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Coelacanth Premiere at Cotton Club - October 6, 2001

These pics were shot by Kevin and Missi Rogers - my hosts for the eventful weekend in Atlanta. Thanks a million!

Missi & Wayne Bill & Paul Kyle Wayne & Van Van, Bryan, Kyle

Here are photos that Paul took of the show. Great pics, Paul! ;-)

Wayne on BASS!! Bryan on Vox. 
It's been a Hard Day's Night! Bryan on Vox 
with Van and Kyle Wayne & Van What should 
we play for an SECOND Encore?!! Wayne, Van, 
Bryan, Kyle Van and Bryan Bryan, Van, Kyle

Fans during the show

The crowd and 
Wayne The crowd and Mark 
Sacher w/Stephanie Mark Sacher 
w/Stephanie Missi and Kevin 
Rogers Paul Schulz in the 
Crowd Paul Schulz in the 
Crowd 2

Fans and band after the show

Bill, Rob and Kyle Sandy, 
Kevin, Wayne, Cindy, Mark Bryan and Fans Mark and Van Bert and Paul

Missi and Kevin Rogers submitted the following review of the Cotton Club show.

Absolutely Amazing! Two words that describe The Producers fans perfectly. Before the concert began, fans from several states including Arizona, Florida, Louisiana, Georgia, and Ohio got together at the Hard Rock Cafe to talk about and share their memories and memorabilia of The Producers. Wayne Famous, keyboardist of The Producers, shared his memories of the band and talked to his fans about how The Producers became "The Producers." It was an incredible story.

At the concert a few hours later, the crowd was enthusiastic about the band playing once again on stage for the release of the new cd Coelacanth, which is a great cd by the way. They walked on stage and the crowd went wild. It was great seeing the guys once again, playing with great enthusiasm.  Wayne still had his dance moves down and his trademark "finger point." Kyle sang better than I have ever heard before, and the smile he came on stage with never left his face. Van played the guitar so hard he broke a string near the end and Brian was incredible on the drums. What a great bunch of guys. After the first encore the band switched instruments. At one point Kyle and Wayne took turns playing the drums, Brian and Kyle sang, and in a rare moment, Wayne played bass. Such talented musicians.

And what can I tell you about the devoted fans? Coming from all over the United States just to see them play. Some of them drove in and some flew in. And some of them were already here. Paul, the web site master, was in action as well, meeting fans from his web site. So many faces and names that it is hard to remember all of them. It was exciting to be part of such an enthusiastic crowd. At the end of the show as the band members came into the audience to talk to their fans, I was told that the band was booked for New Year's Eve in New Orleans. I can't wait for that show. I'm sure it will be the best one yet. 

See you in New Orleans!

Bill Larsen submitted this review with set list.

What a great night. Where do I begin? After Paul Schulz and I spoke on Friday, I called the Hard Rock Cafe here in Atlanta to have a place for all of us Producers fans to meet before the show on Saturday. Once Paul had caught up on his sleep from his very early morning flight, he called me. He was staying with Kevin Rogers. And as big as Atlanta is, it turns out Kevin only lives about 5 minutes from my house. I drove over to Kevin's house about 4:30 and showed Kevin and Paul some Producers video that they had not seen. Kevin, his wife Melissa, Paul and I then left for the show about 5:00.

We decided to stop by the Cotton Club first then walk to the Hard Rock (about 4 blocks). Bryan had just started setting up his drums when we arrived. We helped (or at least tried to help) and then Wayne and his new bride Cindy arrived. Van and Kyle had not yet arrived. We all talked for a few minutes while they set up and invited the band to join us before the show if they had time.

We then headed over to the Hard Rock for our 6:00 reservations. When we got to the Hard Rock, several Producers fans were waiting for us, and of course they could not find the reservation. They worked it out and sat us all together in the "Atlanta Rhythm Section" room. I asked if they would play the Coelacanth CD for us, but they said they were not allowed to. There were 10 of us enjoying the build up to the show and sharing Producers stories and memorabilia. If I can remember: it was myself, Paul Schulz, Kevin and Melissa, John McDaniel and his wife Susan, Rob Coombs and his wife who flew in from Glendale, AZ, and Sandy and his brother, Kevin from Jacksonville, Florida. We had a good time until about 9:00. We decided to pay our tabs and head back over to the Cotton Club for the show.

As we get to the front of the Hard Rock, guess who walks in: WAYNE FAMOUS and his wife Cindy!!! So we all turned around and went back and sat down. Wayne and Cindy had a drink and told us all these great stories about the origins of the band (everyone knows Cartoon, but did you know before that it was The Ho Che Men)? We talked (mostly listened and asked questions) and Wayne signed a few autographs for us until about 10:45.

