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Barking Kudu (Birmingham, AL) - May 29, 2003

Thursday May 29, 2003 Barking Kudu 2929 Seventh Ave. S. Birmingham, AL (205.328.1748)

This review was contributed by Scott Keefer. Thanks Scott!

This is the first time I’ve been able to see The Producers since Kyle returned full time. Even though the crowd was a bit small (no publicity for this show, unfortunately) everyone in the house seemed to be a Producers fan. Kyle was all smiles and seemed to be completely pumped up to be playing Producers music, Van was a little goofy when talking to the audience at times, but played and sang great. Bryan and Wayne were their usual quiet selves, but they still play like it’s 1982 again.

Musically the band was as tight as I remember on most songs, especially on Certain Kinda Girl, I Love Lucy, and Primitive Man. It was great to here Life of Crime (never heard them do it live in 20+ shows!) and my all-time favorite Dear John which, as Kyle mentioned, is more timely now than ever. The “Coelacanth” songs really rocked, and it was a nice twist hearing Kyle on lead vocals for Renaissance. Bryan’s drum work was stellar as usual, and Wayne gave us lots of his trademark finger points. There was even a “Fifth Producer” on stage for a few songs. (Some girl with a buzz who stood next to Wayne at the keyboards for quite a while. He was patient and a gentleman, letting her stay on the stage until her friends rescued him from her) I was glad to hear a few more songs from “You Make The Heat” – like Merry Go Round and Operation. It seems like the last times I saw them during the Tim Smith era, they leaned more toward the first album and the “Run For Your Life”/”Coelacanth” tunes. I’m still waiting for a live performance of Chinatown, though. (Another I’ve never seen live.) Maybe next time.

Set List – May 29, 2003 – Barking Kudu – Birmingham, AL
What She Does To Me
Here’s To You
Life of Crime
Primitive Man (Long version – great guitar solo from Van)
Certain Kinda Girl
What’s He Got
Out of My Head
I Love Lucy
No One Can Take Your Place (from Kyle’s solo album)
You Make The Heat
Merry Go Round
Dear John
The End
Renaissance (Kyle singing lead)
You Go Your Way
She Sheila

After the show, the guys hung around, talked with every fan and signed a lot of autographs. Great to see them playing together and having FUN! I even picked up one of the new T-shits with the “old” producers logo and got my prized Producers item autographed – a bootleg cassette copy of the Coelacanth tracks made for me by a friend at MCA records back in 1990. It’s from the original masters in the vault, with a hand-typed MCA Records label – and I got it YEARS before anyone was able to hear the recordings. I’ll have it scanned so you can post on the site.

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Created: 4/27/2003 / Changed: 5/30/2003 9:50:20 PM

I'm Paul Schulz in Columbus, Ohio and I'd like to hear your stories about The Producers. Maybe I'll put your experiences on the Fans page! schulzp@rrohio.com.