albums, (which I replaced and kept in plastic - along with a fully autographed debut album of the original lineup!), I went on to write and record my own stuff with my band and I would have to say the Producers were my main inspiration at that point in my music...I love them and hope they get the recognition they truly deserve someday!!!JAxson9292@aol.com
Jerry Axson <JAxson9292@aol.com>
Columbia, SC USA -
i need a copy of run for your life, can anyone help? i will send money, a blank tape, or whatever is needed. i live in the New Orleans area and can still find THE PRODUCERS and YOU MAKE THE HEAT in a lot music stores, but no luck with run for your life. by the way i may hold the record for seeing them live? has to be at least 15 or 20 times. the last time was in late 1996 in LaPlace, LA. maybe 25 people showed up - sad to see. anyway i gave Van Temple 10 buck to send me a copy of run for your life and he ran with my money.
Dean Digirolamo <dd318238@shellus.com>
destrehan, la USA -
I cannot believe I found a site dedicated to the producers! It was a fluke - I found it at The UBL. Great web site!I saw the producers only once (1989? at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, FL). They opened up for The Pat Travers Band (Remember: "Boom! Boom! Out Go The Lights!?) Decent show althought they did a lot of stuff from "Run for Your Life" which was a weak album.I'm friends with a local band and they said they'd learn a song for me; I'm thinking about having them learn "What She Does to Me" or "What's He Got?" However, since I am about 10 years older than any of my friends in the band , they have never heard of them. Too Bad!After finding you web site, I feel like going home right now and putting on their first album! Now if it were only on CD...!
Andrew Price <andrew_price@hotmail.com>
Houston, TX USA -
An old flame got me hooked on the Producers back in '82. His band opened for them at "Toad's Place" in New Haven, CT.I did a "Producers" search on a whim and stumbled upon this site. GREAT JOB! It's nice to see how many Producer Junkies there are out there!..."You go your way, I'll go my way."
Lisa <ByRequest1@aol.com>
Prospect, CT USA -
Thank God there are still some of us around. I learned about The Producers during the early 80's in my high school and college years. They were the ultimate party listening choice. I have all three releases in one format or another. Thanks for your wonderful sight and letting me remember the "good old days". By the way, Pat Hindman, a contributer to your website, is a fraternity brother of mine from Lander College. If you have an e-mail address on him or if he reads this - get in touch with me.
Todd Dalton <etd@emeraldis.com>
Greenwood, SC USA -
Big fan! Saw them at "Screamin' Willie's" in Columbus, OH after YMTH came out. Now for a bit of trivia---forgive me if it is old news---on RFYL, the song "Can't Cry Anymore" was later re-worked for the Kansas release, "Power", with additional writing credits to Steve Morse. Check it out!
bob watts <bubdud@aol.com>
columbus, oh USA -
I'm a big fan of the producers,always have been and will always be a big fan. I really liked your site on these guys and I'm glad there are other producer fans out there. I have a question for you about what have these guys been doing now,and if you know any concerts that they might be doing. thanks alot.
Joe Flores <FloresJ@prodigy.net>
Yuma, Az USA -
I saw the Producers in 83 @ Jeffrey's Nighttown in Memphis. They blew me away. Had tapes, STOLEN! Have CD record technology, need albums. HELP!!!!
OSCY <ctodd@wmcstations.com>
memphis, tn USA -
If your looking for the debut album. I found it on cassetteand I ordered 3 for myself. Check out www.ccmusic.comI havent received them yet though so I dont know how many they have.
John Lakata <jlakata@superior.net>
Johnstown, NY USA -
PRODUCERS are the BEST, also great bands from that time were20/20, Gary Myrick & the Figures, 4 out of 5 DoctorsIf anyone knows where I could find these please let me know.
John Lakata <jlakata@superior.net>
Johnstown , NY USA -
Producers Live May 23, 1998!!
I just got this from Jeannie Johnston:
The Producers will be in Atlanta, Georgia on May 23rd at American Pie.They will be followed by A Flock of Seagulls. My husband is a big fanand we will be there with bells on. (Advanced tickets are $8.00). Thanks for the cool web page.Jeannie Johnston
If anyone out there catches the show, maybe you could get some photos and a ticket stub for me (Paul). I have a bunch of questions I would like to ask the band. If you are going, I could send you my list and you could ask them a few of them.