The Producers were set to go on at 11:30. There were 2 opening acts. I went over to pay for Wayne's tab and the waiter asked who that was that had joined us. He said: "Is that someone Famous?" and I said: "Exactly that's Wayne Famous of The Producers". Wayne and Cindy and Paul and myself walked over to the Cotton Club. As we walked in, the 2nd opening act was playing ("Young Antiques"). I listened for a minute, then noticed that Van was standing right in front of me with his girlfriend. I said hello and introduced Rob to get his LP signed. Bryan then walked by and also signed Rob's LP and one of my copies of Coelacanth. He then asked if he could borrow the CD to play over the PA between bands. I said sure. Kyle did not arrive until about 11:20. The band went on at 11:30. The set list was:

  1. What She Does To Me
  2. Operation
  3. Here's To You
  4. Certain Kinda Girl
  5. Out Of My Head
  6. What's He Got
  7. Primitive Man
  8. You Make The Heat
  9. 9. Merry Go Round
  10. I Love Lucy
  11. Dear John
  12. Renaissance (Kyle On Lead Vocals)
  13. You Go Your Way
  14. She Sheila

    Encore 1 (the Beatles Set):
  15. Oh Darling (Kyle On Lead Vocals, no one on bass, 1st time ever played by Producers)
  16. A Hard Days Night (Wayne On Drums, Bryan on Vocals)
  17. I'm Down (Kyle On Drums, Wayne On Bass, Bryan on Backup Vocals)

    Encore 2:
  18. Breakaway (very extended guitar lead - song lasted about 10 minutes)
  19. Domino

Van broke his top E string, I think during Oh Darling, and played the rest of the night without it.

Great show and great audience. Everyone had a really great time. After the show, we talked to the band for awhile and met some more fans. We asked the band if they were going to go anywhere for a drink. They said they were so tired, they were going home to bed. They had flown to Baton Rouge Friday morning, played Friday night, caught a plane back to Atlanta and landed about 3:30.

I had a great time and it was nice to put faces with names. Sadly, my wife Sheila was sick, and had to hear about all of this at 2:30 in the morning when I got home (Although Wayne's wife Cindy gave her good advice for allergies over my cell phone from the Hard Rock).

If you were not there, you missed a great one. The band and the audience had a great time.


Here is my own review of the show (Paul).

If you weren't there, you missed out. We had 10 folks at the Hard Rock Cafe before the show. We started out at the Cotton Club where we found Bryan unloading drums. Wayne showed up a few minutes later and started setting up his keyboard. Then we headed over to the Hard Rock and met some others that were already there. We ate dinner and spent some time talking and going over a couple scrapbooks that John Mcdaniel brought - he is one of Bryans best friends and went with them on tour for a long time.

Wayne came over to the HRC about the time we were heading out to the CC (9:00). Since he showed up, we ended up staying another hour and a half at the HRC. Wayne was great - he even moved to the other end of the table at one point so he could spend more time with the folks at the other end. Some folks talked with Cindy (Wayne's wife) about the Waynefamous.com web site.

Back at CC we found a small crowd - maybe 150, maybe more. As the second warm-up act finished, we all moved up to the stage and I got myself set up right between Van and Kyle. I had my 'I'm Paul from theproducers.org shirt on, so folks came up and introduced themselves to me before, during, and after the show. Quite a few were familiar with the web site. Mark Sacher  - who I met in Racine Wisconsin (he is from Atlanta) - was there and hung out next to us.

The band was really on. They were as excited about playing as we were about hearing. Kyle has a new girlfriend from Orlando and she was there with a couple of her friends. Van has a new girlfriend who he hung out with before and after the show. Cindy (Famous) hung out with us during the show. They did 3 tunes from Coelacanth - Primitive Man, Renaissance, and Out of my Head. All 3 were well done. I think they did 5 encore tunes (in 2 encores). The first was Kyle doing a new Beatles tune!!! - "Oh Darling". I wonder if he has learned it as a result of some other bands he has been working with over the last year. Then it was Hard Days Night and I'm Down. The second encore was Breakaway and Domino - which they had some trouble with. They did a nice long outro on Breakaway that was pretty cool.

I had a blast, especially since I was meeting so many folks from the web site.

I stayed in North Atlanta (Alpharetta) with web site fans I met a couple years ago, Kevin and Missi. They were great hosts - picking me up from the airport at 7:30 am Saturday and dropping me off at the airport again Sunday at about 2:30.


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