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Run for Your Life (Front Cover) Run for Your Life (Back Cover)

Note: Many thanks to DJezek for typing these lyrics in and sending them to me.

RUN FOR YOUR LIFE (Temple, Holmes, Smith)

Living in a modern world
we all run the race
Don't you ever fall behind or
You'll suffer the pain

Oh take no chances Run for your life
Keeping your eye on the finish line
You'll find the answers Run for your life
Everything comes Just a matter of time

Don't you ever hesitate
Keep your dream alive
giving off the energy
To help you survive

We all have reason enough to find the pot of gold
Everybody's searching Visions uncontrolled
But in this crowded place
We all need our breathing space
In a world of fast times
How do you compare


Remembering what we did in the afternoon
The soft touch of your hair and sweet perfume
Two hearts beat as one they beat in time
I'm drawn into the world inside your eyes

I want to go slow dancing with you
I really love slow dancing with you

I'm in so deep over my head
but I can't stand the thought of an empty bed
You play with fire and you'll get burned
If you don't it's cold as hell when the night return

I want to go slow dancing with you
I really love slow dancing with you


I've been thinking of the times we had
recalling the good and the bad
Concentrating on the way you looked
from the images carried in my mind

Oh I've been dreaming and scheming to see you again
hesitating and waiting for the chance to
be here with you now

Depending on you - Baby I do

It was winter it was cold outside
You cried as I boarded the plane
Late December such a lonely night
You suffered and I was to blame

I was younger My hunger was
driving me on now I'm so lonely
My only chance is to see you again

Oh I've learned my lesson
I can't live like this any more
I'm coming home and I pray you'll
be there when I walk through that door

TIGHTROPE (Famous, Temple, Holmes, Smith)

Deadlines, guidelines
We're walking on a fine line
the prime example of the modern man
heartbreak, headache
lower pain in the back ache
So many things we don't understand

Walking a tightrope
feeling so low
hope that we don't hit the ground
Walking a tightrope
losing all hope
one big mistake we all go down

Radio Isotope
I'm hanging by a thin rope
I can't look down, ten stories below
Nuclear deep freeze
more trouble in the Middle East
Sooner or later, it's going to blow

I lay here tonight with this pain inside my brain
I can't ignore it, 'cause it's driving me insane
I feel lkike I'm a wheel inside some big machine
the wheels are turning, but I don't know where they lead

CAN'T CRY ANYMORE (Smith, Temple)

A thousand years could come and go
But we would never change
It doesn't matter how we try
Our hearts remain the same

I just had to let you know
that I can't play this game
I'll have to make my exit now
Before I go insane

I just can't live
Can't cry anymore
While you throw our lives away
I just can't give
Can't cry anymore
While you throw our lives away
Throw them away

Something happened long ago
and we grew apart
We turned our heads the other way
and so we turned our hearts

Girl I'm not blaming you
and I'm not blaming me
Just the way the story goes
we grew up but seperately

BOAT SONG (Temple, Famous, Holmes)

Spend a lot of time
You try to cover the field
are you wasting time
if the future is sealed

Will you be ready when the boat comes in
Down on the shoreline when the boat comes

People everywhere, oh they're so occupied
Talking through their mouths, while their ears slowly die

Will you be ready when the boat comes in
Or up in the air when the boat comes in

Spend a lot of time
You try to cover the field
Don't waste your time
Don't watch the world pass you by


Here I am talking to myself again
Now she's gone am I better off
Force of habit takes me to our favorite restuarant
When I'm asked how many for lunch

Table for one
Such a lonely affair
Engaging myself in conversation
Table for one
and one empty chair
Such an awkward situation

Here in this very same resturant
You broke off our romance
Right in the middle of our chateau Briand
You were suddenly gone

Table for one
Such a lonely affair
I'm all alone in this congregation
Table for one
because you don't care
It's so hard to live with this aggravation

FRIENDLY FIRE (Temple, Famous, Holmes, Smith)

So cold the night
The chill of the air and my frozen mind
on empty streets I walk alone
with the thoughts of you I'm feeling
the pain that you put me through
How was I so wrong
To think of us lasting so long
How wounded I lay from this fight
I am cut down shot from behind
To think that you were on my side

You're killing me with friendly fire
killing me friendly fire
You brought me down with friendly fire

You are a vision dressed in white
I stand alone as you enter the room
How easily my life is consumed
Burned by your flame
and yet you smile
While my Titanic life is going down
So wounded I lay from this fight
I am cut down shot from behind
To think that you were on my side

BIG MISTAKE (Temple, Famous, Holmes)

Crazy times are all around us
I don't lie
And it's getting hard, hard to find solutions
don't ask me why
And your friends they'll sell you for the almighty dollar
then pass you by
We've beend reaching out with our hearts to you lately
to hold on tight

Don't make a big mistake
You could spend our whole life wasting time
Don't make a big mistake
It could put our futures on the line

Surrounded by a grand illusion
you feel fine
So you build it up like the Tower of Babel
to touch the sky
When it falls you'll tumble so hard
you'll want to die
We've been reaching out with our hearts to you lately
to make it right

WAITING ON A TRAIN (Temple, Stone)

Time to go somewhere
I don't really care
I've got to leave this place
I can't take it no more
since you went away

Stood on a bridge by the river
And I watched as the water went by
Thinking how much time had drifted
Now it don't seem fair
I am still wondering why

So I'm waiting on a train and I'm going anywhere
It's been raining for so long That I have to go away

Anywhere is somewhere when there's
no destination at all
Or is it everywhere is nowhere
Since you went away
It's so hard for me to recall

It's hard to be somebody
It's hard to be somebody
When there's nobody by your side
I keep thinking more and more
I'll get on that train and ride

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 Copyright © 1997- 2003 by Paul Schulz. All rights reserved.

Created: 1/27/1998 / Changed: 3/3/1999 11:33:50 PM

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