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Ear Candy Magazine interview with Van Temple - December 2010

This is a great interview where Van recounts the songwriting effort of each song on the debut album. Very cool - Thanks Donnie Thompson (for Ear Candy).

MySpace Page started by Richie Ladner

It's about time someone made a MySpace page, eh? Check it out! You may have to create a MySpace account if you don't already have one (this IS the 21st century, you guys!)

Michael Mastro did some early promo photos for the band

I shot the original promo photo for the Producers - they later used it as inspiration for their first album cover.

I also saw the last gig the band played as Cartoon - a prom party at the Biltmore Hotel in Atlanta. In the late 90's I did a cd cover for a band produced by Bryan Holmes - subculture. Tell Bryan that I still regret forgetting to put his name on the outside cover!

Producers Web site by Scott Santana!

Wow! Scott has some amazing photos from the mid 80s including pics of all 5 band members.

He contacted me in early June with a link to a directory of a bunch of Producers photos. By the next day the directory turned into a slick web page with thumbnails and beautiful larger graphics. Keep an eye on this site. Scott has several other photos to scan and post on his site. If you are really nice to him, maybe you could pursuade him to make a genuine photographic reprint or 2 for you.

Producers Web site by Shawn Anderson!

I discovered this site by searching AltaVista for "'whats he got' producers". Shawn has put together a page that meshes perfectly with my site! He has a full song from each of the 3 albums on the site in realaudio format. Plus - Don't miss the full-length She Sheila Video also in realmedia format. It is worth the time to download the realplayer 5.0 just to see this video! Each of the files are less than 700K - including the video (of course they are set to play as they download via 28.8 modem.)

Ultimate Band List

Producers' UBL entry

The UBL has a link back to my Producers page. They also have a link to CDNow to see if they have any Producers music on sale. Hopefully other Producers pages will add links to the UBL so it can be a central starting point for Producers info on the net.

All Music Guide

Producers' AMG entry
Bryan's AMG entry
Kyle's AMG entry
Tim's AMG entry
Van's AMG entry
Wayne's AMG entry

You can search the AMG from the top link. Enter the name of a band or band member to see what music they have done. The bottom links show what other albums the Producers have played on. Be aware that Tim's entry ties to too many Tim Smiths and Bryan & Wayne's entries are empty because AMG doesn't have the band members tied to The Producers.

You may find that the Producers have worked with some of your other favorite artists. Kyle worked with David Pack of Ambrosia (one of my all-time favorite bands) on 2 albums: Kansas' Drastic Measures and Kerry Livgren's AD.


Bryan's BMI entry
Kyle's BMI entry
Tim's BMI entry
Van's BMI entry
Wayne's BMI entry

You can use the top link to search BMI. Enter the name of a band member to see what music they have copyrights on. The bottom links show you a list of songs that the band member shares or holds copyrights to. There are no band entries on BMI, so searching for Producers is useless.

Bryan Holmes Links

Charlie Mars Band

Bryan is producing a couple new bands! Please visit their web sites.

Kyle Henderson Links

The Funk Club.

Kyle joined this band as a vocalist in the summer of 2001. They have been playing gigs in Florida.

Tim Smith Links

Dumyhead's Jellyfish Home Page
Dumyhead's Jellyfish Tim Smith Bio
Umajets Home Page

The above links are for Tim Smith. Tim is the most active professional musician of all the ex-Producers. According to the bio above, he left the Producers for a band called Jellyfish in 1991. Apparently this was after the Jellyfish's first album (Bellybutton) which my wife has had for over 5 years. I finally listened to it and then looked at the liner notes and Tim isn't on it. Just as well. I didn't care for it much.

Powerpop Links

Powerpop Article on All Music Guide
Powerpop genre description on All Music Guide
Amplifier online powerpop magazine
"Powerpop" book review (a good book on powerpop)
Not Lame records Specializing in Powerpop

The Producers music is classified as 'Powerpop'. If you are into classifications of music and the development of different genres these articles may interest you. The AMG article will help you understand something about where the Producers music came from. Unfortunately, the article derides the Producers and Sue Saad and the Next (the 2 bands I have web sites for). I suppose I could flame about the article for several pages - all I'll say is, as in movies, you don't have to please the professional critics in order to put out some KICK ASS stuff!

Here's a quote from the article: "However, power-pop of the late-'70s/early-'80s is also remembered for the slavish imitators and skinny-tie-wearing no-talents, writing second-generation Raspberries ripoffs, pouting and posing on destined-for-the-cut-out-bin album covers that major labels vomited at an alarming rate. They were faceless hacks like ... the Producers, Sue Saad and the Next, ... and countless other bandwagon jumpers. But, the sine qua non of power-pop condescension and sleaze was without a doubt, the Knack. Fueled by their malodorous 1979 number one hit single, "My Sharona," the Knack singlehandedly gave power-pop its bad name. Unctuous to the nth degree, obvious in their Beatle fakery, the Knack were less a band and more a marketing-department creation, who laughed all the way to the bank..." -- by John Dougan c/o the All Music Guide (http://allmusic.com/cg/x.dll?p=amg&sql=J129)

Now I have to find a critical article that likes the Producers! If you find anything, let me know.

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