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Long Way Home CD This is Sue - Hot!

New 1/17/16: Sue has a new album!! "Long Way Home" This was recorded in the 1980s and Sue just put a bunch of effort into getting it mastered for CD/MP3 distribution. See below for more details.

New 4/24/11: Brian Woodwick sent in a dozen photos he shot in 1980 at the Paramount in Seattle. The Next were oprning for the Boomtown Rats and Brian had also interviewed Sue at KISW FM earlier in the evening. Sue wanted one of their T-Shirts and the DJ just had the one on his back so that is the one she got. I'm sure the fans dug seeing her in a local T-shirt.

New 2/14/11: Guess who I have been in touch with!!?? Sue Saad herself. Dig the new photos she sent for the site (below for now). Also, expect more juicy tidbits as Sue fires up her scanner on some news articles and stuff. I'm going to redesign the site into multiple pages to handle the onslaught of new material.

New 1/30/08: Added the photos from a live persormance from the early 80s (of course). Thanks a million, Mike Heller.

New 1/29/08: A bunch of new images - Mostly covers of albums and singles. Also reworked the images - click one for a larger version. I still have a set of photos from Mike Heller to upload.

New 1/28/08: Sorry it has been 10 years, but good sites never die!!! 1) Updated links sections at the bottom of the page. 2) Also I have heard from Michael Heller who did lights for the Next for a couple years in their heyday. He has fed me some new photos which I will post in the next week. He has also contacted the band and I am hoping from some input from them soon. I assume they will give the site another look - I believe they had all seen it in the past. I actually had heard from Sue herself about 10 years ago. It was nice to hear from her then... Maybe again.

New 3/5/98: Promo photos of Sue and The Next and an article from the book 'New Music'.

NEW ALBUM!! "Long Way Home" Recorded in the 1980s under the band's own initiative and funding. You'll find it has a lot of old Next sound with some new vibes mixed in - this is fresh Sue Saad and a nice shot of that awesome Sue Saad voice. All fans need to get their ears on this music! Here is a link to the new album on Amazon --> Long Way Home (if the link gives you trouble search for "sue saad long way home" in the Amazon.com search box.)

The first Sue Saad and the Next album is also available on CD and MP3/AAC on both Amazon and iTunes. Here is the link on Amazon --> Sue Saad and the Next

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Amazon Long Way Home Long Way Home CD

Sue Saad and the Next

Sue Saad and the Next
Sue Saad and the Next CD

I discovered Sue Saad on the radio back in 1980 or 81. It was their single Your Lips-Hands-Kiss-Love. The 'pulling on my trigger' lyric stuck in my head. I used to station-surf in my car looking for one of the stations to play the song! After I bought the album I played it front and back every other day for a couple months while I practiced doing nail delays with my frisbee on the front steps of my parents house. Damn, this brings back memories!

Sue Saad and the Next only did one album. If you have it, you are lucky. If not, look around the used record stores, it is worth it. A solid rock band. They have a bass-heavy beat that is not dance music. The guitar riffs are memorable. I like everything on the album but, I can pick a favorite song: 'I I Me Me' (Everybody talks about themselves at a party). 'I Want Him' and 'Danger Love' are also excellent.

What you probably didn't know
Sue and the Next

Sue, James (her husband?), and Tony have remained active in the music business even though they haven't put out a record since 1980. They have stuck together doing movie music. See the IMDB and All Movie Guide links below. Sue was even in a movie in 1986. She played a singer in "Radioactive Dreams". I understand that Sue also sang the title track to the 1981 Michael Crichton (of Jurassic Park and ER fame) movie "Looker".

The following article was taken from the book "New Music". (Thanks to jrlindsey for this contribution.)

"Sue Saad and The Next are Sue Saad (vocals), James Lance (drums), Tony Riparetti (guitar), Billy Anstatt (guitar), and Bobby Manzer (bass). Saad, Lance, and Riparetti wrote all the songs on the band's self-titled debut album and are the original nucleus of the group, having been friends and musical collaborators since junior high school in Santa Barbara, California."

"Their first professional band, Calliope, released some singles, one of which, We've Made It, dealt with the 'generation gap' and contained the chorus 'go away and leave us alone' that so incensed a local DJ that he scratched the record on air and heaped abuse on the band!"

