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Pensacola Show - May 19, 2001

May 19, 2001 SpringFest, Pensacola, FL. 6:55 p.m. opening for The Knack Single-day tickets for the festival are $20, but it is unclear as to whether they are available at the gate.

Thanks to Scott Calvert for these digital photos. (Click for bigger picture.)

The Band Wayne 3 Wayne 2 Wayne Van & Kyle Kyle 2 Van Bryan Kyle Wayne Van Bryan Bryan Kyle Van Bryan

Here's Scott's story and a little review of the show:

I saw The Producers for the first time around 1981 (or 1982?) at a bar called Big Daddy's in Pensacola. I was 16 or 17. My sister snuck me in. Thanks sis! Their set opened with " Back to Basics". Kyle opened with that good bass line. I think they were dressed in gangster attire. After that I saw them as many times as I could. We saw them on Pensacola Beach one Spring Break as part of a beer promotion. They played several times at the beach in later years as well as a bar called Seville Quarter. When I went to Florida State, we saw them many times at a place called "The Musical Moon". Several years later we saw them at "the Warehouse" in Tallahassee in 1993. We got to meet them that night. Recently, in 1999, we drove to Atlanta to see them at the Lakewood Amphitheatre when they opened for John Waite and Rick Springfield (who stunk). We only went to see the Producers and they only played for about 20 minutes. That night I talked to Van to see if they were interested in playing Springfest in Pensacola. He said they would "for the right price" and he gave me his card. Anyway, I wish I could take credit for them coming to Pensacola, but someone beat me to it. I did tell a guy on the selection committee about them, but I don't think he listened.

I did'nt get to talk to them this time, but they sure sounded great. It looked as if they were having a great time. They played all the classics. I wish I had written down the set list, but I was too busy dancing with the kids and taking pictures. My seven year old daughter (who I have also brought up listening to The Beatles) was very excited when they closed the set with their usual "Hard Days Night".

The Knack played in the slot before The Producers. They played mostly songs from first album "Get the Knack" mixed with some others as well as a few new ones. Their first song was a little rusty it seemed, but they soon warmed up and sounded great. The crowd had a great time for both bands.

The Florida Springfest festival has become a huge production. It is located on the streets of downtown Pensacola. This year there were five (?) stages. The weather was about 85 degrees with a breeze blowing in off Pensacola Bay. It was perfect.


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Created: 7/9/2001 / Changed: 12/2/2001 10:47:53 PM

I'm Paul Schulz in Columbus, Ohio and I'd like to hear your stories about The Producers. Maybe I'll put your experiences on the Fans page! schulzp@rrohio.com.