[You Make the Heat]
Wayne, Van, Kyle, & Bryan

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You Make the Heat (Front Cover) You Make the Heat (Back Cover)
Printable CD-R Jewel case Cover - Front Booklet (143K)
Printable CD-R Jewel case Cover - Back Cover (130K)
Thanks for the covers, Randall!

You Make the Heat

1982 Portrait (CBS/Sony) records #38060 (not available)

Side 1
Back to Basics MP3 sample
She Sheila MP3 sample | Screen captures
Operation MP3 sample
Dear John MP3 sample
Breakaway MP3 sample
Side 2
You Make the Heat MP3 sample
Merry-Go-Round MP3 sample
Chinatown MP3 sample
Domino MP3 sample
Produced by: Tom Werman for Julia's Music, Inc.
The Producers are: Wayne Famous--Keyboards
Kyle Henderson--vox/bass
Bryan Holmes--percussion/vox
Van Temple--vox/guitars
Recorded at: Axis Sound Studio, Atlanta, GA
Engineered by: Gary Ladinsky. Asst Engineer: Chuck Fedonczak.
Mixed and mastered at: West Lake Studio, L.A., CA by Rick Butz and Record Plant, L.A., CA by Cary Pritkin 
All songs written by the Producers except: Back to Basics -- Henderson/Temple; Breakaway -- Temple/Henderson; Chinatown -- Henderson/Temple/Famous
Additional vocals on "She Shelia" and "Chinatown" -- Pam Johnzie and Jimmy Dugan
Lettering (cover above): Georgina Paganakis
Cover Design (cover above): Allen Weinberg
Cover Photo: Miguel / The Image Bank
Lettering (other cover): James Flournoy Holmes / Wonder Graphics


Released: 1982
Album sales: 175,000 (1996)
Notes: All Music Guide rates this album 6 out of 10.

There were at least 2 versions of this album cover. The one seen here is the one I remember in the stores and the one I ultimately got first (just back in February 1997). The other, which I also now have, is a close up of some of the ice on the building without the girl. It has different lettering and a bit different credit on the back cover. I may get the other cover scanned and on the site soon.

The music was published by Suburban Madness Mucic - BMI.

The Producers were using Frontier Booking International as their booking agency. 250 West 57th St. Suite 603, Ny, NY 10107.

Their fan club is listed as: The Producers P.O. box 53449, Atlanta, GA 30355. (Has anyone out there been in contact with this fan club in the past? I bet these folks have some great Producers stuff!)

Their personal management was handled by Undercover Management.

Their Crew is listed as: Dave Dasher - Sound, Don Graves - Road Manager, Scott Graves - Lights, George Maddox - Stage.

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