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Cotton Club (Atlanta) - December 19, 1998

Here is a review sent in by Stan.Cotton Club Ticket 12/19/98

Hey! Maaaaan!

I hate to rub it in but it was a great show last night! The Cotton Club is still one of the coolest places to see these guys. I have a friend that does lights there so I usually get to watch shows from the loft. Since he wasn't working, I took my default position directly in front of Wayne who was stylin' in a black suit and shirt with a bolo tie. I think he's starting to recognize me because I've gotton a nod and a grin from him the last couple of times.

His keyboards sometimes get washed out in the mix which is why I usually hang there but the guys sounded as good or better than ever last night. They hit the stage with "Domino" and also included "Operation" and the title track from YMTH in their set. What still knocks me out about these guys besides their tunes is how tight their vocals are, Bryan included. The crowd is a 50/50 mix of people my age and college kids left over from the opening bands. Everyone stays 'til the end so evidently the next generation can appreciate great pop songs as much as we did.

Van's guitar tone is so great! He still just uses an American Standard Tele straight into a Marshall combo with no effects. I was kind of disappointed they didn't play "Life of Crime" and "Sensations" which they usually do. But the place went nuts when the guys went into "Whats He Got" and "Certain Kind of Girl" which Kyle really shined on. They also included "I Love Lucy", "You Go Your Way", "What She Does to Me", "Here's to You" and "The End" last night.

The high point of the evening was when Wayne started the intro to "She Sheila", their last song. People who had been sitting were on their feet and dancing and it absolutely brought the house down. This is The Producers at their very best and the kind of memories that last a lifetime. Bring back some great memories as well. After all, my "certain kind of" girl and I were "only seventeen" when we discovered these guys while watching MTV together. It's no wonder they have such a loyal following here.

They came back for an encore and did "Hard Day's Night" and "I'm Down" like they always do. Hey, they learned from the best! Kyle sang while Van's brother-in-law, bassist from Kenny Wayne Sheppard's band, filled in. All in all, a great night. Now if I could just get them to play "Who Do You Think You Are" at a show. Maybe next time.

Cheers, Stan

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