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Wayne, Van, Tim, & Bryan

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Run for Your Life (Front Cover) Run for Your Life (Back Cover)
Printable CD-R Jewel case Cover - Front Booklet (109K)
Printable CD-R Jewel case Cover - Back Cover (130K)
Thanks for the covers, Randall!

Run for Your Life

1985 Marathon records #MR-111

Side 1
Run for Your Life MP3 sample
Slow Dancing MP3 sample
Depending on You MP3 sample
Tightrope MP3 sample
Can't Cry Anymore MP3 sample
Side 2
Boat Song MP3 sample
Table for One MP3 sample
Friendly Fire MP3 sample
Big Mistake MP3 sample
Waiting on a Train MP3 sample
Produced by: Joe Blaney & The Producers
The Producers: Wayne Famous - Keyboards
Van Temple - Guitar
Bryan Holmes - Drums
Tim Smith - Bass
Recorded at: Axis Sound Studio, Atlanta
Engineered by: Joe Blaney. Asst. Engimeer: Louis Hajosy.
Add'l Engineering: Chuck Fedonczak
Add'l Mixing: Electric Lady & Intergalactic Studios, N.Y.
Mastering: Bob Ludwig, Masterdisk
Congas & Add'l Percussion: Luis Stefanell. Sax: Kim Parks
Design: J. Flournoy Holmes & Linda Mitchell, Wonder Graphics
Photography: Rick Diamond


Released: 1985
Album sales: 30,000 (1/1988)
Notes: Marathon is The Producers own label. The address is listed on The album cover as: Marathon Records, P.O. Box 940295, Altanta, GA 30340.

Some copies (I think later copies) of RFYL have this additional note: Distributed by Justin Entertainment 1-800-631-3513.

There was an initial pressing of 10,000 copies that went out to fans via mail order as the Producers toured.

The music itsself is published under the name Wandering Brocolli Music - BMI.

Tim Smith replaces Kyle on bass.
Kansas did Can't Cry Anymore on their Power LP.

Writing Credits: T=Temple, H=Holmes, S=Smith, F=Famous
Run for Your Life: T, H, S, & F
Slow Dancing: T
Depending on You: T
Tightrope: F, T, H, & S
Can't Cry Anymore: S & T
Boat Song: T, F, & H
Table for One: T
Friendly Fire: T, F, H, & S
Big Mistake: T, F, & H
Waiting on a Train: T & Stone

(I don't know who Stone is.)

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