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I have had a great response to this site since it's introduction in January 1997. I have been telling folks all along that I am going to add an informal g u e s t b o o k. Well here it is...a collection of some of the things you have said about the Producers and this site.

Paul Schulz (approx 1982).
I have heard from a number of folks that have played Producers tunes in bands. Some were in high school bands some were professional bands that lasted several years and put out CDs of their own. I know of one band that is just now forming (Jan 1998) and planning to do a couple Producers songs.

I have heard from a number of record collectors with from 5000 to 15000 albums who rate the Producers among their all-time favorite bands.

I have heard from fans who have seen the Producers play many times - travelling several hours to catch a show (typically college students from the south).

I was surprised when the first 2 emails in response to the site came just 5 days after I published it.

EMMETEXE - 1/30/97: The first was 'emmetexe' who found me via AltaVista. He told me that the Producers hit the charts with 'What She Does to Me'.

Tim Pattison - 1/30/97: The second came about 20 minutes later from Tim Pattison. He had a wealth of info, most notably the fact that the Producers did a 3rd album 'Run for your Life'. He also gave me the track listing.

"I discovered the Producers back in 1981 when I was working as a disc jockey in Northern California. The station I was working for got the debut album, and as music director, it was my job to review the album. I was blown away! I immediatlay became a fan. I especially liked "Whats He Got" and I convinced my Program Director that we should play the song."

Other notable emails I have received include:

COUCH - 2/19/97: "...The Producers were HUGE, not only at Alabama, but at most of the major universities in the southeast (Georgia, Ole Miss, Vanderbilt, Georgia Tech, etc). I've seen them in concert at various schools countless times, and was known to hop in the car at any given moment and drive hours and hours to see them."

GWGDD - 2/24/97: "Never did get a chance to see the band play live, but my friends and I did them in an airband show at college in front of about 700+ people!"

AHERMIDA - 3/2/97: "I usedto play in a cover band and we played some of their songs (What She Does to Me). I used to live in Puerto Rico at that time (in the 80's) and The Producers were listen to a LOT over there."

Robert S. - 3/3/97: "I went to high school with Tim...I think he played bass in one of the school bands (orchestra, jazz, etc). I don't remember if he was in a local band at that time."

Russ H. - 5/6/97: "(I) moved to orlando florida, and saw them play at the peabody hotel on international drive on the tennis courts in 1987! they played a few cuts from what they said would be a new album, and it took me 10 years and your website to find out it was 'run for your life'"

SRSPARKS - 5/13/97: "I was a huge fan back in college days, and I even have autographed copies (with Tim, not Kyle) of all 3 albums."

PSWEENEY - 9/6/97: "I just saw them in Virginia Beach and it was a pretty good show. I guess the money was right!!"

DJEZEK - 10/15/97: "I was the road manager and sound engineer for a band called Radio Tokyo back in the mid to late 80s. We were booked by Southeastern Attractions (as were The Producers) and we ended up opening for them about a half a dozen times...It was a big kick to play with them, because we'd seen them on MTV."

Clive - 11/4/97: "...a LOT of people bug when I mention that A) I remember the band and B) that they had a 3rd record. (OK, not a lot, more like 5 or 6...)"

Gino - 11/16/97: "...although I collect albums, I have over 15.000, I have never come across any album by the producers, which I find sad, because of what I heard of their music, I thought it was well written and well performed."

Paul Schulz (approx 1981).
CATYBJR - 11/18/97: "I was in a high school band at that time and we played What She Does To Me, Back to Basics, She Sheila, You Make the Heat, and attempted I Love Lucy. I played the bass and thought Kyle was a pretty good bass player. The Producers were a great live band, good musicians, and put out some excellent tunes that didn't receive anywhere near the exposure that was deserved."

Jerich.Van - 11/25/97: "I'm a musician and songwriter and believe me those guys could write some catchy tunes! I saw them live in L.A. in late 1982 and they put on one hell of a show-probably the best live act I've seen as far as musical and vocal performance is concerned.They opened with Merrygoround and encored with The Beatles A Hard days night." ... They did "Great catchy tunes with a sense of humour and powerful musicianship.Bryan Holmes was a quick and tasteful drummer- I don't know how many times I practiced Breakaway and You make the heat to get those tricky time changes down. Van Temple, Kyle Henderson were very competent guitarists (bass included). Wayne added some nice early 80's keyboard action and was a hoot to see play live."