Paul Schulz <schulzp@nationwide.com>
Columbus, OH USA -
Thank God I'm not the only one left!!!!I love The Producers, I was wondering if anyone else still remembered them. Some of the finest pop music ever made. Bands like the Romantics and the Outfield seem to have drawntheir music from them, but no one has ever captured the sound.I've seen them live 4 times. I have seen just about all themajor music groups out there and I can say without a doubtthe best live band I've seen is The Producers.
Tom Gladstone <thresher100@earthlink.net>
Tallahassee, FL USA -
Good job! I used to go see the Producers in Lake Charles, Louisiana at a place called Scarlett O's. And at the Iron Horse in Thibodeaux , Louisiana. Great shows.mark
mark guzman <mguzman@foxsports.net>
w.hollywood, ca USA - Tuesday, April 21, 1998 at 17:22:29 (EDT)
I recall seeing the band perform live in Denver three times - including their "Run for you life tour" with Tim Smith. Kyle Henderson later released a Christian Rock album which I've somehow managed to lose. The only song I recall was "Renaissance" or something close. I've seen his postings on some Usenet groups where he apparently moderated a Christian study forum.The Producers were a huge influence to me in the 80's. I played in a successful band, covered some of their songs, and even wore a single spur on my boots to emulate Kyle Henderson's stage presence.I'm still trying to replace my "Run for your life" tape if anyone knows of a source....
Steve Morton <smorton@itsnet.com>
Orem, UT USA - Sunday, April 19, 1998 at 01:59:35 (EDT)
I have been dying to get my hands on any Producers recordings but haven't had any luck - YET! I'm so excited to know that there are fans out there. I'm 26 and I became a Producers fan thanks to my older brother, unfortunately I can't find any of their records (their songs still roll around in my head! Who can forget the synth beginning in Sheila?)This is great!!!
George Levy <nada0@aol.com>
Miami, FL USA - Wednesday, April 15, 1998 at 12:01:45 (EDT)
I have seen The Producers seven or eight times. They were much better with Kyle in the band and they had a lot of energy on stage. I am blown away by the record sales you have listed. I was so sure they were going to make it big time. I thought they had it all going on. Their record company really did them a injustice by not pushing them. My understanding on their third album was they had a offer but not a big time deal so they declined and never got a big deal and Kyle left and the remaining members signed with a small local label. Kyle and Van were excellent singing together. They were one of my favorite bands of all time!!
Byron <bcortez@mindspring.com>
Atlanta, GA USA - Wednesday, April 08, 1998 at 22:29:43 (EDT)
you've got a great website for a great band.i saw them in concert at clemson university in spring 1984 and in columbia, sc in the summer of 84.by the way, i've got the whiteface album with kyle.do you know of any upcoming gigs?? i'd love to see them again!
kevin adams <scubakev@juno.com>
USA - Saturday, April 04, 1998 at 21:46:54 (EST)
It was sure a suprise to find this site..I was out searching for their music on CD. I played in a band in the late 70's/ early 80's based out of MS. We had the privilege of opening a show for the Producers in 82 at The Rockers Club in Houston, TX. I was already a big fan at that time, had caught their act in Jackson, MS and we were also playing several of their songs in our band (Flicker). Another band from a little earlier worth listening to is Big Star out of Memphis. Their 1st 2 lps, Number 1 Record and Radio City are great! I have these on lb and cassette. I have the 1st 2 Producers LPs on cassette; however, I'd love to get the others. Anyone willing to record these for me, please E-mail me. Great Job!!
