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Articles listed in date order starting with the oldest.

Press Kit article for the Debut release: February 1981

Wayne explains a bit about why they make their lyrics understandable. It also appeared that Kyle was the spokesperson for the band early on. (This one provides the content for the Atlanta 1981 article.) Thanks to William Rodgers for contributing this gem.

Atlanta Journal Constitution Article: April 11, 1981 AJC 
article 4/11/81 text AJC 
article 4/11/81 photos

Juicy article describing the formation of the band, the recording of the debut, and early Warner Brothers interest prior to CBS signing. There was competition to sign the Producers!!Thanks to John McDaniel for contributing this gem. Scan by Bill Larsen.

Atlanta(?) Newspaper article: 1981(?)

This article describes Kyle joining the Producers on Jan 1, 1980 as well as their New York City audition with Tom Werman. (Thanks to John McDaniel for keeping this article for 20 years!)

Atlanta Muzik Magazine Article: June 1982

WOW! This interviewer spent 3 days on the road with the Producers and got great information and photos for the article. (Bill Larsen retyped this article and did the scans Thanks!)

Jacksonville newspaper interview: Sept 1982

This is an article from September 1982 before the Producers performed at Playground South in Jacksonville, FL on September 6. (Sandy Reda contributed the article after saving it for 16 years! Thanks!)

Atlanta newspaper article: December 25, 1982

This article describes the recording of You Make the Heat and doing over 300 shows a year while writing songs. (Thanks to John McDaniel for contributing this article.)

Atlanta newspaper article: April 11, 1983

The Producers had a promo contract with Miller Beer starting in 1983. This article explains the sponsorship and lists 10 other bands that were also sponsored.

Producers 1984 Miller Beer Poster

The Producers had a promo contract with Miller Beer in 1983 thru 1985 in which they did this poster and a tune on a various artists LP called "Miller Music". The poster includes photos, bios, and an article about the band.

Atlanta newspaper interview: May 25, 1985

Tons of juicy info from RFYL era. Describes Kyle's leaving, search for new bassist, who is doing the writing, Miller Beer sponsorship, split with Portrait.

Atlanta newspaper interview: January 29, 1988

Describes their new music (not yet signed with MCA). Names new producer: Rodney Mills and new manager: Derrick Sutton.

New Orleans newspaper interview: February 3, 1988

After some Coelacanth tunes were recorded but before signing with MCA. (Thanks to Mike Morris for this contribution.)

New Orleans newspaper interview: August 1988

Coelacanth album in depth prior to it's (failed) release. More on Derrick Sutton, popularity in New Orleans, President Riverboat gigs. (Mike Morris contributed this article. Thanks!)

New Orleans Article: October 20, 1989 New Orleans 
Article 10/20/89 text

Thanks to Mike Morris for submitting this artile.

Atlanta newspaper interview: July 13, 1990

Short article, describes them as "ReProducers", recurring jokes about their breakup. This is to be their final show, but is their first reunion show with Kyle (and Tim).

Audities: Pop Detective: Van Temple Interview: April 1996

This link is an April 1996 interview with Van Temple. It gives details about the history of the band and where they have been since 1982. They were actually together until 1993 playing gigs in Atlanta and New Orleans, where they have big followings. The article says that they would reunite for a gig if the money was right.

Addicted to Noise: I Robot: Tom Werman: Part 1: June 1996

Addicted to Noise: I Robot: Tom Werman: Part 2: June 1996

Tom Werman produced The Producers' first 2 albums. Catch the (4-part) interview with him at the Addict links above. Werman also produced Cheap Trick, Ted Nugent, and Motley Crue.

Kyle's Georgia Satellites and Brains connection: Late 1990s

A little history about Kyle and what he did right after The Producers and before his solo disk.

Tim Smith interview on CNN interactive: January 18, 1999.

Tim's role in Sheryl Crow's band has stepped up a notch. Not only is he playing shows with her, he played on her "Globe Sessions" CD. The reporter was savvy enough to dig up links to the Jellyfish, Umajets, and Producers sites. Congratulations on your contribution to Cheryl Crow's Grammy winning "Globe Sessions", Tim!!

Bryan Holmes interview in Atlanta's Creative Loafing: January 06, 2001.

Bryan touts the recent release of the "Producers/You Make the Heat" reissue and says they are planning a genuine TOUR for later this year. (I'll see if I can get any details!)

OnMilwaukee webzine article: June 13, 2001

Nice preview to the Producers Milwaukee show 6/15/01. Thanks to Mike Morgan (the author) for submitting the link to me.

Ear Candy Magazine interview with Van Temple: December 2010

This is a great interview where Van recounts the songwriting effort of each song on the debut album. Very cool - Thanks Donnie Thompson (for Ear Candy)

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