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Finding Producers LPs

After the contest I may have a couple disks for sale myself.

I can't say I am any big expert on disk shopping on the net, but I have seen all of the Producers albums for sale on the web in the last year.

Vinyl shops on the web:

GEMM (Meta search of a bunch of record stores) Your best bet!

vinylvendors (Seems to have a lot of singles as well as LPs)

Last Vestige (Good prices)

Memory Lane Out of Print Records 800-326-5343 (expensive)

Shopping in Atlanta:

For Producers-specific shopping, I can supply a list of used record/CD shops in Atlanta (which I got from the Atlanta Yellow Pages at the library). Since The Producers are from Atlanta, this should be a good place to start. I tried all the shops with email addresses in December 1997 and they didn't have any Producers. I will list those that seem the most promising at the top:

Eat More Records 770-717-8111

Sea of Timeless Records 404-255-7097

Wax and Facts 404-525-2275

Ace Video and Music 601-374-0777

Book Nook (20,000 records) 404-633-1328

Rainy Day 800-636-6166

The Music Exchange 404-352-1311

Wuxtry 404-329-0020

Criminal 404-215-9511(Their web site is one page with no contact info. Use the mailto link here.)

Collector's World 770-452-7102

Happier Days Collectibles 707-242-9954

Records Galore 404-294-5271

All Your Favorite Yesterday's Music 770-971-3822

Sounds Good Disc Exchange 770-499-1514

James Young Gifts and Classic Hits 404-296-8808

Blue Moon 770-968-7924 or 770-960-9320

Fanasyland Records 404-237-3193

Music Drome 770-449-4982

Columbus Record shop

Colleen's Collectibles has come up with 2 copies of You Make the Heat in the last year. She isn't a great hope but she has a huge collection of vinyl (LP and 45s). 614-261-1585

New Orleans

You should also try New Orleans since their second largest following is said to be there. I don't know any specific shops there, but your local library may have a New Orleans Yellow Pages (sorry, sometimes us web addicts have to do things the old fashioned way.) Some day Maybe I'll look up the New Orleans used record shops and list them here as well.


I have tried web searches (Excite, Hotbot) with Producers and Portrait with very little success. Trying the catalog numbers on the albums doesn't help much either.

Yahoo's list of vinyl shops on the web is growing (search for 'Records'). For the most part it takes a ton of looking and and a lot of patience.

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Created: 2/22/1998 / Changed: 10/31/1998 8:53:26 PM

I'm Paul Schulz in Columbus, Ohio and I'd like to hear your stories about The Producers. Maybe I'll put your experiences on the Fans page! schulzp@rrohio.com.