"After the dissolution of Calliope, the core members moved to San Francisco and, in due course came to Los Angeles looking for work as sidemen. The trio began writing songs and recording them in their living room on 'Rodney Sound', their trusty four track tape recorder. About this time, The Next was rounded out by the addition of Anstatt and Manzer, studio players who had worked together in the rock musical 'Zen Boogie' and were looking for a band. They played around Los Angeles and eventually came to the attention of Richard Perry (slick hit producer and head of Planet Records), who signed them."

"Perry produced the band's first album with the help of Lance, the whole project taking less than twenty days to complete. Lance had said that the songs on the album 'evoke youthful passion seasoned with wry adult knowledge, as well as a toughminded picture of daily American life and the ways it can be lit up by moments of rock and roll celebration'."



Highest chart position is in parenthesis.

Sue Saad and the Next

1980 Planet (Elektra/Asylum) records #P-4 (no longer in print)

Side 1 Side 2
Gimme Love/Gimme Pain Your Lips-Hands-Kiss-Love
It's Gotcha I Want Him
Prisoner Cold Night Rain
Young Girl Won't Give it Up
I I Me Me Danger Love
Album sales: ?
Top Chart Position: 131 on Billboard Pop album chart
Producer: Richard Perry and James Lance
Notes: Two of the guys are wearing red Converse All Stars (my favorite shoe).


Band Members

Other production personnel

Sue Saad and the Next on CD

I wouldn't hold my breath. So far I have seen no evidence of them on CD.

Other Music

Photos from Brian Woodwick - Live show at Seattle's Paramount - 1980. Opening for The Boomtown Rats

Visit Brian "Woodeye" Woodwick's site for other great rock photography at WoodEyePhotography.com

Sue and Tony Sue and Tony Sue Sue and Tony Sue with the band Sue and Tony Sue and the Next Sue and Tony Sue up close Sue and the band The Next with Sue Saad Sue head to toe
Photos from Sue - Feb 2011

Wow! Sue Sue and the Next Sue and the boys Sue with Hasselblad Sue in the alley Sue's Self Portrait - Awesome
Promo Photos

Sue Promo Photo Sue and the Next Sue Article Photo
Show Photos Thanks to Mike Heller

Sue and the Band James Sue Sue Sue Sue Sue Sue Sue

Other Images

Gimme Love/Gimme Pain Single Prisoner Single Radioactive Dreams Front Radioactive Dreams Back Roadie Single Won't Give it Up/Kamonbaybeh Single - Jim, Billy, Sue, Bobby, Tony Young Girl Single Looker Poster Vicious Lips Poster Sue Saad Album Cover - unused?

Sue Saad Links
Artist Direct
Sue Saad and the Next Artist Direct entry

The UBL has a link back to my Sue Saad page. They also have a link to CDNow to see if they have any Sue Saad music on sale. Hopefully other Sue Saad pages will add links to the UBL so it can be a central starting point for Sue Saad info on the net.

All Music Guide
Sue Saad and the Next's AMG entry Sue's AMG entry James' AMG entry Tony's AMG entry No AMG entry for Billy No AMG entry for Bobby

You can search the AMG from the top link. Enter the name of a band or band member to see what music they have done. The bottom links show what other albums the Sue Saad band members have played on. You will have to use the TABs on the AllMusic Guide site in order to see the details on each person.

All Movie Guide
Sue's All Movie Guide entry James' All Movie Guide entry Tony's All Movie Guide entry

You can search the All Movie Guide from the top link just like you search the All Music Guide. Enter the name of band member movies they have done music for (or maybe a member has actually been in a movie - like Sue was!) The bottom links are direct queries to the members that have All Movie Guide entries. You will have to use the TABs on the AllMovie Guide site in order to see the details on each person.

IMDB (Internet Movie Data Base)
Sue's IMDB entry James' TV Guide entry Tony's IMDB entry

Most folks are already aware of the IMDB - enjoy.

Sue's ASCAP entry James' ASCAP entry Tony's ASCAP entry No ASCAP entry for Billy No ASCAP entry for Bobby

You can use the top link to search ASCAP. Enter the name of a band member to see what music they have copyrights on. The bottom links show you a list of songs that the band member shares or holds copyrights to. There are band entries on ASCAP, but Sue Saad and the Next's entry is the same as Sue Saad's.

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