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Wayne Famous Projects

Wayne has had an active web site for over a year now. Visit www.waynefamous.com to hear some GREAT unreleased tunes from The Producers and see what Wayne is up to. He has some real cool personal writings.

Kyle Henderson Projects

Jan 2003 - Kyle just released a new solo disc and opened a new web site to go with it. Visit www.kylehenderson.com to hear mp3 samples and interact with him directly about the songs!

Kyle dropped out of The Funk Club in winter 2002 after about a year singing with them.

Bryan Holmes Projects

Bryan is producing a couple new bands! Please visit their web sites.

Charlie Mars Band




The Producers formed in 1979 in Atlanta, Georgia as Cartoon (less Kyle). They jammed with Kyle on New Year's Eve 1979/80 and the 4 formed The Producers in January. After three months playing together, they went to New York, auditioned with CBS, and got their first recording contract. They signed with Epic/Portrait in August of 1980 (Interestingly, the debut album cover says CBS/Portrait). By November they had an LP's worth of new music and went into the studio to record the debut album. Two months later it was released (in January 1981)!

They did 340 shows in 14 months during 1981/82. (No wonder you were able to see them so many times!)

Wayne Famous

Thanks to Sandy Reda for this contribution.

Keyboards, Vocals

Born in Memphis. Started playing with Billy Joe Royal (remember the song Cherry Hill Park) at 16. Later toured with Ellen McIlwaine.

Van Temple

Vocals, Guitar

Born in Knoxville.

Van played on Steve Morse Band's "Stand Up" LP in 1985. Morse was with the Dixie Dregs in the late 70s and early 80s and played with Kansas in their later years.

Kyle Henderson

Vocals, Bass

Born in Indianapolis.

Kyle in Whiteface front cover Steve Hardwick, Kyle Henderson, 
Doug Bare, and Benny Rappa in Whiteface - back cover Kyle Whiteface back cover Kyle was a member of a band called Whiteface in 1979 when he met up with the Producers. Whiteface had one studio album and a live album which I understand was recorded at the studio album debut party.

He joined the band in Jan. 1980 after playing a new year's eve gig with them. He left in 1984 apparently to pursue other musical opportunities. He appeared on Kansas' Drastic Measures (1983), Kerry Livgren's AD debut album (1984), Boy Meets Girl's debut album (1985), and  Laura Branigan's Hold Me album (1985), and More Than 
the Look of Love tape cover his own solo gospel album,"More Than The Look of Love" (1985), on Kerry Livgren's label, "Kerygma Records".

He returned to the band in 1991 and still appears with them when they get together for a show now and then.

Kyle after the Producers - Brains and Ga. Satellites connection.Here is an article about Kyle hooking up with some folks from the Brains before he went on to do his solo album. From a Ga. Satellites site.

Bryan Holmes

Drums, Vocals

Born in Carrollton, GA.

Bryan toured with Kansas in 1995 (playing drums, of course).

I understand he was the business brains of the band.

Tim Smith


Tim joined the band in 1984 and left in 1991 to join Jellyfish (after Jellyfish's debut album). In 1996 he was with the Umajets. (Umajets have one CD - Demolition - which is being re-released in Japan.) In 1997 he toured in Sheryl Crow's band and I believe he is still with her band.

Misc info

The band member's full names are listed on the BMI (music licensing) database as: Wayne A. McNatt, Van Alter Temple Jr., Kyle Jay Henderson, Bryan Merrell Holmes, and Timothy Christopher Smith.

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