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Carrollton Show - May 5, 2001

May 5, 2001 Mayfest (Outdoors) 6:45pm - Carrollton, Georgia.

Bill Larsen submitted the following review:

The show in Carrollton on Saturday was great (actually, every Producers show is great!!). My wife Sheila, our 23 month old son Nathan (his 1st concert), and I arrived in Carrollton around 3:00. The Producers were due to go on at 6:45. We purchased our orange wrist bands for $5.00 each, these were the tickets. When we arrived at the concert site (a parking lot with a stage), Bryan and Wayne were already there. I said hello to Bryan and asked him to sign my 3 CDs. Bryan told me that "Who's Crying Now" is his favorite off of Coelacanth.

I then spent about an hour talking with Wayne and his soon to be wife Cindy. I told them what I know about Coelacanth coming out later this summer (he didn't know). They were very nice and talked about everything. Wayne told me that Run Back [from the Miller Music LP] was one of 3 or 4 songs left over from the first album sessions. He said that there were not any extra songs from the You Make The Heat sessions. When I told Wayne this was my son's first concert, I reminded him of a show I saw in April of 1984 where he held up his new baby for the audience to see. Kyle and Van drove up together about 20 minutes before show time. Kyle had flown in from Orlando for the show, was staying in Atlanta overnight, and was flying back on Sunday. I asked Kyle to sign my CDs and my copy of his solo record. He was very impressed that I had found it.

Kyle made a lot of jokes from the stage during the show. Bryan introduced me to John McDaniel, a very old friend of his from Carrollton who has also sent in a lot of stuff to the website. There was no sound check. It took a few songs to get the sound right. They played 16 songs. They didn't use a set list, they just picked them as they went (Bryan said that no one brought a pen).

The set list was:

Merry Go Round
Life Of Crime
Here's To You
Certain Kinda Girl
What's He Got
What She Does To Me
I Love Lucy
Dear John
You Go Your Way
You Make The Heat
I Saw Her Standing There
The End
She Sheila
A Hard Days Night

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