Joey Harrell <plasfor9@worldnet.att.net>
Ormond Beach, FL USA - Tuesday, March 31, 1998 at 22:05:34 (EST)
Hi!I just had my 3 vinyls recorded to CD!!! I've seen them live (in San Antonio, Texas) with the original line-up (circa 1981) and later with the new bass player ('Run For Your life'). Love, love, love The Producers! Trivia: Kyle Henderson played on an album by the band Kansas ('Dustin the Wind' fame) and Bryan Holmes drummed for Kansas for about a year (circa 1994). Oh, Kansas recorded 'Can't Cry Anymore' on their Power album (a real botchjob -- too bad). Okay, enough trivia. I can't believethis website exists and that The Producers may still be playing!!!! Van Temple and Kyle Henderson are 'The Beetles' of the 80's!!! Thank you!!! Best, Cynthia
Cynthia Hill <hill9019@erols.com>
Fredericksburg, VA USA - Thursday, March 26, 1998 at 21:09:02 (EST)
The only reason I still have this damm turntable hooked upis so I can play my Producers tunes. WILL SOMEBODY PUUUULEEEZE RELEASEA CD, you know with everything they ever did. I would really like to toss this turntable into the bay!
Tom Pantaleo <tomdrum@fnol.net>
west babylon, ny USA - Tuesday, March 24, 1998 at 23:49:15 (EST)
Thank God for Paul Schulz. I first heard The Producers when I was a sophomore in highschool in 1982. They Blew me away. When I was in college some friends of mine who were in a band opened up for them. They were great live and nice guys. I have all three albums on either tape or vinyl, but hopefully someday we can get their music on cd. A friend of mine who lives inAtlanta tells me they still play around there every once in awhile. Any Atlanta fans, please keep your eyes and ears open and let the rest of us know if a show comes up.
Wade Paschall <wpaschall@earthlink.net>
St. Louis, MO USA - Monday, March 23, 1998 at 22:18:12 (EST)
Great site for a great band! The Producers were an excellent bandand some of my fondest memories are from their concerts that I attended on the President. Anyone, especially from the New Orleans areathat wants to gab about the Producers, email me and we'll talk!By the way, that West Bank club that they used to play at in the early days was called Ole Man Rivers.
Joe Catyb <catybjr@eng.usf.edu>
Tampa, FL USA - Sunday, March 15, 1998 at 21:35:04 (EST)
After 11 years of searching for ymth I finally have it!!!For any one in their mid 30's this recording will bring backglorious memories of days gone by.
terry ross <terryr@dodgenet.com>
Fort Dodge, Ia USA - Tuesday, March 10, 1998 at 20:12:28 (EST)
the Producers were ahead of their time, they even agreewithout a doubt their last record,"Primative Man" is their bestI know I have a copy. They gave their "fans" some of the studio tapesteres a song called "Trouble with Love" they were doing live, and thats thehit. Its too bad, they have all gone back to the private sector, Bryans doing alrighthes got a succesful carpet clening service, I think Kylesinto magazine publishing, and Vans running a business in Ga.There is no bigger fan, I even have some old t shirts from their gigsand Ive got the MTV videos, in fact I sent Van Temple a copyabout two years ago. Anybody want to talk about the Producerse mail me at tomdrum@fnol.net
Tom Pantaleo <tomdrum@fnol.net>
west babylon, ny USA - Thursday, February 26, 1998 at 14:27:28 (EST)
Paul, When I shoved those few pieces of Producers "memories" into that envelope 16+ years ago, I never dreamed someone would put them to such good use as you have with your site. Great job!! I will visit often... and pass the word to my old friends who were also fans. You deserve a big THANK YOU.
Sandy Reda <sfredajr@jax-inter.net>
Jacksonville, Fl USA - Tuesday, February 24, 1998 at 17:48:36 (EST)
Big fan of the Producers!
Alfonso Hermida <ahermida@erols.com>
Laurel, MD USA - Tuesday, February 24, 1998 at 08:38:45 (EST)
Hi Paul and all other Producers fans.Paul, you have done one Hell of a job in setting up this page.It's great to see a band who were excellent musically--but remained unnoticed by most, be revived through your hard work and dedication.
Tim Pattison <pattison_t@defiance.uchsc.edu>
Denver, Co USA - Monday, February 23, 1998 at 18:13:26 (EST)
Hi Producers fans! Thanks for visiting.
Paul Schulz <schulzp@nationwide.com>
Columbus, OH USA - Sunday, February 22, 1998 at 22:42:17 (EST)

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