Pat Hindman - 12/25/97: "I've always loved their music. In fact...there are several people I have met over the years who we're also big fans...The first time I saw them live was in June of '85 or '86...I can't remember exactly but it was in Myrtle Beach, SC and they we're playing at the "Magic Attic" which was the big teen night club right downtown. They we're really good as I remember."

"I was in a band called dreamclock from about 1990 until 1996...one of the agents we we're working with in Atlanta booked us to play on the bill with The Producers on July 4th '95. I was psyched when I found out we we're going to be playing with them. It was at a club called "American Pie" on Roswell Rd. (I think.) They we're great! I was really suprised at how good they we're. Van sounded great and he had the best rhythm guitar tone I've ever heard live. Kyle was jumping all over the place and acting silly. It was really a fun time. (Apparently...they still play once or twice a year if...like you say...the money's right.)"

"I did read something in a guitar magazine back in '94 or '95. A band called "King's X" mentioned how much they we're influenced by The Producers. I asked Van about it that night and he said he was aware of it and that the year before...when The Producers played "The Cotton Club" in Atlanta...that King's X was in town and jumped up onstage with them and 'jammed!'"

PalacioL - 1/3/98: "I'm playing in a cover band ... and we are doing "She Sheila" as one of our songs. We listened to ["She Sheila" & "What's He Got"] today and talk about a flashback to childhood. Its amazing how a certain song can produce fleeting moments of a time long past. I can remember the friends I was hanging out with at the time... My current bandmates are a bit older than I and they were talking about how great their [Producers] music was."

"I'm really looking forward to doing these two songs and see what kind of a reaction we get from the crowd...[they are] going to be two of our favorite songs to perform."

sfredajr - 2/1/98: I "remember seeing "Cartoon" at a nightclub called Playground South on Jacksonville's southside... The first time we saw them as "The Producers" was also at Playground South. We saw them there 3 different times. At one of these shows, most likely the last of the three, they passed out order forms for "Run For Your Life" along with pre-addressed envelopes to Marathon Records."

"They played at JU (Jacksonville University) twice that I saw.... once in the gym in front of a very large college crowd, and the second time was for the opening of a non-alcoholic bar/club on campus... The last time they played here in Jax was at a nightclub called Papa's and was billed as their "farewell tour." They [sold] cassettes of "Run For Your Life" along with t-shirts that had "I saw the Producers farewell tour" on one side, and "This Is The End" on the other."

"Speaking of MTV, The Producers performed on the '82/'83 "MTV Rock-N-Roll New Years Eve Ball" telecast. Their performance included 9 or 10 songs and an interview afterwards."

Honeycut - 2/12/98: "Your Producers page is terrific. I grew up in Atlanta and went to Georgia Tech in the early 80's and The Producers were a fixture at many great frat parties! One time I saw them do a set of Beatles covers that would have brought tears to Lennon and McCartney's eyes."

"It was kind of a running gag for a long time that they always billed shows as "the final performance" and then they would show up for another gig a few months later!"

"A friend of mine runs a record label called NotLame (www.notlame.com) and he told me once that he had inquired about obtaining the rights to the Producers albums and they wanted what he thought was an astronomical amount for them (it seems like it was $300,000 or so). It would be tough to recoup that much!"

Katalina - 2/26/98: "Glad to see that Brian supplied you with the track listing for the unreleased album...It's too bad they didn't release it, because it's so much better than Run For Your Life. I really hate that album. I think they did too, because all the times I saw them I don't recall them ever doing anything from it. I've seen them somewhere around a dozen times, the last time being about a year and a half ago. Kyle was back for that show since Tim was off with Sheryl Crow. They were really out of practice, understandably, and it showed. The place was only half full too, a far cry from the times I saw them between 1987-1990, when they always played to a full house."

Tomdrum - 2/27/98: "The Producers were victim to a BUNCH of bad business deals, they were one of the first bands to do ads for a beer company, but they got SCREWED by a guy named Al Teller, learn his name and hate him, he cut their deal with Portrait, so they moved on to a new company!!! cool right...wrong, Al Teller became the ceo of MCA I think and guess who was the first band to be cut...our heros."

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Created: 1/23/1998 / Changed: 10/15/2004 10:22:49 PM

I'm Paul Schulz in Columbus, Ohio and I'd like to hear your stories about The Producers. Maybe I'll put your experiences on the Fans page! schulzp@rrohio.com.